Monday, October 27, 2014

Twin Falls Idaho Mission: Mount Everest

Twin Falls Idaho Mission: Mount Everest

Mount Everest

I have no time once again, but Mickey got baptized this week! It was an awesome experience because her non member mom said the closing prayer and her not active dad came! Plus she asked me to give a talk, I couldn't think of anything to say when I was preparing but It was so cool how when I stood up there and with the few notes I had, the spirit let me know what she needed to hear, that she is loved. <3 Her sweet heart and spirit shine through her eyes, when she started to cry I couldn't help but blubber up there too haha :) The spirit was so strong (through the entire baptism) and I think she has set a strong example for her entire family. When she gave her testimony, it wasn't extravagant or long but it was beautiful because it was so pure and straight from the heart, everyone was in tears. I am so blessed to be part of this work and to have met her!

This week Sister Moore and I got extremely sick, she got it first then I did. We passed out dead for a day, which is awful on a mission because I hate wasting the Lords time.... but the members were so kind. They heard we were sick and we both didn't have any money (I need to budget better haha) so Sister Bell came over with bags of food for us. Maybe because I was sick it brought me to tears haha but really, I know heavenly Father is watching over us. Btw, don't read the talk how to be a consecrated missionary while you are sick, its a great talk but dang it made me feel like a loser haha

Well one last thing, this week I have a had a huge desire to repent and I've realized the more I learn about the Gospel, Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ and his atonement, the more I want to repent. I want to repent for things that before I felt like I didn't need to repent for. Its been overwhelming just because I feel like I am at the bottom of Mount Everest and I don't even know where to start, but as I've been praying and when I took the sacrament yesterday, I felt so much better.... really what I think has helped a lot is how I have felt Heavenly Father with me and how its okay to not be perfect right now but because I have a desire to become perfect, he is helping me get there. So I guess to sum it up, instead of looking at mount Everest, I am focusing on each step that lead me up the mountain.

Quote that helped me:

"Don't expect to become perfect all at once. If you do, you will be disappointed. Be better today than you were yesterday, and better tomorrow than you are today!" ~ Lorenzo Snow

"He loves you not only for who you are this very day but also for the person of glory and light you have the potential and the desire to become. More than you could ever imagine, He wants you to achieve your destiny, to return to your heavenly home in honor." ~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Teaching Through Love

The Ippolitos love us!!! He is going to teach us how to cook another Italian dish on Friday. Its funny to me how much Brother Ippolito likes to brag about us and especially me haha Sister Ippolito says Sister Moore is hers and Brother Ippolito says I am his. :P He teases me and is so fun to mess with. He told us how he thinks its so great that I can be mean back. He won't admit he totally loves us but he does, and he shows it. He brags to his neighbors about us. He thought it was hilarious when I called him my brother from another mother. Oh! And they introduced us to their neighbors who are also non members, and  he happens to be an ex-cop just like bother Ippolito! Their neighbors Hank & June are from Chicago and them with the Ippolitos, its a party! They all just build off each others loudness! Anyway we had a way cool experience with the wives, so while Hank & Jimmy (aka brother Ippolito) were outside doing yard work we were inside just chatting. June asked us if we'd like something to drink, tea, coffee? We asked for water and she was like, "Do you girls drink anything!?" It gave us a great opportunity to share the word of wisdom, and I don't think I've shared it that well my entire mission. I shared my experience of how I love the smell and taste of coffee but after I gained a testimony of the church I didn't want to drink it anymore and then we talked about revelations, prophets, etc... so yeah, just shared a little of my story, testimony, and we shared bits of the gospel with them. It was just really neat because we were able to share our beliefs with people who say they aren't interested haha but I think they totally are, and it wasn't pushy or anything, and the spirit was so there! 

Another awesome experience, I love the Hennessys, they are like family. Their baby girl Rose and I are attached at the hip. Ever ytime I see her she runs at me and yells, "FRIEND!!!" And doesn't let go of me hehe <3 Its so sweet! Anyway, we were doing service for Carley and a few days before we asked her if she would like to learn more about the church, she said no but while we were doing service she asked a ton of questions and asked me about how I came to know this is the true church. I shared a little bit and showed her my favorite scripture, peace filled the room, the spirit was there and I know she felt it. It was cool because it taught me a lot about Love. How even though Carley says she isn't interested she recognized that we still love her either way and I think that made her feel more comfortable to ask questions without there being any pressure. It was just neat. I've realized love is how to share the gospel. You really can't share the gospel without love. It just doesn't work! And when you love them its so much easier to recognize what they need. I hope that little blurp made sense! hahah

Anyway... gotta go once again!

