Monday, June 9, 2014

Getting Transferred

What the what?


Audrey Coats

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I can't believe it... I am getting transferred! I'm going to Mountain Home! I'm way nervous haha I don't know my companion and I just started to know people here but I am excited at the same time. I'm going to miss the Winmills the most... Sister Winmill is like my Mom here in Burley and her daughter Kayla reminds me so much of Ashley but I'm grateful I got to meet them. Any who, I was beyond surprised when we got the call last night that I am the one getting transferred and Sister Tinker is staying. Everyone thought that for sure Sister Tinker would be leaving since shes been here for 7&1/2 months and at the end of this transfer she will have been here in Burley for 9 months. This is her 1st and only area. Pretty crazy.

This week was fun. We got to go to the 9th ward "Beat the Bishop Run." It was a blast! It was funny watching the little kids beat up the bishop! So the deal is everyone in the ward races the bishop, the race is about 2 miles, and if you beat him you get to whack him with a pool noodle. Sister Tinker and I didn't run but we did walk it... we both agreed to walk because we are too weak to run 2 miles haha so yeah that was a blast. Sophia went back to Germany :( We got to say goodbye before she left but dang, we already miss her. We sent her information to the mission in Germany so hopefully the missionaries there will be able to get in contact with her so she can get baptized!

JOSE HERERRA WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!! Jose was baptized this week and it was soooo sweeett! The most amazing/spiritual part was when Brother Wardle lifted him up out of the water. Jose just hugged Bro. Wardle while they were standing in the water. Hugs and tears of joy <3 Everyone was crying because you could just see how truly happy Jose was to be baptized. Jose is amazing and I'm sad I'm leaving but he is moving to Bountiful with the Wardles so in 15 months when I get home we are going to go toilet papering together hehe :P Jose's son, anit-mormon Mom, and his fiance also came to the baptism. We were very surprised to see his Mom there but I think her heart was softened after the baptism. She even went to the Winmills with us for lunch. Oh! And Jose proposed to his fiance right after!!!! It was the cherry on top to a perfect day! So awesome! Another good thing that happened after Jose's baptism was Bro. Wardle offered me a job at his company Dub Nutrition for when I finish my mission. So that was pretty cool. I'm so glad I got to meet Jose and that I am serving so close to home... wow that sounds crazy doesn't it? Seriously though, I am so grateful because since I am so close to home I can always come back and see these wonderful people and in Jose's case, he's moving to Bountiful Utah with the Wardles so I can see them all the time! So cool! :)

Okay one last thing... it was hilarious... okay so the font coordinator is Bill Hedges, we call him Wild Bill. He is dang funny. He is always showing us his guns and telling us about all the animals he has killed while "huntn" haha anyway, when we went to his apartment to finalize Jose's baptism, Wild Bill was wearing the greatest outfit. I wish I would've taken a picture. He has long grey hair and pulls in back into a pony tail and he only has like, 3 teeth left. Okay, so he had his cut off jean short shorts on with a white tank top that said, "one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!" BAHAHA Can you believe our font coordinator was wearing that shirt! So great!! HAHA

Sorry this is short... I don't have a lot of time because I have a bunch of things to do before I leave Burley. 

I love and miss you all! 

Sister Coats

PS: I'm waiting for Jose to email me the pictures we took!
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