Friday, December 12, 2014

9 Month Mark

Meet me Half way, right on the border line, is where i'm gonna stay for you! Night and Day!" I hit my half way mark! Weird! And guess what happened on our half way mark? I feel awful. We have been getting up at 620 so we would for sure wake up on time, well we thought "Hey lets try 6!" Then guess what... we didn't wake up til 745! We left our phone in the car. So lame! If you want to feel like the worst missionary ever, wake up late. HORRIBLE! So yeah... never ever going to wake up late again. To every missionary out there, never ever forget to set your alarm! Waking up late is the worst!

Okay so what happened this week? It was all amazing! (Except for waking up late on our half way mark) We got a new investigator, Lisa is really thinking about getting baptized, Arlene Lambert came to church for her 1st time in over 45 years!!!! An investigator went to church with her less active friend, and we have been so busy! Being busy is the best. I love it! Yes it can be really hard getting to one appointment after the next, especially because some of the people we meet have the gift of talking but I'm learning patience and the importance of listening from them.  But by far the best thing was seeing Arlene come to church! It was so sweet. We could tell she was nervous but man, we are so proud of her for coming and staying 2 hours! Thats huge!!! For someone who hasn't been to church in over 45 years to stay for two hours it was amazing, and then to hear in Relief Society Sister Rodgers bare her testimony on how her daughters have been praying for Arlene for 8 months to come to church and how thankful they were for their prayers being answered, gosh it was so sweet!  <3 Heavenly Father really does answer prayers and I am so grateful we got to be a part of helping her come back to church. :) Just in the last week Arlene's countenance has become so much brighter and its obvious she is a lot happier! :) Man! I am so happy for her!

We helped Carley paint her upstairs and whoa, it looks good! She also invited us over to help decorate for Christmas! Rebecca taught us how to make candy and we shared He is the Gift with her. That video is amazing. The spirit is so strong. No matter how many times we watch it, the spirit is always there to testify to me that what I'm seeing and feeling is true. I am so grateful for the resources the Church has given us to help further the work.

GUESS WHAT!!!??? I got to see the Winmills yesterday!!!! They drove all the way from Burley to come visit us! When I saw them enter the chapel doors, I had to pinch myself to keep from sobbing right then and there! Haha How I love them! And it was way sweet having them meet some of the people we are working with and meet some of the ward members. Isn't it cool how Heavenly Father puts certain people in your life? ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!! I can't tell you how happy it made us to see them! <3 <3 <3 

Anyway got to go again but before I do, I studied virtue this morning and realized I need to not let my thoughts dwell, I need to get rid of negative thoughts as soon as they enter. Having virtuous thoughts leads to virtuous actions. :) Have a great week everyone! Sending lots of love!

Sister Coats

Check it out!

9 Months hahah 

Monday, December 1, 2014

I Just Can't Believe We Are Companions!!! WooHOO!!

