Monday, June 22, 2015

Sista SIstah Sistah

I got sick on exchanges. I was pushing myself to work because I know I'm way miserable when i'm not working and plus, the sister I was on exchanges with, to say the least, prefers to stay home. I was annoyed with myself and her.... annoyed that she was so happy to be home, even if I was dying... annoyed that I was sick, felt sick and looked sick, I tried to push through but Sister James (she is like the Mom of us 4) dragged me to the doctor, which was miserable because then I was forced to stay home and the Sister I was on exchanges with was so freaking happy that we were home. It was so annoying. I was trying to be loving but man, I'm grateful that I just didn't say anything... She said, "This has been the best exchange ever!"... like really? This is the best exchange ever? I'm dying! GRR!!!! I was so bugged, but as I prayed for her, Heavenly Father helped me love her and I realized that she just doesn't feel important in the work and even though I was sick, she was able to help me rest... by forcing me to go to bed hahah plus me needing her help, made her feel like she had value. Heavenly Father definitely softened my heart in the situation and helped me love her and desire her to be happy. I'm very glad Sister Mac and Sister James were there too though... They all took care of me, went to the pharmacy for me, and even entertained the other sister, they really helped build her confidence. :) I guess out of all people to be sick with, at least it made her happy...?.... haha the whole situation did give me an opportunity to stay quiet, to pray for understanding, and to be patience, and it proved to me how much the sisters love me. Sister Mac held my hair as I praised the toilet bowl (Bill Cosby, "I love you toilet bowl.") and Sister James was outside the door for moral support. Awe, true buddies right there haha 

I am going to miss having the sisters living with us. We've all learned a lot and have had a lot of fun together. We just have way too much fun together! From praying to singing, to giggle fests and dances, I'm going to miss them! They've helped me a lot! I'm especially going to miss our nightly body slams! Haha Mac and I laughing so hard and being body slammed, "CAN"T BREATH!" Awe! I'm going to miss them! I don't want them to leave and I don't want Sister James to go home. I love them. Sister MacDonald, Sister James, Sister McCallum, they are wonderful at always seeing the positive, no matter the situation. I'm grateful for their insights and desire to continue to turn their hearts to the Lord. This week was difficult because it was easy for me to get down on myself for being sick... because I feel I should be able to just push through it and when I can't, I beat myself up about it. The Sisters helped me see that its okay to have weaknesses and that I am doing more good than I realize. I am grateful for how we all strive to strengthen each other and complimented each other and our nightly prayers really brought us together. Us sisters are good at pointing out our flaws but over just this week, it seemed like all of us have become more confident because we don't let negative thoughts dwell. We strive to point out only the positives about each other and about ourselves. It hit me how Heavenly Father answers prayers through other people. I couldn't sleep because I was so mad at myself for being weak, I went upstairs to pray. As I prayed for my Mom, Sister James snuck in and hugged me, it was like I could feel my mom near me. <3 When I'm sick all I want is my mom, and through a simple prayer being answered it was like I was feeling the same comfort that I get from being with my mom. Heavenly Father helped me feel close to my mom <3

Oh! And to top all of this off, I went to go get my hair done and the lady died it orange, then to get rid of the orange, she put a toner on it that kept the roots orange and make my hair gray with blue/silverish tips. I was freaking out! I was getting looks like, "Did she do that on purpose?" IT WAS AWFUL! It was so bad that Sister Curtis accepted my plea and let me go get my hair back to normal. Yep. Tough week in this neck of the woods. From horrid hair, & barely being able to move, I was just so grateful to be out working again. I'm so much happier when I work. Its pretty dang awesome how doing Heavenly Father's work, brings happiness! It makes me feel important and valued. To see the change that takes place in others lives because of the gospel, as well as the change that comes in my own life from the gospel, its beautiful. Its pure happiness. Its absolute joy!

Btw, Terson came to stake conference! He came he came he came! He came to All sessions of it! It was awesome to see how the spirit touched his heart even though english isn't his 1st language. He thanked us for inviting him to church. He said, "I'm happy here. Its a different happy when I'm here. My wife will be here." He is working so hard to bring his family over to america from Chute and its awesome how he sees how heavenly Father is helping him in every aspect of his life.

I gotta go, saying bye to my buddies going home today, I don't want them to leave! Have a wonderful week! Sorry if this is all over the place!

PS: With areas combining, we are now over the sisters in Mountain home! I hope we get to go on exchanges to Mountain Home asap!! YAY!

