Monday, July 14, 2014

Insane week!

Insane week. It started out beyond awful then ended fabulous!! Warning: Short Email. Running late
So the begging of this week was so bad... canceled appointments, no one answering, a dumb missionary asked me some stupid questions and basically questioned me on why I am even out here. I didn't say anything since I didn't want to say something that I'd have to take back but I was thinking, "Seriously dude? We are both on missions? 1st of all I WANT to be here and 2nd I KNOW I am supposed to be here." Idk, it was just lame and really bugged me then the next day after these questions, we went to see the Pargas family. Last time we met with them they wanted to reschedule a baptism date... they dropped us. They aren't ready to commit to baptism. I shared my testimony and Jeff said he wants his girls to be just like us but they are just not ready... Idk, it just sucked that they dropped us. I was devastated... I know they can feel that the things we are sharing with them are true... Agency can be a real mean game changer haha so them dropping us just added to the dumb questions and feeling like I was running my head into the wall, so yeah it was awful....
On the positive side, after ya hit rock bottom theres no where else to go but up right? Haha Well we went to the temple this week and I absolutely needed it. It was beautiful and I learned so much. Its crazy how every time I go I learn something new. Its so peaceful. I wish I had more time so I could write more! GAHH! 
Okay so last thing, this made up for everything awful that happened this week. We were asked to give a talk in 3rd ward so we invited some people to go and guess what? Kendrick came! This was his first time at church and he LOVED it! So after our ward missionary meeting last night we got the best text any missionary could ask for. Kendrick sent us a text saying he wants to get baptized!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Freak to the Yeah! I did a dance in the church parking lot and boy it made this week amazing. Ya know what is so cool about all of this, I didn't do anything. This work is pretty sweet and I am so lucky to be a part of it. I am bad with words... but just one good thing (or freakishly awesome thing like Kendrick's text) can make up for all the downer feelings. Man, I am so lucky to be here and to see how the gospel really does change lives. GOTTA LOVE IT!!!
I gotta go!
Love & Miss you all!
Sister Coats

District Temple Pics

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