I just cant believe we're companions! Bahaha! Sister Dax and I have been saying that all week! Because man, its going beyond perfect. :) Sister Dax has brought a lot of spunk and enthusiasm for missionary work to Mackay. Its been so much fun how we have had amazingly strong "comp unity!" We have been totally on the same page. We get each others personalities and dang, we have fun and work hard! BEST OF BOTH WORLDS RIGHT THERE! (we quote SNL together hehe~ Mom, she loves Kristen Wigg the way we do!) I love how she is always up and ready to go. She is great at meeting new people and always sharing a principle of the gospel with everyone we meet. We have had a lot of success, even though our numbers didn't show it.... because we saw people progress! Different doors are opening and peoples hearts are being softened. The thing I have learned most from sister Dax this week is how when you are excited about the work, people can tell that you are, and then they became excited about it too. :) Sister Dax and I have had a blast this week. Missionary work really is so much fun. Seeing people change and grow and getting to be a part of that! Its awesome!
Thanksgiving we were invited to more dinners then we could count but because of our lack of miles... since we had to drive to twin falls for exchanges... we had to really plan out where we were going and who we were going to see. Anyway, thanksgiving morning we set up dinner at the women's club for a less active family, helped Lula cook and clean, she also fed us dinner, and she gave us a ton of leftovers which we both felt we should give to one of our investigators, Ron. He is single, lives in a shack, and has no family, so we put together the leftovers and delivered thanksgiving dinner to him. He was sick when we came over but he was so grateful. He even called us that night to tell us how grateful he was for the dinner. :) Rebecca, one of our investigators who we thought was avoiding us, also invited us to dinner, we helped her set up her Christmas tree and set up dinner. It was a blast because she invited a few friends, one who grew up LDS! And the rest nonmembers. We all just hit it off and the entire time we talked all about the gospel, and when we shared the message about "Moments that matter most." The Spirit touched everyone in the room! :D (Seriously though, we basically "rolled" home cuz we were so stuffed!)
Btw, we had a miracle with miles! Heavenly Father totally stretched them for us and gave us okay weather to walk around in haha but we have 1300 miles per month which we eat like butter, and our total miles used this month was 1299.5!! Haha .5 to spare! :D
We had to give another talk... we spoke in Leslie ward. I was asked to speak about repentance. I was having a hard time preparing my talk but yesterday morning during studies I finished. Well, when I got up to speak... (Sister Dax was so fast I had 30 minutes to cover! YIKES!)... I had this strong prompting to not give the talk I had prepared. So I just stood up there for some of the longest seconds of my life trying to put my thoughts together, I realized I needed to stop thinking about myself and instead think of what He want me to say. Anyway, thoughts flooded to my mind and experiences were brought back to my remembrance in which I had to share. It was pretty sweet. As I spoke and felt the spirit, I was learning from the things I was being prompted to say. I realized that Repentance isn't a negative, its a positive. Its a gift in which we can change, become better, and come to know who our Savior is, because without Him we wouldn't be able to progress. We would be held back, full of guilt, pain, and sorrow but because of the enabling power that comes from His infinite atonement, we can be washed clean and change. When we let His atonement work through us we find out who we really are. I am so grateful that I can repent, change, and be strengthened by Him.
I gotta go again... goodness... but last thing, we have been given this new card to hand out and it is called "He is the Gift." Perfect for Christmas! It has a link to a video about how Jesus Christ is the gift. He is our gift from our Father. We have been sharing it like crazy and people who haven't been interested before are now listening to what we have to say.
Sister Coats
PS: WE GOT A REAL CHRISTMAS TREE FROM THE SUMMERS :D Mackay is Zion & we got a brand new car! 2015 Subaru legacy, its nice. They see me rollin ;)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Staying in Mackay!!