Sister Coats

Quote of the Day!
"I am grateful that I cannot cause all the blind to see, or cause all the deaf to hear, or all the lame to walk, for in doing so I might thwart the purposes of God." ~ President Spencer W. Kimball

Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1 2015 We Gotta Go Back

This week was a lot better yet stressful at the same time. The coolest thing about being a missionary is seeing (and being part of) someone taking the opportunity to change their heart. 

We were teaching Christan this week and it was pretty rad how his desire to share the gospel has been building. He invited William to his lesson and Christan taught the lesson! William was the 1st person to share the gospel with Christan. They shared a jail cell and Christan was telling him how he felt like he had no direction in his life. William shared with him how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has given him direction. So in Jail, William shared the gospel, which started this whole adventure for Christan! Well, William soon after he got out of jail fell back into his old ways but guess what, Christan invited him to his lesson and William's heart seemed to be touch. Especially when Christan thanked him for sharing the gospel with him. William couldn't believe that he was the one who basically changed Christan's life forever. It was neat because it was like we literally could see something click for William and William felt the difference he made in Christan's life. Their testimonies strengthened each other.

Rained this week which was fun and made contacting interesting. So it was pouring rain and we were lost, I'm really good at getting lost, and there was this kid mowing the lawn in the pouring rain! We pulled over and I had to mess with this kid, just a little bit haha ;) I teased him about mowing the lawn in the rain, which made him chuckle and come up to talk to us and before we knew it, we were sharing the Book of Mormon with him. We found out that he was going to get baptized last year but that life got too busy and his date just feel through. Its interesting how the Lord works because as we testified of the importance of putting God first this kid was almost in tears. He told us that he wants to be baptized and knows its right. It was so awesome! I know the Book of Mormon is true and that all this kid is lacking is a testimony of the Book of Mormon but he is willing to do what it takes to gain that testimony. Its amazing how because I know the Book of Mormon is true, it gives power to the words I say. It was pretty sweet but... he isn't in our area... we were so lost  and he wasn't in our area hahah oh well, we found someone who wants the gospel and now the other missionaries can help prepare him to be baptized! :)

Another cool experience contacting. We were contacting a referral. We walked up, knocked on the door, my hair totally stuck to my head because of the rain haha the girl answers the door and says, "I'm too busy for this" and slammed the door. That stunk.... As we slumped to our car, I had this crazy feeling to go back but I didn't want to go back. It was raining, I looked like a wet rat, and Sister McCallum seemed bugged, plus we just contacted her, that'd be weird to go back again... but I got the feeling again to go back and this thought came to my mind, "You know the importance of this Gospel, you know its changed your life, Christ has changed your life, and that lady, she needs the gospel as much as you do!" After that thought, how could I not go back, I had to! Sister McCallum looked at me like I was crazy but I told her we had to go back, I knew it. So we went back. Knocked again, the same lady answered and looked at us like, "I just got rid of you." Before she closed the door on us again, we testified of the gospel of Jesus Christ. His love for her and that because the priesthood has been restored families can be together forever. She was quiet.... After what felt like forever, Probably only 2 or 3 minutes, longest minutes of my life, the lady said, "You girls... thank you.... thank you for coming back.... I believe what you said." :D :D :D :D TALK ABOUT AWESOME! We found out she is actually a member but isn't active and her boyfriend isn't a member but we are going to teach them! :D I am so grateful for the prompting of going back and knocking again and for the courage that He gave me to go back again. It was a cool experience because it showed to me that God will always have his arm out stretch towards us, always, and we aren't just some number to him. We are His children. He is our Father and He will always be reaching out for us. :)

Well, I gotta go again but thank you for the prayers you've said for me. I could feel the strength from them this week. 

PS: A fun way to street contact is to make up a dance. As sister McCallum and I made up our own strut we had little girls flocking to us to teach them how to do it haha it was so fun! :D

Omni 1:25-26 "...wherefore, I shall deliver up these plates unto him, exhorting all men to come unto God, the Holy One of Israel, and believe in prophesying, and in revelations, and in the ministering of angels, and in the gift of speaking with tongues, and in the gift of interpreting languages, and in all things which are good; for there is nothing which is good save it comes from the Lord: and that which is evil cometh from the devil. And now, my beloved brethren, I would that ye should come unto Christ, who is the Holy One of Israel, and partake of his salvation, and the power of his redemption. Yea, come unto him, and offer your whole souls as an offering unto him, and continue in fasting and praying, and endure to the end; and as the Lord liveth ye will be saved."

