Monday, May 19, 2014

Don got baptized!!

We did a bunch of service this week which was great because we met some super nice people and I got some sun haha I burned the tip of my nose just a bit. We pulled weeds for the Cooks. They have a small farm so there was (and still is) a ton of work for us to do. We pulled weeds for hours and we barely made a dent but it was so nice. It was great being in the sun, doing physical work, and the Cooks aren't members so it was a great opportunity for us to help them and get to know them. Don Cook is kinda funny, he is on oxygen but always has cigarette in his mouth haha Don's wife Datha, was so appreciative of our help, she said she usually is the only one working. She tried to pay us and was blown away when we told her we can't accept her money she asked how she could repay us, Sister Tinker and I were thinking, "Baptism" haha jk ;) We told her she could repay us by letting us come over again and do some more work. She said we can come back anytime! :) I'm really excited about the Cooks because now we have a weekly service project and some potential investigators! :) Plus, Datha really likes me. I'm not the best talker but I'm a hard worker so Tinker does most of the talking and I just keep working haha :) We also did a service project with Mayor Smedley. We cleaned up the city park. While I was working, Mayor Smedley took my bag away, he said, "Sister Coats, no one is working as hard as you here. You gotta stop." I laughed and took my bag back and kept working but he was serious! He took my bag away from me again and demanded I take a break. It was pretty funny. :)

We had exchanges this week. Sister Cluff was my companion for the day which was crazy because I was like, the leader for the day. It was weird but fun being in charge, sorta? Haha :) But we did get a new investigator, Cindi and she is kinda spacy but that's okay. Even though we didn't understand most of what she said because she would just switch from one subject to the next she did come to church so hey, pretty sweet :)

Silvia Crystal, she is from Peru, she just loves it when we visit her! She makes us feel so good. We usually read a chapter from the Book of Mormon with her. Well, this week's visit was extra special because after I said the closing prayer Silvia had tears in her eyes... she stood up and hugged us and told us how much she loves us. She said we have helped her so much by visiting her and we bring the spirit into her home every time we visit. She told us we have helped her love the gospel again. :) So sweet! :)

So why was this the best week of my mission so far?? Because Don Eddings got baptized!!!!!!!!!!! It was AWESOME!!!! He was so happy and so was his wife Renae! I can't explain how happy I am for him and how much I truly love the Eddings. The spirit was so strong in that room. After Don's baptism, I told Renae (Don's wife) that I would love to go to the temple with them in a year, Renae just hugged me. She didn't say anything but our hug said it all. We hugged for a while and she did one of those like, full body, soft sobs, where I could like, feel it, but it wasn't sad it was the happiest soft sobs ever! We both were crying tears of joy! And you know what was really sweet, it was like we weren't the only ones hugging. It wasn't just me and Renae in that hug. It was like we were being hugged by angels. :) I told her I love her and through her soft cry she whispered, "I love you too." :)<3 I am so lucky to have met Don and Renae Eddings and I am so excited to see how the gospel will continue to bless them. In one year they are going to the temple (that's their goal) and they are letting me go with! Don and Renae said there is no way they are going to let me miss going to the temple with them. Before I came out, I only could dream of something like this happening and guess what! My dream came true! Best week ever! :)
(Song for you mom :) ->) "A Dream is a wish your heart makes when your fast asleep"

I love and miss you all!

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Happy Mothers Day!!