So I'm staying in Mackay and Sister Dax (the awesome sister who was in the MTC with me) is coming up here to join me! I'm excited! In the MTC we joked around that we'd be companions but I thought sense we had too much fun together, not gonna happen hahah but hey its happening and I'm excited to see what happens! :D I am going to miss Sister Moore bunches...  because we have gone through a lot of hard things together and I feel we have really learned a lot from one another and dang, it sucks when you care for them. Transfers are easier when you don't particularly like the person haha. When Sister Moore and I got the call she was leaving we both were like, "DANG IT! WHY DO I LIKE YOU?" Haha ;) Its okay though she is gonna rock her new area :) It was neat how this morning President called us and asked us how we felt about transfers. He's never done that before and it touched my heart that he wanted to talk to me. It increased my trust in him as my mission president and he said some very kind things that gave me some added motivation. Plus it was just nice to hear that I am a good missionary and that he recognizes how hard I'm working :)
 Anyway, it was neat how this week miracles happened! We found 3 new people to teach and had just miracles everywhere! The coolest miracle to me was, we had 20 minutes before dinner and I felt like we should go to the library. (We go and put books away once in awhile) Well next door to the library there was this man (James, he is from Georgia) with a huge pile of wood and he was stacking it by himself. So of course we were like, "Here I come to save the day!!" :D I didn't even ask if we could help I just started helping him. (Maybe the reason I didn't ask is because we felt we should just help, plus we were in skirts and everyone says the stupid thing of "you girls are in skirts") So yeah we stacked this huge pile of wood in 20 minutes. When we were done James was almost in tears. He said, "You ladies are angels. Thank you so much. I have back problems and I have no idea how I could've done all of this, it would've taken me at least a week!!" <3 <3 <3 Isn't that awesome!? It was so cool to know that we used our time the way Heavenly Father wanted us to and in the way Christ would. :) (For reals though, it was a ton of wood, I think Angels were helping us, because it was so much wood and we did it so quick!)
I had a cool experience as I was asked to speak in Stake Conference this weekend. I was terrified to be honest and the night before, I don't know why, I could not sleep! I was stressed out over something stupid that I cant even remember now and completely confused as of why Heavenly Father wasn't helping me fall asleep, I need energy to work in the morning, and because I was so tired I think it made me think everything was so much worse than it really was. Well, since I couldn't sleep I said a prayer and the song "Abide with me" came into my mind. As I started to sing it, I felt at peace. It helped calm me down so I wasn't nearly as stressed, and then I decided okay, I am going to open my scriptures. I opened up to Psalms and decided to go to chapter 13 (13 being my favorite number hehe) So that's what I did and it was exactly what I needed. After a hard day, then not being able to sleep, I was overwhelmed and felt no hope. I started to get down on myself and despair overwhelmed me, but psalm 13 was exactly what I needed to remind myself that the Lord hasn't forgotten me. I love how the Lord constantly reminds me that He is near and is mindful of me. :) And  thank you for your prayers! I know they were answered because my talk, I really believe I said exactly what the Lord wanted me to say, exactly what His children needed to hear. I think it was the best talk I've ever be able to give. (Of course because He helped me) It was totally led by the spirit. I know it was because I felt it. I am grateful I went through that little experience the night before because I think it humbled me to be more open to the spirit so I could say what the Lord wanted me to say. By the way, the Stake President asked us if we would be open to the idea of giving our talks at a fireside. He doesn't know when its going to be yet but hey, pretty awesome! :D
OH!! And yesterday we had another miracle! We were visiting a les active lady, she hasn't gone to church in over 45 years! I felt we needed to read something in 3 nephi with her then Sister Moore opened up to 3 Nephi 18, it was all about the sacrament. So we read that with her and went around the room, each taking a turn reading a verse, when it was her turn she read verse 7 and got quiet. The spirit totally touched her heart. Tears started to come down her face and she said, "I want his spirit to always be with me." Sister Moore and I testified of how the sacrament is an opportunity and a gift given to us in which we can have his spirit to always be with us. <3 <3 <3 It was so sweet! Anyway, SHE WANTS TO COME TO CHURCH!!!! She doesn't have any church clothes so we put together a bag of clothes we don't wear to often, actually put together quite a cute outfit and we are going to give it to her today. We are sooooo excited for her to come to church!!! It was so awesome! This feeling is the best! I am so grateful that I get to be doing His work and when we do it in HIS WAY, it always goes perfect!!! :)
Have a great week everyone!
Sister Coats
PS: My fabulous district. I am so glad none of them got transferred (except sister moore... miss her already). Our district hhahah We have too much fun. :)

These Boots Were Made For What?