I know Christ lives and I willingly offer my whole soul unto Him because for me, nothing less will do. I love my Savior and I know He loves me. I know He loves us. :)

Sister Coats

Pics: Merisa took us out to lunch!

May 25 2015 Singles Ward

This week was very crazy. Sister drama in some areas was off the charts but all is well. So I have like no time again. Any who! We are starting to feel more accepted by the wards we serve. We had horrid numbers to report but really, it was a great week for building member trust as well as Sister McCallum and I are building in our unity. We studied with President and Sister Curtis this week. During companionship study we both just weren't on the same page... as we studied together with them, role played out our lesson, all of a sudden it just clicked! Since then we've been way more unified and have totally noticed a difference in the work because of it.

Miracles this week! We taught Danielle, she is inactive and goes to CSI. We read 1 Nephi 10 with her. As we were reading we talked about how we recognize the spirit. (Btw, Sister McCallum is a fantastic teacher, I lack in my teaching skills so I'm grateful I can learn from such a pro like her!) It was awesome how because of our unity in companionship study and unity in teaching, the spirit was so strong and the lesson flowed. We testified and our testimonies supported each other and strengthened the passage we were reading. Danielle is quiet but she started to open up. We explained how the spirit speaks to us with soft impressions, through our thoughts and feelings. When we asked Danielle if she wanted to feel the spirit, she started to cry. (HAPPY TEARS) She was overcome with emotion and said, "I've never felt this before." It was so awesome to help her recognize the spirit for the first time ever! Then the spirit prompted us to encourage her to act upon the promptings she was receiving. "I don't want to change who I am." She said. Sister McCallum replied, "You're not changing who you are, you are uncovering who you are. You are changing to bring your true self forward." Pretty sure thats what she said, either way, it was extremely powerful and totally lead by the spirit. Danielle experienced what its like to feel the spirit and we understand why she is afraid to act on it but we know that if she does, she will be so much happier and at peace. She will find that happiness that we are all longing for! 

I read the talk becoming a consecrated missionary and I realized I really want to continue to improve. I have the desire to be exactly obedient, I've had that for a while now, but I realized that I also need to change my thoughts. My thoughts are what are keeping me from being as consecrated as I'd like to be. I read Mosiah 3:19 and the word become stood out and so did "willing to submit to all the things which the lord seeth fit to inflict.." I am willing to submit to all that He feels fit for me and I am willing to submit all I have to Him, so that I can become like Him. I want what the Lord wants. I want to continue to become better and I feel that the biggest thing I need to work on are my thoughts. My plan is to write down mosiah 3:19 in my planner and every time I get an unconsecrated thought, I am going to read it, pretty soon I will have that scripture memorized! :) 

Goal: Mosiah 3:19 "For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy Spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and becometh as a child,submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father."

Oh! Another awesome thing, we taught the plan of salvation to Christian. As we did, it totally clicked for him. He was like, "It just makes sense. It just makes sense that we lived with God before we came here and I want my family forever, I get it." Inside we both were like, "Of course you get it, because its true!" Haha :) Anyway, as the lesson went on Christian told us about the experience he had while reading the Book of Mormon. In our last visit we asked him to find a scipture to explain why he wants to change his heart. He found 3 Nephi 11:7-10. :) Christian has had a change of heart and we can see it. We set a baptism interview date with him (we cant set a baptism date because it has to get approved by the 1st presidency because of his criminal background) and Christian told us how he wants to go on a mission! In his prayer he even prayed to accomplish his goal of going on a mission! SO AWESOME! I am so grateful that I know this is Christ church. I know we can change to become like Him and He will help us. I am honored to be serving a mission and to be His missionary. 

Funny Moment! Serving in the singles ward is an adventure to say the least. We were eating at bishops with the ward and this guy um... just would not get the hint. He asked us out on a date and no matter how many times I said, "We are sister missionaries." He did not care. He asked for our number and I said, "Its in the ward program under SISTER MISSIONARIES." Nope, nada, he didn't get the hint... We were both just super grateful that bishop sat next to us because whoa, would've been even weirder! It was funny timing when he asked us though because we had just ran inside from the pouring rain, looking like a mess, then asked out. My 1st thought was, "Do you not see my badge?" 2nd thought, "You asked me out when I look my worse today." and 3rd, "Anyone who is insecure should serve in the singles ward." Haha :D Oh! One last thing that happened in singles ward, during ward prayer, Sister McCallum and I were sitting next to each other, everyone was starting to sit down, then this kid pulled up a chair placed it right in between us. Prayer was about to start so sister McCallum and I just looked at each other like, "uhhhh???" It was strange since we were both sitting next to guys... one on each side.... we tried to sit next to each other! After the prayer the kid got up to introduce himself, like he was all swave and whatnot, then he saw our badges, he went bright red! So funny! He was so embarrassed and apologized for sitting in between us. He was so embarrassed that we were embarrassed for him! Haha :)

Well, sorry this is all over the place, gotta go again, have a great week!

