Monday, August 25, 2014


This week was good. I am sorta getting the area down and remembering people's names. Its also been a huge blessing to be serving in this area because even though I don't live with Sister Parsons anymore, I still get to see her and the ChungHees just as often because now I can have dinner with them and do service for them since I am serving in their ward! So that's been really sweet.

So we had a way cool idea, everyday we text out a scripture or a quote to all of our investigators or anyone who needs it. Its just as a simple reminded each day that their Heavenly Father loves them and it has worked really well! It has helped our investigators keep their commitments and a lot of people have told us its been exactly what they have needed to hear. :) A daily reminded goes a long way.

Btw, can I just say, I love my district! We have a blast together! Elder Diaz my district leader, always knows exactly what I need to hear and its been amazing how so many of my questions have been answered during district meetings. I think I knew some of these people before this life, seriously though, Elder Rosales is my spirit brother. Oh! And last night after our weekly meeting with the stake missionary leader, we made up a district walk. I wish I had the video to send to all of you, its pretty awesome. :P

Dinners with the members has really helped this area. Its been really neat how us focusing on what the family needs and sharing a message around that, it has helped them trust us and has gotten us a lot more dinners and referrals. I also went on exchanges with Sister Harris this week. She is from Georgia. It was fun and I got blisters from pulling so many weeds and I got some sun!! :D

Okay so the highlights of this week; Kolby came to church and he stayed all 3 hours! He has a super hard time staying still so for him to stay the whole time was amazing! Cai, she is 16, we taught the restoration and she absorbed everything we said. She came to church, loved Young Womens, and she even told us she looks up to us! That is like, the very best compliment ever!!! She isn't a member, yet wink wink hehe but she has a heart of gold and it is just so fun to teach someone who is so eager to learn!

One last thing! Sister Meyer is amazing!! And we totally get each other. We can just pull a face at one another and we know exactly whats up. Its been hilarious introducing ourselves to people because they always ask, "Where are you from?" I say, "Riverton, Utah." They say, "Oh what about you Sister Meyer?" She says, "Blanding, Utah." Then they are like, "Um... you didn't go far." Then we both are like, "Yep." Haha its just funny how fast the conversation dies! :P

I gotta go again, I know I am always all over the place with these emails... but I love you all and I'm sorry this is short. Don't forget how much I love and appreciate you!

<3 Sister Coats

PS: Pencil Skirts and bikes... its been a struggle :P I've learned that I can only wear pencil skirts when we have the car. OH!!! AND MOM!!!! Thank you for the new shoes!!! Bright pink with sparkles, you know me so well <3 I am wearing them right now. Love you!!!!

Sorry I don't have a pic this week... waiting for the other missionaries to send me them! But I love this quote.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sister Sleepy Punches Hole in Door!!

Sister Sleepy Punches Hole in Door!

Date: August 11, 2014
Area: Twin Falls Idaho Mountain Home
Companion: Sister Meyer

