Monday, March 17, 2014

Audrey first letter from mtc

Hi Mom! Its not my P-day so I'm only allowed to write to you and guess what? I'm alive! It's my 3rd day here and I'm still lost but I'm starting to get the hang of it. My companion is Sister Macdonald. Shes from Sacramento and is so tiny! She is shorter than me, which is pretty cool haha "shes got green eyes!" and long brown hair. I'm really glad shes my companion and shes going to Twin Falls, Idaho too! We totally clicked and she felt the same way about Idaho as I did. She also loves heels and being girly like me so that's a huge plus. The other sisters in our district are really kind. Sister Dax is pretty quiet and sister George is very talkative and she really obeys the rules. Which is good... Its just its kinda hard because I feel like she always watching over us... I just kinda feel like, watch over you and your companion.... but shes super sweet and is just making sure we obey. Sister Macdonald and I are always laughing I don't know what it is. We have a ton in common and we both sob whenever we feel the spirit. I seriously am so glad shes my companion because if she weren't I think I would be breaking down right now.

The MTC is busy. Like, every hour of our day is planned out which is hard to get use to... but it is surprisingly fun! They have a gym and the apartments are nice, lots of food, and yeah its not scary at all here, but I'm excited to leave haha so I can go out and do the real stuff! Wednesday we talked to some investigators, our teachers said some may be members and some aren't. With the Investigator Cablo, hes from Italy and his son died before being baptized into the catholic church. The guy was afraid his son wouldn't be saved. When we were listening to him talk I thought about Moroni 8:10-12. I'm not very good at finding scriptures so I was very surprised when this just popped into my head and I found it. I was afraid to talk and read this scripture to him but somehow I got the courage to open my mouth... I told him how little children are innocent and they are with our heavenly Father and I read that scripture to him. It was awesome because he started to tear up and said that was EXACTLY what he needed to hear. I started to tear up too. Even though I've never gone through what hes gone through, the fact that I was able to help bring him comfort was awesome!! So if I get to do that in Idaho, this is pretty cool. Its not just building their testimony, its building mine.

OH! So Mom you know the Elder we met in IHOP on Wednesday? His name is Elder Connor Cutler and his companion is Elder Boman. They're going to Kansas, english speaking. I see them everywhere! Its pretty sweet! Its nice having some friends to say hello too. I call them Kansas. Perfect nickname for them. Oh and do you remember my dance partner in 5th grade? Chad Taylor? Hes here too and so is Dallis Quinn (my 3rd grade crush), and Mauman (the Samoan who thought Marte and I were twins) Its Pretty crazy seeing people I know. The Elders and Sisters have been very nice to me and my companion, especially the Elders haha ;) We met Elder Lyes from New Zealand (I hope thats spelled right?) and hes going to Singapore, hes so nice and has the coolest accent ever! :) Its really cool how with some people you just instantly become friends with and since we are all doing the same work here it makes us friends on a different level. So yep. Its going great so far!

PS: I'm the senior companion this week and the music coordinator and I think I'm going to be in the choir. Should be fun! :)
I miss you tons Mom!
Sister Coats

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