Monday, June 16, 2014

Faith in Every Step

Oh my goodness this week has been insane. Last P-day was full of last minute visits/goodbyes and getting everything packed. I didn't realize how much stuff I had until I tried stuffing it into my suitcase but the weirdest thing is my closet still looks empty and I totally stink at deciding what to wear haha anyway, I said goodbye to some of my favorite people in Burley and man, I had no idea it was going to be that hard... Saying goodbye sucks... it really does... I got so close to some of the people... I even cried when saying goodbye to the Winmills and the Mabeys. But they started it! The Winmills took us out for ice cream and the Mabeys made me a cake, then when we visit them, they were crying before I was! So yeah. I'm a baby but they started it. :)

Transfers were crazy too... I miss my zone and district from Burley but Mountian Home so far has been awesome!!! Mountain Home is desert, I'm not a desert person, but our area is way cool. We cover 3 wards. The Mountain Home 2nd & 3rd ward and Grandview. 3rd ward is the Air Force Base. Yeah! I cover the Air Force Base!!! :D Grandview is in the middle of no where. Really, it is. I've never been to such a small town in my life and I think its about 100 miles away from Mountain Home and has less than 800 people or something... We drive a ton but the mission doesn't give us a lot of miles for how much we have to drive.... which has been really hard for me because we have to mooch off of members for rides to Grandview which is about a 90 minute drive... also, in Grandview we stay over night with a member which is another way we mooch off of the members here. I hate mooching off of people!!! I hate feeling like I'm a bother. I'm supposed to be helping people they are not supposed to be helping me... blehh...

We live with Sister Parsons. She is a sweetheart! She is always so happy and bubbly. Its awesome living with her because she really likes to spoil us. Its kinda hard though because we stay in our bedroom and then study at the kitchen table and her clients are always passing through but that's also a good thing because we are always talking to people (even if it may be during our personal study time) :) My new companion Sister Kentner is great! She is from Naples, Florida and she LOVES to talk! When I'm trying to fall asleep she keeps talking which isn't bad its funny because I have to warn her that I'm getting sleepy so if I stop mumbling then I'm out. haha :P

A miracle happened this weekend. Sister HegerHorst gave us a ride to Grandview and went to all of our lessons with us so we didn't have to walk a ton of miles. (Btw, we had a few awesome lessons! I think we have about 4 potential investigators) Well when Sister Hegerhorst drove us to dinner... the people feeding us weren't home. We thought "okay no biggy" but the thing is, in Grandview your closest neighbor is at least 15 miles away, and Sister Hegerhorst didn't want to leave us so she fed us dinner and then guess what happened! The person we were supposed to stay with that night canceled on us! We literally had no where to stay and the Hegerhorsts were leaving town that night... I wanted to cry just because I hate asking people for things and the HegerHorsts wanted to help but they were leaving... we had no where to stay... so I said a prayer that everything would work out... 20 minutes later VaLere Hegerhorst, Sister Hegerhorst's mother in law, dropped by to say hello. She had just gotten home from taking 2 of the exchange students that were staying with her to the airport. She offered us a place to stay!! She let us mow her lawn, take a shower, she had extra beds for us, and the next morning she took us to church and made us breakfast. I wish I could explain how awesome this was to me. I was exhausted and everything fell through, we had no transportation back into town the next morning and no where to stay the night, then VaLere took us in and made us feel at home. It was just so cool.... it was a miracle to me.

I hope you all had a wonderful Fathers Day! Sorry this is all over the place and short. I have no time once again! :)
Sister Coats 

Saying Goodbye to the Mabeys.
Me after mowing the lawn.
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