My boots broke this week. Which is kinda awesome that I wore out my only pair, but that's also the problem. They're my only pair haha we were going to go to twin today but I didn't feel good about it and plus its 2&1/2 hours each way, so a ton of traveling. Anyway, this week was really hard and my dang boots were the cherry on top of my stress sunday! :0 I feel like our area is dying... I studied diligence a lot this week... I am trying so hard to be diligent and to constantly improve but man, I feel like I am giving it my all out here and it stung a little when I read in Preach my Gospel to basically, "work harder." I know I have a TON of room for improvement but I really feel like I am working crazy hard. All I know is that everything will work out and I believe none of our efforts are wasted. Btw, just to add to my stress sunday, we've been asked to speak at stake conference! Gah! Please say a prayer that I can say what Heavenly Father wants His children to hear. Why do I let lame things stress me out like this hahaha :P
With a very difficult week I've learned that I really need to let my savior make my burdens light, I've been trying to hand them over to Him, but I guess I am still figuring out how to do that.
Song: "Ain't nothing is gonna break my stride! Nothing is gonna slow me down! Oh No! Got to keep on movin! Ohh ooo oh oh!" :D
It snowed this week and everything is frozen. The snow is so pretty when it first falls, It sparkles! :) (Btw, Jennifer bought us some super cute winter accessories to stay warm! She has totally taken us in, she isn't a member, but loves that we are serving the Lord. Oh! And her daughter thinks its hilarious that I love milking her goat. I can't help it, its super fun. We are going to have a goat milking competition haha) Another thing that happened this week, I got sick, my head was killing me so much that it made me so I couldn't keep any of my food down... Well I had a tender mercy, I prayed to feel better and then we found out the bishop's nephew is a chiropractor and I got to see him for free! That's something simple but it meant a lot to me because I was so sick and to be able to see a chiropractor again, awe made my whole week better. :) It just gave me comfort that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and definitely is looking out for us.
Okay last thing, to be completely honest I am still recovering from an emotionally and physically draining week so I'm sorry I don't have much to write about but I do want to share something pretty awesome, end on a positive right! :D We made cookies to deliver to someone but then we had this feeling to go visit the relief society president and her family. So we did and ended up giving her those cookies we made. I felt impressed to share Alma 37:37 with them and whoa, it was what everyone of us needed. We all started to tear up and it brought so much comfort to us all that our Heavenly Father wants us to pray to Him, He hears our Prayers, and He desires to guide us through our lives. It was perfect. I am so grateful for the spirit. I am so grateful for in very simple ways Heavenly Father lets us know how near He really is. Oh! And just to make this little visit even more sweet, when Sister Goldthorpe (the relief society pres) asked her little girl if Heavenly Father loves her, her little girl looked up to the sky, smiled way big, and then giggled into her mom's chest and said, "He loves me." <3 <3 <3
Hope all of you have a wonderful week!
Sister Coats
PS: I won the baking contest at district meeting!
PSPS: Like this quote

No Words

This week was frustrating because almost all of our appointments fell through and we often felt like we were praying for direction over and over again... It was difficult because I want to do the Lord's will, I just struggle with finding out what it is.... but its all good because Heavenly Father gave us some tender mercies to help us continue on.
Okay so it was a pretty scary week because we visited this druggy lady, seriously she's always stoned when we come by, anyway her dog was about to rip our faces off but thank goodness he only almost pants-ed me instead haha but we said a prayer that the dog would chill, which it did, and then we were able to talk to her and her son. They have some crazy ideas about after death, like we are all some type of brainwave and aliens... it was weird... but their home is so... hopeless... Any who, we talked and offered service. I cleaned their dishes and then the mom invited us into her room to introduce us to her boyfriend over Skype. I got this hecka sketch feeling and then a young girl came over and entered the room... then the mom told us to leave the room for just a second. I thought, "Why would this young girl be over here? And why would they tell us to leave the room?" I got this super strong prompting to leave, so when she told us it would only be a few minutes, I told Sister Moore we had to leave, so we split. I don't know exactly what was going on in there but I know it wasn't good and I am so grateful the holy ghost was with us to prompt us to leave.
Stalker... ~ We ate at sammys (the gas station) this week and a creepy dude stared us down, it was disturbing... then it was dark, and in mackay when its night, its pitch black, can't see your hand in front of your face black. Welll... I don't really know how to explain it but we felt prompted to go to some random houses but then when we'd get out of the car we felt prompted to get back in.... with these random stops and visits, crazy scary feelings came and finally it was time to get home. We pull into our drive way and we had this clear as day prompting to STAY IN THE CAR! I usually do not get scared because I always think "oh it'd never happen to me," "I'm young, only old people live here", "Its MACKAY IDAHO!" and basically that I'm invincible haha ;) but because of that prompting to stay in the car, I was terrified and so was sister Moore. We did not want to get out of the car, and then the creepy dude at sammys, his face kept running through my head. So we prayed, called the bishop, and he was over at our house within a few minutes. We got out of the car and him and his wife checked the house with us. It was weird and bishop said he thinks we were being stalked, we didn't even tell him what had happened, we only told him we were scared, so Idk, I really think we were being stalked and I'm super grateful bishop came to help us out and help us feel safe. So far we haven't seen creepy sammys dude since and we've been extra careful when we enter our home at night.
Last night, another appointment fell through, I was at my end, the wind was blowing, it was raining, and I was tired and freezing. We said a prayer to be patient and humble and to know where we should go. This girl from Leslie ward and her boyfriend walked right across the street. They totally looked like they were up to something and from the street the came from, I'm pretty sure they were coming from the druggy house. (the one I felt prompted to leave from) It was pretty awesome seeing them walking down the street, in a fast pace, no coat and its freezing, so obvious they were up to something and as some of you know, I can be a punk, well I really wanted to be a punk with these kids, so I told sister Moore to drive up to them just to say hi. Hehe ;) She thought I was crazy and should stay out of it, but I couldn't, I wanted so bad to say hi! So she drove up, we unrolled our windows, and bam! THEY WERE CAUGHT!! The girl had this look of guilt wipe right across her face. It was obvious they didn't really want to talk and boy they were walking pretty fast. Anyway, their eyes were totally glazed and whatnot, but the girl's look was so priceless. I asked them what they were up to and they just went, "uhh... nothing.... we gotta go" I waved and said, "Be safe we'll see you later." Oh man I wish I could've recorded this... it was just so great and this email is making it sound lame... whatever haha So yeah, I was being a punk but I totally think it was a good thing we stopped by, just to remind them that they aren't forgotten. Haha ;) "Always watching" ~ Monsters inc <- totally was like that creepy desk lady in monsters inc!