รข€This week was just.... frustrating... so Sister Parsons is having a family reunion so we moved in with the other sisters. Well we came home for lunch and Sister Meyer was studying. We asked where her companion was and she said, "She is sleeping. I've tried to wake her up and we have an appointment in just a few minutes." So Sister Meyer tried to wake up Sister (I'll just call her Sister Sleepy)Sleepy again and she simply said, "I don't want to go." and wouldn't get out of bed. Sister Dodds and I were like, "Okay Sister Meyer we are going on emergency splits!" So that's just what we did. I mean, you do not want to miss an appointment with an investigator!! I don't get that! Even when I'm sick I do not want to miss an appointment but not just wanting to go. I am having a hard time understating that... anyway, so sister Sleepy stayed home and luckily the lady we live with Sister Borgholthaus didn't have to go anywhere so she could stay with Sleepy. Well we said a prayer that we would be able to combine all of our appointments together that day. Prayer answered! We were running back and forth everywhere and had multiple dinners, I came home with a food baby in my stomach haha but we did manage by some heavenly help, to make it to all of the appointments we had planned and that they had planned. It was an awesome day overall. Even though it really bugged me when we got home and Sister Sleepy acted like nothing happened.... okay so this is where it gets really bad. Sister Meyer and Sister Sleepy had comp inventory and Sister Meyer told her she didn't think her behavior was appropriate... next thing ya know, sister Sleepy punched a whole through the bathroom door!!! What the heck! This isn't even our home! And Sister Sleepy likes to point out that she is 22, that she is more mature than us because we are only 19-20... yet she punched a whole through the door. So then we had to call president and now we are on emergency splits/transfers.... and sister Sleepy is in my area. I feel like I am being punished when I wasn't even the one who punched the door. We have a meeting with president today and I am terrified. If I leave my area I will be so sad... So yeah that is my whoa is me story. Sorry everyone I just had to vent that out.... haha
Okay but this week did end up pretty dang awesome because Sister Meyer and I get along really well. Like really well. Haha She is so chill and always can make a joke out of everything. When we were studying this morning Sister Borgholthaus came in and said, "Oh my gosh! I need call president and report this! You two are too happy! I haven't heard this in a long time." :) All the members and investigators I have met, have commented on how happy we are as a companionship. :) OH! And even though I wasn't there for Steven lesson yesterday Sister Dodds called me and told me Steven wants to get baptized!!!! YAY!!! I have been working with him since I got here and I know he has been investigating the church for months! I am so excited for him!! He asked me to talk at his baptism oh my gosh I am so happy for him! And I really needed that because Sister Sleepy taking over my area has been really hard for me... so its just nice to know that he considers me a friend. :)
I just got a call from President... it seems like I am staying with Sister Meyer. There is a silver lining to everything. I'm so sad I couldn't say goodbye to everyone but Sister Meyer and I are gonna rock her area! Only been with her for the weekend and I already love her! Gosh... this is hard but hey, I love doing the Lords work.
This is my song right now...
I have faith I trust in God
Even when it feels like I'm a lightning rod
For fear and doubt and sorrow too
Me and God both know that wont do
Just gotta keep my head up and let Him work through me
All these tests and trials can make me blind
But even when Im shortsighted, He still helps me see
Just gotta keep on going and remember that Hes got a higher plan
Yeah all these tests and trials are just His way
Of knocking off my rough edges and making me all I am
Well, I gotta go. Everything is crazy but I know it will all work out and hopefully I can say goodbye to some people especially the Medelez and Kendrick before they leave on the 27th. I hope this email wasn't depressing because I am not depressed just frustrated and okay a little depressed but I will get over it. haha :) I need to work on being more understand and loving towards sister Sleepy and I've been realizing that no area is necessarily "my area." I am lucky to be serving the Lord and His children.
Sorry I needed to vent so this email is kinda all over the place haha
Love you all!
Sister Coats
PS: I really want to leave this email on a more positive note! So we have a lot of investigators, I am learning a ton, learning to trust the lord more and more each day, the members are awesome! We got to help Bro Ogaards train his drug dog, so we hid drugs all over hahah it was super fun! OH!! And I am now riding bikes and walking so my legs are getting tan, I am getting more exercise so really, this is sweet :P
Pics: New companion Sister Meyer!! She is awesome! & my New Study area, pretty cute :)

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Friday, August 8, 2014


Sorry I have no time... again haha but this week was full of tender mercies and some very spiritual experiences.

We met Misty. We met her at Kiesha's little girls birthday party. We just talked and she was pretty cool. Well a few days later we picked 5 random names from the ward directory that we should go and visit. When we went to this one apartment, Misty answered the door!! She isn't a member, the people who lived there before moved, but she was so happy to see us! She told her husband, "Come here come here! These girls are from Kiesha's church!" We talked to her and her husband for quite awhile and they are really interested. She said she didn't know that anyone could come to our church she thought that it was like a "special club" so she never asked about it. We invited her to the ward boating activity and told her we would absolutely love to tell her more! She is going out of town for 2 weeks but promised us she would keep in touch. So yeah, it was awesome!! It was cool to see how the Lord really does prepare people and leads us to the people who need us.

We went to Grandview this week. We met with Maddy and Kristy. Their shop burned down and Maddy was devastated because the only thing she had left from her grandma was in there. Seeing her cry, it killed me inside but then I remembered when my Great Mama died. How absolutely devastated I was and how weird it was to not be able to see her anymore. I told Maddy about my Great Mama and how awful it was for me at her viewing... when I touched her cold hand... but after I touched her hand I knew there was life after this. Heavenly Father loves us and doesn't want us to be unhappy. He wouldn't take loved ones away from us to hurt us, that is why He has a plan for all of us to be together again!! :) I realized right then that I was the perfect person for Maddy at this time because I know EXACTLY how she feels. Maddy cried in my arms and told me thank you. It was amazing how I remembered small details that I thought I had forgotten... but maddy needed to hear those things. All I can say is Maddy is an amazing little girl and I know Heavenly Father loves her. Its so cool that Heavenly Father let me share that experience with Maddy so she could feel better. So she can know that she isn't alone and Heavenly Father loves her!