May 18 2015 Everything's Gonna Be Okay!

New Companion: Sister McCallum

This week has been extremely hard for me... saying bye to best friends, (y'all know who you are! God lead us together no doubt about it.) my fantabulous companion Sister Owsley, and what felt like, saying bye to family all over again then coming to this area where like... I've never felt so unwelcomed or unloved in a ward before... plus I just came from Zion and thats like really hard to match, haha man, its really hard... but the Lord asks us to do hard things and after many prayers and study, I realized that I have a choice on what I focus on. I was reading Jacob 5 today and I realized this is an opportunity to further my roots in the gospel. In Jacob 5 I thought it was interesting how Heavenly Father grieved even over the thought of losing any tree and no matter where He planted them, He nourished them, and the tree that had branches grafted in (I related it to struggles/trials) became so much stronger. For me, relating the tree to myself and the branches and rocky soil to trails and change, it helped me recognize that Heavenly Father is giving me these things to strengthen my roots in the gospel and that no matter where I am He is watching over me, nourishing me. I have an amazing companion and this area has a ton of potential. Its hard leaving an area that felt like home and seemed to be on fire then to come to an area where it seems like the fire is out... but I am so grateful for Sister McCallum. We clicked really fast and have been able to talk to each other about anything. It feels like we've known each other for years when really its only been a few days. I am trying super hard to be okay with our living situation. I am grateful to have some where to stay its just extremely hard on me to not have a window in our room. Its so dark and very difficult for me to get up in the morning... I've never had a hard time getting up in the morning... on the plus side I hate being in our room so I'm never even tempted to go home haha ;) and I've been sleeping on the floor in our study room where theres a window so thats been helping me get up in the morning, so thats good! :) I feel like struggles I believed I had overcome are all of a sudden back again... but its okay because unlike before, I have a stronger testimony than ever and I know WHO to lean on. 

As a Sister Training leader, it feels like we work a lot a lot with the sisters which I expected but not to this effect. I am learning to be quiet and just be a shoulder to lean on. Its weird being an STL because these sisters are awesome and I don't feel qualified and when they are struggling I want to help so bad but with our sisters right now, their struggles... all we can do is pray for them. Its crazy how some sisters lift me up on like some pedestal and others challenge my position... and inside I'm yelling, "I just want to help! Let me help!" Just because I have this title of an STL, I still have no idea what I am doing and I am a missionary just like them. I just want to help. Also, as an STL you seem to get close to no sleep and I am learning to not carry others stress upon my own back... but to carry it with them. Idk, still learning. Well, with all this stress I have a zit that is like a 3rd eye right in the middle of my fore head hahaha but all is well because I'm learning to deal with it and its been a good source of laughter the last few days! I am excited to get to know the sisters even more. :)

We contacted a referral and well... he and his brother basically... thought we were hot and so that was the only reason why they took a Book of Mormon from us. Of course we don't want that to be the reason they took the book, but we got like no sleep and my 3rd eye I felt was staring them down, and we had just a rollercoaster week, soo we both didn't even care that that was the reason why they took the book and plus, we are just glad they took it! :P 

I gotta go but I hope y'all have an awesome day and I know I can make it through these struggles. Heavenly Father is always helping me out and I am super glad the last few days are over and done so I can continue on. Man, I hope this email doesn't sound negative because I'm not trying to be. I am struggling but I am not negative, if that makes sense. Tender mercies are all around! Like its raining outside, I get to go to some stores today, my companion is amazing, the sisters I am over are fantastic! (Especially Sister MacDonald and Sister James! They brought me Ice cream and whoa, I needed them more than they needed me this week.) Btw, yes same sister MacDonald as the MTC! SO AWESOME to have a best friend so close by and in my district! So lots of positives, I got a letter from President that made me feel on top of the world, and my district is fantastic and we got to go to the temple this week. Its been great. I got so much strength from the temple and the positives far out weigh the negatives, scratch that, there are no negatives. I am a sister missionary and I got this as long as I lean on Him. There is no way I can fail! :D

Jacob 5:36 "Nevertheless, I know that the roots are good, and for mine own purpose I have preserved them; and because of their much strength they have hitherto brought forth, from the wild branches, good fruit."