Last thing, as I was studying in Matthew this week, I read the story of when Jesus walked on water (Matthew 14:25-31) and It really hit me how Peter was able to walk on the water but started to drown when he started to doubt. When Peter started to doubt that was when he couldn't walk on the water but "immediately" Jesus stretched forth his hand to raise Peter up. Cool right? :) This story made me think of my little sister Ashleta and what we say.... When you feel like you are drowning remember your lifeguard walks on water. ;)
Sorry this email is everywhere, boy I should've checked the time this took me awhile! Whatever :/
Sister Coats
PS: Thanks for the package mom!!! LOVE YOU!!!! <3

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Crazy Week

This week was so crazy.... I found out an investigator is in love with me... another investigator she tried to kiss me, yes a she... and we had to drop a potential investigator because she thinks were hot, yes another she.... how bizarre is all of that! Well I completely freaked out when I found out an investigator is in love with me. I couldn't focus on anything, all I could think about was him and how I am a horrible person. I didn't come on a mission for people to be converted to me but to be converted to our Savior. I didn't mean to lead anyone on! So with all of this freaking drama going on, I couldn't think straight, so I prayed. I prayed to know what to do and I got this thought to call the president but I did not want to call the president! Because I kept getting these thoughts that my president is going to think I'm a snake, I can't be trusted, and what if I get sent home!? I know that sounds drastic but that's what I believe Satan was putting into my head. Anyway, I built up my courage and called my president and then guess what.... he didn't answer, so then I started having doubts if I was making the right choice to talk to my president about all of this... so we continued on with the day, well I barely made it through the day since my head was all over the place, then when we came home, I prayed once again and begged for forgiveness because I did not mean to have all of this happen, then my president called. He asked me what had happened and I told him everything and he wasn't mad or anything. He gave me advice on how to write this investigator. It was so nice to talk to president and to have his help. The only thing that worried me about what he said is this... he said, "Sister Coats you are a beautiful sister and I can guarantee you will have to do this again. So be prepared." Talk about a terrifying compliment! So yeah. Madness, but president did give me comfort by saying none of it was my fault. I am a beautiful sister and I have the spirit with me. So that made me feel a ton better. 
Gosh... Crazy right.... whatever I am so grateful that's over.