Another cool thing was the lesson we had with Kendrick. We talked about the priesthood and eternal families. He can't wait to have the priesthood and he is so worthy to have it! I am so happy for him!!! Okay this is the last thing, Monica came to church!! We have been trying to get her to church for forever and she came and loved it!! Also Steven and Celeste, Steven knows everything about the church is true. He knows it but feels he isn't worthy. Sister Dodds shared the perfect scripture Moroni 8:8. It was so cool! Then we talked about Eternal families and them being sealed together, Steven wants Celeste for FOREVER!!! They both started to cry. When we listen to the spirit, we then always know what they need to hear! Let the spirit guide! :D

I really stink at writing all the amazing things that happen... like another cool thing was yesterday I just got really sick all of a sudden and Sister Dodds made me ask for a blessing from the elders... which I did not want to do because I do not like asking for help and I don't want to be one of those sisters... but I am grateful sister Dodds made me get a blessing and that the elders were so willing to give me one. It definitely helped and reminded me that there is a specific reason I am out here :)

Before I sign off I just want all of you to know that I am so lucky to be out here. I know with all my heart my Heavenly Father loves me because He sent me here. It is so humbling to me that He trusts me to share His gospel. Out here on the mission not only do I get to help others come closer to Christ but I am coming closer to Christ. I know he loves me and I am so grateful to be serving here. I am learning so much and I can't believe I didn't always want to go on a mission. After being out here, I can't imagine why everyone wouldn't want to go on a mission!! This is a gift from my Heavenly Father that I will always and forever be grateful for.

Have a sweet week everyone! Sorry my emails are always all over the place! REMEMBER to Share the gospel! There is no greater happiness in this world!!
Love you!!
Sister Coats

PS: In Grandview at the Hipwells, they own a ranch. I roped and branded a cow! Hahah It was sweet. I smelt awful after but hey, it was dang fun! :)

Us after branding a cow



Kendrick's baptism was so spiritual! I can't even put into words how happy I am for him. So for my email this week I just want to talk about his baptism okay? Okay :) So Sister Parsons (the amazing lady we live with) she is a seamstress. She knows how close I am to Kendrick and the Medelez so she made me a camouflage bow and Kendrick a camouflage tie. She also made Lucas a tie and Rachael a bow and their baby Silas a little bow tie. It was beyond adorable. So at Kendrick's confirmation yesterday we all had our camouflage accessories. It was pretty dang cute. :) Hehe Anyway Kendrick's baptism was just beautiful. He made a grand entrance by riding his motorcycle to his baptism and wearing his camouflage suit jacket! (it was pretty funny Haha) but before his baptism I gave him his tie and a letter before he went in to the bathroom to change into his white clothes... it was just neat because when he came out of the bathroom, I was putting down his baptism programs and seeing him walk down the hall, all dressed in white, he looked so happy!!! He walked up to me, pointed his finger and said, "Your letter made me cry!" Seriously everyone, Kendrick doesn't cry so this was a big deal. Haha :) but the best part of the whole week, the best part of my whole mission was when Lucas baptized Kendrick and Kendrick came out of the water. They just hugged each other. That hug will forever be in my heart. <3 Kendrick was glowing! His entire persona has changed from the first time I met him. I wish I could describe it but him coming out of the water, he even looked clean, like not just spiritually but physically too. The whites of his eyes, his countenance... awesome...

I am so honored that he asked me to talk at his baptism. I felt prompted to share a song my mom use to sing to me to help me fall asleep... so I told Kendrick that if he continues to trust in the Lord and endure to the end, that when He does come again he will look upon at His loving face and He will say, "You've served me well my little child, come unto my arms to stay." <3 (Ya know just like the song When He comes Again!) Not a lot of people came, just the Medelez, my district, and Sister Parsons, but we all were crying and I totally caught Kendrick wipping away a tear!! :) THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG! Man, I wish all of you could've just been there! Words cant describe how beautiful Kendrick's baptism was. Kendrick truly wants to do the Lord's will and serve him with all his heart. Its just amazing that I got to meet Kendrick. I know without a doubt I was supposed to meet him and the Medelez. I just know it. I am so blessed to know them... we have laughed and cried together and wow, I will never forget them. I wouldn't trade meeting them for the world. They all have blessed me more than they will ever know and Kendrick has taught me so much about the Lord's love. He has been a perfect example of how the Lord never forgets us and how much He loves us. MAN! I know this is Christ's true church!!! I know it!!! And I know He loves me! I am literally on top of the world! Nothing can describe this feeling!!! I am so lucky to be here doing the Lords work! I get to be an instrument in the Lord's hands! Its amazing and I am definitely not worthy. Its just crazy to me that my perfect Heavenly Father trust me, his very imperfect daughter, to share his perfect gospel. :)

Gotta Go! Sorry this email is so spazy haha have a sweet week everyone! <3

Sister Coats

They're more than friends to me. They're family. <3