Quote that gave me strength this week...
"When the night is dark and the clouds are thick, we have an opportunity to put our hand in the Lord's hand and rely on Him to help us through." ~ Elder Larry W. Gibbons.

Sister Coats

So all of our mail is suppose to go the mission home then we pick it up that day or whatever, we go to the mission home a lot :) so My new mailing address is:
Sister Audrey Caroline Coats
421 Maurice Street North
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301

May 11 2015 Sister Owsley's Final List

Owsley's final list.... I'm gonna cry... again... but even harder, why do I have feelings!!!!!!!!!!! 

1. I almost hit a deer last night... good thing sister coats and I have night vision now! 
2.super awkward door contact... ya the lady just yelled through the door to ask who it was but then NEVER answered... even after 3 times! haha
3. When 2 California girls show up to a rodeo and look SO incredibly out of place.. so everyone stares... ya we just rocked it haha
4.ya we got a thunder storm the other day and I thought sister coats was going to die of pure happiness.. she LOVES the rain!
5. you know your going to be transferred when...: 
    - you and your companion get along to well to the point in which you both start dancing in the kitchen
     - you feel " prompted" to take a picture with EVERYONE! haha
     - you feel a dire need to see everyone RIGHT NOW! even to the point of walking right into there house ( Promise there was no trespassing this week)

May 11 2015 STL "Sister Totally Lost"

I am all over the place today.... I just... President called me today and I am getting transferred to Twin Falls, serving on a college campus, and I am now a Sister Training Leader. Yeah, thats right, me... an STL. I have no idea what President is thinking but hey, I know he receives revelation from Heavenly Father and because I know that I know I can do this with a lot of help from above. I am so nervous but excited because it will give me new opportunities to trust Him. I am grateful to know He trusts me to be an STL because man, I am so nervous and whatnot that I am just leaning on that. I am going to miss Sister Owsley so much! SO MUCH! She has been a fantastic and fun companion. She is gonna close this area off with a bang!

Funny things Sister Owsley called me this week; I am an energizer bunny because I don't stop and I am an obedience sprinter. I thought those were kinda rad names to have. I was given those names for never resting, always on the go, and being I guess really obedient. She says I literally run from door to door and I talk unbelievably fast. I am trying to work on not talking so fast. 

I can't believe where I am at, who I have become and how much stronger my testimony has gotten. I know I have been called by Him to do His work and because I know that, I know there is no way for me to fail. I may not have record high numbers but I know I have been a successful missionary because I have felt and seen the change in my own heart.

I love you Mom, I was so happy to see you and Ashleta on skype yesterday! Mom, I am so grateful for who you are and the example you are to me. I know that I can always lean on you and thank you for always loving me even when I didn't deserve it. I miss you so much and I have a mixed feelings about coming home. Next time I see you will be when my glorious mission is over... I want to be a missionary forever but I miss you guys! Whatever, not thinking about it until I have to! :P

Sorry I don't have much to write and that I am all over the place but I love you all and yeah, I don't know what to say right now because I am in shock, emotional roller coaster, I don't want to leave Mackay but I know I have to go... and because Heavenly Father wants me in Twin, I want to be there, Phew, I don't have time to say much because I have way too much stuff to pack and man oh man, I love the people here... I want to be here forever and ever.Ahh! Totally lost. Farewell Mackay, my beautiful zion, God be with you til we meet again <3

"A reward for a hard job done well, is another hard job."

"We are entitled to the Lord's help as His servants when we are obedient and willing." - President Curtis

Doctrine & Covenants 31:11-13 "Go your way whithersoever I will, and it shall be given you by the Comforter what you shall do and whiter you shall go. Pray always.. Be faithful unto the end, and lo, I am with you. These words are not of man nor of men, but of me, even Jesus Christ, your Redeemer, by the will of the Father. Amen."

Sister Coats

Mackay Primary! :D

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May 4 2015 Monsters Inc Lady "I'm Always Watching"

The Gentreys are moving a long great! They are always busy but they meet with us as much as they can. Its so cool to see how they are growing as a family and how Danny especially is clinging to the gospel. He is such a great example to his siblings, he is the 2nd to the oldest, but he is setting an example for his older and younger brothers. Danny does everything we invite him to do and not only that, he wants to do it. Its so sweet to me that I get to help him learn and he is helping me learn too. His desire to learn increases my desire to teach. He may only be 13 but he is setting a far bigger example then he knows. His little brothers look up to him and his older brother seems to be starting to want what Danny has.

