Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Language of Prayer

This week was busy. I went on exchanges with Sister Dodds then we had zone conference. Zone was... not what I had expected. President talked about "Eternal Marriage... Eventually" haha Sister Kentner and I were like, "This is gonna be interesting" but it was actually the best zone conference so far for me. I love talking about the importance of families and we watched a great little video. ~Heres the link to the video ~https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2013-01-002-earthly-father-heavenly-father?lang=eng  ~ oh! And guess what... I had to talk! The whole zone was supposed to prepare a talk just in case you were asked to talk and I thought, "Blehh, it wont be me." When Elder Salamaan walked up there to announce who was going to talk my heart dropped. He looked right at me and smiled and said, "Sister Coats" Seriously I should've known something was up, he kept looking at me and laughing... he was just way too happy about the whole situation haha well, I had absolutely nothing prepared since I thought I wasn't going to be talking but it turned out really good, I think? I was asked to talk about the language of prayer which I thought was a funny topic for me since I totally stink at using thee and thou, etc. when praying. So I told everyone how I stink at that and how it was ironic that I was talking about it and shared my testimony on prayer. Why do I always get so emotional when I share my testimony?? Why? Its an awesome feeling though! But hey, after zone President Curtis shook my hand and said, "Sister Coats your talk was powerful." That made me feel amazing!!! (Btw, I am always surprised to find out he actually knows my name)

Then after zone we went to Grandview for a couple days. We went to Grandview days! It was a cute little tractor parade they had going on and we met a bunch of people! Okay, we had an awesome lesson with Maddy. She asked her dad if she could get baptized and he didn't say No like everyone thought he would, he said, "I don't know" Maddy was so excited that he at least didn't say No! Also, Maddy's mom and her weren't fighting nearly as bad as they were last week!! I think the family prayers we challenged them to do are working! When Maddy's mom was in the bathroom Maddy shared with us how every time they fight, she goes out to the barn and says a prayer. She is a strong little girl. :) One last thing, we had a lesson with Kendrick again! He has been reading the book of Mormon and is definitely interested! Anyway, it was another busy and good week! (We also did a ton of service; soup kitchen, painting, cleaning houses, cleaning carpets. I love service) Sorry this is short I just gotta go but have an amazing week everyone! Love you!

Sister Coats

Pic: Sleeping over at the Deans in Grandview :)

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