Sister Coats

Rose had to wear my bracelet and would not let go of my hand. She just had to hold my hand insisted I be right by her! Gosh I love this little goober!! <3

Monday, October 13, 2014

Higher Ground

This week I had a really cool experience. We went to the H's. They use to be members and now want nothing to do with the Church but they always let us share a message. Well I shared with them how I've come to learn that faith is power and by being obedient to the Lords commandments we increase our faith, knowledge, and trust in the lord. Brother Hadley pulled out his American standard bible and started to challenge all of our beliefs. As he was sharing different scriptures and as we were following along, he was preaching to us and telling us that God doesn't work through feelings, God wouldn't tell us to not drink beer or smoke pot, he put those things on the earth, and started to tell us all these things that are incorrect with our church, it was really interesting to me to see how everything he said he tried to back it up with a scripture, and whoa I couldn't believe how different some of the verses are! Even when we were reading the same verse, his bible said it completely different. Oh! And ya know what was so cool? I am not a master of the scriptures by any means but the Holy Ghost totally brought scriptures into my mind and prompted me to ask certain questions and brother H couldn't back up anything he was saying. He kept contradicting himself! It was just an awesome experience because we weren't bible bashing but in a sense I guess we kinda were but it wasn't contentious. He tried to never let us talk and since he had some friends over they said AMEN to everything he was saying, that was a little annoying haha because when he was preaching to us to be humble, meek, and teachable, him and his friends were yelling AMEN and wouldn't let us say anything, so they weren't doing what they were preaching! Haha But!!! I did give him a challenge. He challenged us to read Hebrews 1 and I challenged him to read Moroni 10 and to do what it tells him to do. I wish I could better explain everything that was said, but I just loved the experience. The Holy Ghost definitely put scriptures into my mind, and gave me courage to stand up for the things I know to be true and the more he challenged my beliefs, the stronger my testimony got. It was so cool! I can't wait to go back and talk about Moroni 10. He said we will never convert him, but with how much he likes to challenge us, he is gonna keep letting us in! Haha He'll come around. :)
I had to give a talk this week in church... I survived! Haha I prayed and fasted that I would say something the Lord wanted someone to hear and it was pretty neat. Quite a few people told me I did say something that they needed. Pretty awesome!! I based my talk around this quote, "If you are on the right path, it will always be uphill. The Lord is anxious to lead us to higher ground." ~ Henry B. Eyring.
Short again but I gotta go... I just want you all to know that I am excited for this new transfer, Sister Moore and I are both staying here in Mackay and I have a really good feeling about it. I am learning so much everyday. I feel like I never have enough time for personal study in the morning. For the first time in my life, the scriptures really are coming to life and I can spend my whole study time, studying just a few verses. I love how I am learning something new everyday! 
I'll send pics next week when I get the ones our sister training leaders were suppose to send. Have an awesome week!
Sister Coats
Pics: The Jones took us up the canyon!

7 Month Mark

I can't believe its my 7 month mark... what the what? Pretty crazy! I'm not sure how I feel about it? Haha :) Any who! This week was so spiritual! We got to go to the temple, watch conference, got a new investigator, and we are just seeing miracles everywhere.
I am so grateful I got to go to the temple. It seems like every time I go to the temple, its exactly what I need. <3 Especially because this week I really have been missing my Mom. Like a TON! I've been praying that I'd be able to focus on the work and receive comfort that she is okay. (Mom when you read this... just so you know, not hearing from you is the worst! Haha) :) Its weird to me how this week I've missed my mom more than ever before on my mission... anyway at the temple, in the celestial room, I saw a guy all dressed in white who looked really familiar. He walked up to me and guess who it was!!!?? It was brother Turner!!! He is like family to me!!! When I was serving in Burley I had the blessing of serving in his ward! :) He shook my hand and said, "How's my little missionary doing? I hope you know how much Sister Turner and I love and miss you." I was just overcome with the spirit. Out of all people to be working at the temple that day it just happened to be Brother Turner? I don't think that was a coincidence. :) I know that is something really simple, but it brought so much comfort to me to see someone I love. It made me realize that as small or huge my struggles may be, Heavenly Father is there for me, and more than anything, my Mom and family are being watched over. <3 When I was leaving the temple both brother and sister Turner waited for me by the doors to say goodbye. <3 It was so sweet to feel like I was with family and to know I was loved. <3 "All you need is love, love, love is all you need!" (Beatles are awesome)
Another awesome thing that added to a great week was we got to watch almost all the sessions with our investigators!! Rebecca was in tears and said she knows everything is true!! :D :D :D  I hope you all loved conference as much as I did! It so cool how sometimes it feels like they are talking directly to you. :)
Sorry another short email but the Jones are taking us hiking!! Yay! :)
Sister Coats
Pics: Brother Ippolito taught us how to cook Chicken Marsala, and yes I made that. It was amazing!! He is anti against all religion but he did say (in his loud New Jersey accent) "You girls! I like you. I don't know why I like you." Haha It was so fun!!! He is a total goofball!