We did so much service this week. We changed pipes, shoveled back yards, weeded gardens, raked billions of leaves, man, we were beat. We also helped Carley get her home all ready for her in-laws to come, they're from the UK. We got the room they are staying in totally perfect and we even put together a, "Welcome to America" goodie basket for them. It was fun and Carley said it made a world of a difference that we helped. When she was thanking us for all our help I realized how sometimes its the small things that mean the most. All we did was do what Carley asked us to do and she was so thankful for it, not even that big of chores to do... It was cool to know that we helped her so much, things that were easy for us to do seemed to be just another thing on her long to do list. Carley said, "I love how you girls come over and see something that needs to be done and you just do it, you have no idea how much that helps me. How much you girls have helped me. It takes a lot out of me to ask for help so thank you." It was real sweet <3 Its cool how helping others in turn really helps yourself because the more work we did for her, the more I came to love her (I already adored her before but it just multiplied), & the more she came to love us, and the things that were bugging me personally started to disappear. The harder I work the more I forget about myself and the happier I become. I think Satan is good at making us think we have to think about ourselves or how else are we going to progress? When in reality thats a big fat lie. The more we focus on others and forget about ourselves thats how we come to be like our Savior Jesus Christ. And when we have that desire we want to purify our hearts, turn towards Him in all that we do and I know that is when I really start to progress and change. Our Savior never complained or had a "whoa is me" party, not once! & He was always serving others and I know that as I continue to try and do that the happier I am, the more I come to understand who I am, and the more successful I feel. :)

We had the most awesome lesson with the Wasylows! We prayed to know how to get the girls more involved and man, our prayers were answered. We planned out the most perfect lesson and made it fun! We taught the plan of salvation as if it were a puzzle, then we mixed up all the pieces and had them teach it to us. There was laugh and giggles and we believe the girls understood that the gospel is fun! Its the gospel of Happiness! We challenged them to come to church and they came! They said they weren't gonna let us down on the challenge, the girls had a rodeo in Montana and didn't get home until 3 am sunday morning but were still at church 10 am that day! So proud of them and we are so grateful for how the spirit directed us on how to go about teaching the plan of salvation in the most perfect way for them. :)

Btw, I got really sick yesterday, passed out dead after dinner and I am still recovering today so sorry if this is all over the place...

Oh! Cody shared his testimony yesterday and shared how he has had a change of heart. He has been thinking about going on a mission but now he knows he is going on a mission! He said it was all because he saw the light we have and wanted it too. He thanked us for the example we have been to him and how our example changed his mind on maybe going on a mission to knowing he is going on a mission. Isn't that awesome! Really though it wasn't us Cody was seeing, he was recognizing the spirit. And, man, I didn't realize people are always watching us! Its like the monsters inc lady, "Watching, I'm always watching." Hahah :D  It was so cool because its easy to feel like I don't make any difference on anyone, that I'm not important, when in reality, I do have a piece to play. I am important. I read in 1 Corinthians 12 and read about how we all are part of the body of Christ, 1 Corinthians 12:23 hit me particularly hard, it says, "And those members of the body, which we think to be less honourable, upon these we bestow more abundant honour; and our uncomely parts have more abundant comeliness." and then I listened to the song Glorious. In that song it says, "There are times when you might feel aimless, You can't see the places where you belong, But you will find that there is a purpose, It's been there within you all along and when you're near it, You can almost hear it. It's like a symphony just keep listening, And pretty soon you'll start to figure out your part, Everyone plays a piece and there are melodies, In each one of us, oh, its glorious. You will know how to let it ring out as you discover who you are, Others around you will start to wake up, To the sounds that are in their hearts, It's so amazing, what we're all creating, It's like a symphony just keep listening, And pretty soon you'll start to figure out your part, Everyone plays a piece and there are melodies, In each one of us, oh, its glorious."    I realized that without me playing my part in the melody, Christ's symphony wouldn't be complete. That no matter how big or small my piece is, without it, His symphony wouldn't be complete.

I am so grateful for how Heavenly Father makes me feel important and valued. That even though I have weaknesses He gives me strength. He may not always take those weaknesses away from me but he does promise to strengthen me. I may always have weaknesses but without them I couldn't change into the person He wants me to become. He gives me encouragement and hope and I know I play a piece in His grand symphony and oh, how glorious it truly is.

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