Okay besides all of that, we had a cool experience. We wanted to go to the ward activity on Halloween but Sister Moore had a bad feeling in her stomach and I had a headache but, we wanted to go! So we said a prayer if we should head out to the ward activity or if we should go home. I happened to have my scriptures on my lap (like every awesome sister would haha ;)) and Sister Moore said hey look up Matthew 9:7. She had no idea what this scripture said and when I read it to myself I couldn't believe it. I asked her, "Have you read this before?" She said, "No why? What does it say?" The scripture said, "And he arose and departed to his house." :D That was so direct and whoa, it was cool to see that even our small prayers, Heavenly Father hears them. He is closer then I sometimes think and I know he is watching over us. So we arose and departed to our house haha and had a wonderful Halloween! It was so cool! :D

Getting my hair done this week, had more awesome experiences but I will just have to tell y'all about those later! Love ya bunches and hope y'all had a great halloween! :D

Sister Coats

Goofing off with sister Moore! Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Twin Falls Idaho Mission: Mount Everest

Twin Falls Idaho Mission: Mount Everest

Mount Everest

I have no time once again, but Mickey got baptized this week! It was an awesome experience because her non member mom said the closing prayer and her not active dad came! Plus she asked me to give a talk, I couldn't think of anything to say when I was preparing but It was so cool how when I stood up there and with the few notes I had, the spirit let me know what she needed to hear, that she is loved. <3 Her sweet heart and spirit shine through her eyes, when she started to cry I couldn't help but blubber up there too haha :) The spirit was so strong (through the entire baptism) and I think she has set a strong example for her entire family. When she gave her testimony, it wasn't extravagant or long but it was beautiful because it was so pure and straight from the heart, everyone was in tears. I am so blessed to be part of this work and to have met her!

This week Sister Moore and I got extremely sick, she got it first then I did. We passed out dead for a day, which is awful on a mission because I hate wasting the Lords time.... but the members were so kind. They heard we were sick and we both didn't have any money (I need to budget better haha) so Sister Bell came over with bags of food for us. Maybe because I was sick it brought me to tears haha but really, I know heavenly Father is watching over us. Btw, don't read the talk how to be a consecrated missionary while you are sick, its a great talk but dang it made me feel like a loser haha

Well one last thing, this week I have a had a huge desire to repent and I've realized the more I learn about the Gospel, Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ and his atonement, the more I want to repent. I want to repent for things that before I felt like I didn't need to repent for. Its been overwhelming just because I feel like I am at the bottom of Mount Everest and I don't even know where to start, but as I've been praying and when I took the sacrament yesterday, I felt so much better.... really what I think has helped a lot is how I have felt Heavenly Father with me and how its okay to not be perfect right now but because I have a desire to become perfect, he is helping me get there. So I guess to sum it up, instead of looking at mount Everest, I am focusing on each step that lead me up the mountain.

Quote that helped me:

"Don't expect to become perfect all at once. If you do, you will be disappointed. Be better today than you were yesterday, and better tomorrow than you are today!" ~ Lorenzo Snow

"He loves you not only for who you are this very day but also for the person of glory and light you have the potential and the desire to become. More than you could ever imagine, He wants you to achieve your destiny, to return to your heavenly home in honor." ~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Teaching Through Love

The Ippolitos love us!!! He is going to teach us how to cook another Italian dish on Friday. Its funny to me how much Brother Ippolito likes to brag about us and especially me haha Sister Ippolito says Sister Moore is hers and Brother Ippolito says I am his. :P He teases me and is so fun to mess with. He told us how he thinks its so great that I can be mean back. He won't admit he totally loves us but he does, and he shows it. He brags to his neighbors about us. He thought it was hilarious when I called him my brother from another mother. Oh! And they introduced us to their neighbors who are also non members, and  he happens to be an ex-cop just like bother Ippolito! Their neighbors Hank & June are from Chicago and them with the Ippolitos, its a party! They all just build off each others loudness! Anyway we had a way cool experience with the wives, so while Hank & Jimmy (aka brother Ippolito) were outside doing yard work we were inside just chatting. June asked us if we'd like something to drink, tea, coffee? We asked for water and she was like, "Do you girls drink anything!?" It gave us a great opportunity to share the word of wisdom, and I don't think I've shared it that well my entire mission. I shared my experience of how I love the smell and taste of coffee but after I gained a testimony of the church I didn't want to drink it anymore and then we talked about revelations, prophets, etc... so yeah, just shared a little of my story, testimony, and we shared bits of the gospel with them. It was just really neat because we were able to share our beliefs with people who say they aren't interested haha but I think they totally are, and it wasn't pushy or anything, and the spirit was so there! 