This week was pretty fun. On Monday Bishop Dowdle and his wife taught us how to make potstickers and fried rice... wow... I ate so many I lost count! It was soo good and I got the recipe for Sister Dowdles special lemonade. :) Something funny that happened this week, an old lady thought I was Lindsey Lohan... my 1st thought was, "Why would Lindsey Lohan be in Burley?" But Hey! It was pretty cool that someone thought I was a celebrity haha In district meeting this week... I was asked to lead the music and I've never done that before... I'm glad I only had to do it in front of my district because I had no idea what I was doing. I was just waving my hand... Elder Garrish was laughing so hard it looked like he was going to cry. That was the 1st and last time I am ever leading the music. Haha :) 
Don Edding's baptism is this weekend! I'm so excited for him!! He is so sweet and he is going above and beyond. He has been reading and praying everyday and his wife and him are praying together now too, it is so awesome!! At our last lesson he said the closing prayer. That is the 1st time he has said the prayer for us and he is such a hoot. In his prayer he said, "Thank you for these young ladies for leading me on to the straight and narrow, and thank you Lord for the rain which makes the grass grow so my wife can mow it." He giggled a little bit when he said that and when we said Amen, Renae (his wife) looked at him and said, "Thanks Don." It was cute hehe :) I don't know if I wrote this last week, but last week on Saturday, Joe and Janine Mabey got in a car accident which stressed Joe out and then he smoked... so we had to push his baptism date back a week... but he is doing better. I love them and I know Joe can stop smoking. He has come so far but that dang car accident... it seems like one thing after another with them... he broke his ribs just before the car accident and Janine went to the hospital... they are working so hard and it seems like everything is after them... (Mom, I think its Wilbur the pig doing all of this haha ;))
We visited Silvia Crystal this week. She is always a funny visit. Everytime she sees us she throws her hands in the air and in her Peruvian accent says, "Oooo! It's the lady missionaries! Bill! Look at them! Oooo! Beuuootiffull lady missionaries! Bill come look at them!" Bill is her husband and he just nods and says, "yeah.. uh huh.. you're right honey." Haha :)
On Saturday we had no idea who to visit so we said a prayer and pulled out our map and just picked a random place. We drove to that random place and a man walked into the house with some budweiser, I told my companion we should go talk to him. She looked at me and said, "yeah lets go split a beer with him." I said, "Okay lets do it!" She didn't seem very pleased with me haha but we did go meet the dude and found out his wife is a member but he's not. He isn't a new investigator... yet... but he did say we could stop by again so I don't know, I think the random spot on the map thing worked.
Mothers Day was AMAZING!!! Church was awesome! Grant (a less active I visited on splits) told me he is antisocial and doesn't want to come to church. I told him I'm pretty antisocial too so we can be antisocial together, well... he came to church! Haha and he is from Canada and he told me a common phrase in Canada is "You betcha A." So when I saw him he said, "It was great to see ya and I'll see you later A." I then said, "You betcha A." It was pretty cute. I'm so glad he came to church! :) Oh! Brother Brower's talk in sacrament this week was so sweet. He shared a story about a mom who always told her son every night, "I'll love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I'm living you'll be my baby." and this mom said that to her son every night... well when the son was now a man and the mom was in the hospital, the son knelt by her bedside and said, "I'll love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I'm living you'll be my mommy."  <3  I wish I had brother Brower's talk because it was awesome and I'm probably not telling it right... but still it was so sweet. Also at church I got to sit with Sister Winmill, she tells me she is my "mission mom." She is so amazing and so is her daughter Kayla. Oooo I just love them! I'm so glad they got to meet you Mom!!! :D :D :D Anyway, Mothers day was the best day ever because I got to skype with you Mom!!! And say hello to everyone! Ashley you are still the same wacky skeeter-bump as before hehe I love you guys!!!!!!!!!! <3

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P-day with the Sisters! Sister Latu & Sister Davis. 
Alvey's new dog Elsa! (Sophia & Riley) 
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Monday, May 5, 2014

cinco de mayo

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This week wasn't as awesome as last week because Rayna called us and said she didn't want to get baptized... she said she has too much going on and can't give up smoking and coffee.... I was devastated...  and we haven't been able to get in contact with her since that phone call. I just want to meet with her again and let her know that we are here to help her come closer to our Savior and we love her. Of course we want her to get baptized but more than anything I want to help her. So if she gets baptized or not, I just want to help... On the phone it seemed like she was afraid she was letting us down. I hope we can get in contact with her. Her daughter Staicia still wants to get baptized but since we haven't been able to talk to Rayna we also haven't been able to talk to Staicia. 

This week was transfers and Sister Tinker is still my companion and I'm staying in Burley. Its nice not being the newest of the new anymore haha 

Joe Mabey has been working really hard to quit smoking so he can get baptized. We have been sending him daily scriptures and reminders so he can focus on his goal. Our lesson went really well this week with them. He shared his testimony and he is excited to get baptized but is still struggling. I know he can do it and we are so excited for him! Oh and guess what... so he's been working so hard and then on Saturday they got in an accident... destroyed their car and gosh... Its just like, one thing after another... but we've been praying and I know our prayers are being answered! :)

The Eddings came to church this week! They looked so good! They had some fresh new church clothes on haha They looked sharp :) It was so awesome to see them and to sit by them! Brother Eddings is so excited to get baptized and he has the sweetest heart. He cried when he shook our hands and said, "Thank you." I love him!! :) He also wanted to move his baptism date up, so he is going to get baptized on May 17th

Something really really sad happened this week... a part member family we've been trying to teach... their baby was born with a hole in his heart and hasn't been growing... on Friday morning the baby died... I can't imagine losing a child. We visited the family and shared a scripture and said a prayer... they're heart broken... We've been praying every night for them and man, I just want to help... the husband wanted nothing to do with us before their baby died but yesterday when we visited them, he came into the room and at least said hello... Man... It is so sad... they're good people and no one deserves that...

Well, thats my week... can't really think of anything else to say :) I love and miss you guys! I hope you are all doing awesome! I'm soooo excited to skype with you Mom on Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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(Staicia, Me, & Kalli) We were invited to dinner with the Activity Day girls :)