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

This week was just full of miracles and I wish I had enough time to write about all of them!
So because we had to drive to Jerome and back we are kinda ka-putty on miles... so we have been trying to walk everywhere and from all the sweet experiences we have had from walking, I think whenever we have a chance to walk even when we do have miles, sister Moore and I think we should walk. Anyway, so right after studies we walked out our front door and a woman was walking passed our home. She stopped when we said hello and then she walked towards us. She looked at our name tags and asked, "Are you the sister missionaries? Someone told me I needed to talk to you." She told us how she tried to commit suicide the night before and has been struggling really bad. Right then and there we asked if we could say a prayer with her and then we shared the restoration with her. The spirit was so strong. She was in tears and said, "This is what I needed. I need this!!!" It was AMAZING!!! I wish I could explain how unbelievable it was.... oh! And ya know what was really cool? She was smoking a cigarette when we were talking to her and when we were about to walk our separate ways she threw her cigarette to the ground and said, "Ya know, I just don't want to smoke anymore. I'm gonna quit." THEN GUESS WHAT!!! The next day we went to help her move apartments, she told us that while she was praying she felt that she needed to quit drinking too. She said, "I just felt like it was something I needed to do." How awesome right?! We haven't even taught her the word of wisdom but because she is listening to the Spirit, the Lord is preparing her even more to receive all the blessings he has in store for her. :) It was just... whoa... after that experience I KNOW Heavenly Father prepares his children to receive his gospel and I feel so blessed to be an instrument in his hands to share it with everyone!!!! AHHH! AWESOME!!!! I am learning everyday that even though I feel very unqualified to share his gospel, when He is with me I can do anything. The biggest thing I learned this week ~The Lord doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.
Well I wish I had more time but its all good. Write y'all next week! <3
Sister Coats
PS: The weather this week has been sweet! Its been rainy and stormy. Seriously, I really love storms! :D
Milked Carley's goat. I don't know what it is, but I really love milking goats haha :P
Pretty Mackay :)

Milked a Goat

This is gonna be short,.

We had exchanges this week. Sister Walker was my companion for the day and man, we had a blast together! We were driving around and I am awful with directions out here... like I am super great with cities but farm land, Its one farm after another and I get hecka confused. Anyway we were trying to find someones house but we drove passed this white one and I said, "Hey lets visit that lady. We stopped by once before, she wants nothing to do with us but lets invite her to church." Sister Walker was like, "Okay crazy if you want to." So we did. We walked up to this lady and last time we saw her she didn't even let us introduce ourselves but this time she invited us in to chat. We talked to her and found out she is atheist but her son is a convert and went on a mission to el salvador! Which led to an awesome conversation about how the most amazing missionaries are sent to el salvador, I know that because my golden cousin is serving there. (Yep, I totally bragged about you TY! <3 haha) She said we could come back anytime and Ya know what was so cool about this? Was when we were walking away, Sister Walker said, "Dude that was totally a prompting!" I said, "I guess it was... that was cool." But guess what was even cooler? We gave Anna our number and she called her son and told him how some missionaries had stopped by. Well He called us last night to personally thank us for visiting his mom! He said that for her to not kick us off her porch was a miracle in itself and that he was so grateful we visited her. He wants nothing more than for his mom to be happy. When he said that I instantly thought about my mom and how thats all I want too. I want my mom to be happy! :) I don't know how to explain it was just super sweet and really touched my heart that he called to thank us, when really that was the spirit, not me. Its so cool how sometimes, well most of the time, for me I don't find out something was a prompting until after I do it. But really, that was all Heavenly Father, we got lost and he prompted us to visit her.

Another awesome thing that happened this week was with my mission president. When he was in mountain home someone gave him a picture to give to me and he drove all this way to deliver it to me. I didn't even know he knew my name! It was just so sweet of him to do that. It made me realize that maybe he does know who I am and that he really does care about me. It was just so sweet and it really meant a lot to me that he did that just for me. 

We had a great week and I wish I had more time to write about it! But we got a new investigator and our investigators are progressing. Our ward mission leader Brother Jones made my heart melt when he told us that we are the hardest working missionaries he has ever worked with and he testified that we are led by the spirit. Him crying made me cry and whoa, it was just the best compliment because this week I felt like I was working so hard and getting no where when really our work is paying off and it meant alot to me that he recognized how hard we are workign :) 

Oh! One last thing!! I milked a goat!! Haha Carley let me milk her goat and another super sweet thing is her daughter, Rose. Her middle name is Audrey hehe but Rose and I are super close even though she is only 2... I don't know, I just love little baby rose and I know she loves me. She always wants to be right next to me and she did somthing super cute... when we were driving home Rose wanted to hold my hand <3 My hand, not anyone elses! :D her dad is British and I instantly thought of the song I want to hold your hand by the beatles haha so I sang that to rose while she held my hand and oooohhh it was just adorable. She just smiled at me and looked at me with her big blue eyes. <3 She has the sweetest little spirit <3 Gosh it was so cute!
Gotta Go! 
Sister Coats