Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mission Accepted

Dear Brethren 2013-12-21
This is the hardest call for me to accept… The only place I did NOT want to go was Idaho but I do know this work is not about me, it is all about bringing my fellow brothers and sisters to our Heavenly Father. I hope that I may be able to be an instrument in God's hands to help His children come to know Him. Even though this is exactly where I did not want to go, I am accepting my call to labor in the Idaho Twin Falls Mission. I sincerely hope my desire to serve Him will help me to be able to learn to love this area. I know there is a reason I felt like I needed to submit my papers to serve. I thought for sure since I love everything abroad, I would be going foreign or at least to the states not so close to home. The reason I don't want to be so close to home is because it will make it harder for me not to want to come home if I start to get really homesick. This call brings a whole new type of struggles I didn't imagine I would go through. I think I'm grateful i've been called to serve but I've been questioning whether Heavenly Father loves me or if he even knows who I am, and if he does know who I am, does he not have enough faith in me that I am strong enough to go around the world? Anyway, hopefully I will find out why Idaho. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope and believe my love for Idaho and the people there will grow so I can be a force out there and help people find true happiness. "I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord... I'll be who you want me to be."

Sister Audrey Caroline Coats

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