Another awesome experience, I love the Hennessys, they are like family. Their baby girl Rose and I are attached at the hip. Ever ytime I see her she runs at me and yells, "FRIEND!!!" And doesn't let go of me hehe <3 Its so sweet! Anyway, we were doing service for Carley and a few days before we asked her if she would like to learn more about the church, she said no but while we were doing service she asked a ton of questions and asked me about how I came to know this is the true church. I shared a little bit and showed her my favorite scripture, peace filled the room, the spirit was there and I know she felt it. It was cool because it taught me a lot about Love. How even though Carley says she isn't interested she recognized that we still love her either way and I think that made her feel more comfortable to ask questions without there being any pressure. It was just neat. I've realized love is how to share the gospel. You really can't share the gospel without love. It just doesn't work! And when you love them its so much easier to recognize what they need. I hope that little blurp made sense! hahah

Anyway... gotta go once again!

Sister Coats

Rose had to wear my bracelet and would not let go of my hand. She just had to hold my hand insisted I be right by her! Gosh I love this little goober!! <3

Monday, October 13, 2014

Higher Ground

This week I had a really cool experience. We went to the H's. They use to be members and now want nothing to do with the Church but they always let us share a message. Well I shared with them how I've come to learn that faith is power and by being obedient to the Lords commandments we increase our faith, knowledge, and trust in the lord. Brother Hadley pulled out his American standard bible and started to challenge all of our beliefs. As he was sharing different scriptures and as we were following along, he was preaching to us and telling us that God doesn't work through feelings, God wouldn't tell us to not drink beer or smoke pot, he put those things on the earth, and started to tell us all these things that are incorrect with our church, it was really interesting to me to see how everything he said he tried to back it up with a scripture, and whoa I couldn't believe how different some of the verses are! Even when we were reading the same verse, his bible said it completely different. Oh! And ya know what was so cool? I am not a master of the scriptures by any means but the Holy Ghost totally brought scriptures into my mind and prompted me to ask certain questions and brother H couldn't back up anything he was saying. He kept contradicting himself! It was just an awesome experience because we weren't bible bashing but in a sense I guess we kinda were but it wasn't contentious. He tried to never let us talk and since he had some friends over they said AMEN to everything he was saying, that was a little annoying haha because when he was preaching to us to be humble, meek, and teachable, him and his friends were yelling AMEN and wouldn't let us say anything, so they weren't doing what they were preaching! Haha But!!! I did give him a challenge. He challenged us to read Hebrews 1 and I challenged him to read Moroni 10 and to do what it tells him to do. I wish I could better explain everything that was said, but I just loved the experience. The Holy Ghost definitely put scriptures into my mind, and gave me courage to stand up for the things I know to be true and the more he challenged my beliefs, the stronger my testimony got. It was so cool! I can't wait to go back and talk about Moroni 10. He said we will never convert him, but with how much he likes to challenge us, he is gonna keep letting us in! Haha He'll come around. :)
I had to give a talk this week in church... I survived! Haha I prayed and fasted that I would say something the Lord wanted someone to hear and it was pretty neat. Quite a few people told me I did say something that they needed. Pretty awesome!! I based my talk around this quote, "If you are on the right path, it will always be uphill. The Lord is anxious to lead us to higher ground." ~ Henry B. Eyring.
Short again but I gotta go... I just want you all to know that I am excited for this new transfer, Sister Moore and I are both staying here in Mackay and I have a really good feeling about it. I am learning so much everyday. I feel like I never have enough time for personal study in the morning. For the first time in my life, the scriptures really are coming to life and I can spend my whole study time, studying just a few verses. I love how I am learning something new everyday! 
I'll send pics next week when I get the ones our sister training leaders were suppose to send. Have an awesome week!
Sister Coats
Pics: The Jones took us up the canyon!