Friday, December 12, 2014

9 Month Mark

Meet me Half way, right on the border line, is where i'm gonna stay for you! Night and Day!" I hit my half way mark! Weird! And guess what happened on our half way mark? I feel awful. We have been getting up at 620 so we would for sure wake up on time, well we thought "Hey lets try 6!" Then guess what... we didn't wake up til 745! We left our phone in the car. So lame! If you want to feel like the worst missionary ever, wake up late. HORRIBLE! So yeah... never ever going to wake up late again. To every missionary out there, never ever forget to set your alarm! Waking up late is the worst!

Okay so what happened this week? It was all amazing! (Except for waking up late on our half way mark) We got a new investigator, Lisa is really thinking about getting baptized, Arlene Lambert came to church for her 1st time in over 45 years!!!! An investigator went to church with her less active friend, and we have been so busy! Being busy is the best. I love it! Yes it can be really hard getting to one appointment after the next, especially because some of the people we meet have the gift of talking but I'm learning patience and the importance of listening from them.  But by far the best thing was seeing Arlene come to church! It was so sweet. We could tell she was nervous but man, we are so proud of her for coming and staying 2 hours! Thats huge!!! For someone who hasn't been to church in over 45 years to stay for two hours it was amazing, and then to hear in Relief Society Sister Rodgers bare her testimony on how her daughters have been praying for Arlene for 8 months to come to church and how thankful they were for their prayers being answered, gosh it was so sweet!  <3 Heavenly Father really does answer prayers and I am so grateful we got to be a part of helping her come back to church. :) Just in the last week Arlene's countenance has become so much brighter and its obvious she is a lot happier! :) Man! I am so happy for her!

We helped Carley paint her upstairs and whoa, it looks good! She also invited us over to help decorate for Christmas! Rebecca taught us how to make candy and we shared He is the Gift with her. That video is amazing. The spirit is so strong. No matter how many times we watch it, the spirit is always there to testify to me that what I'm seeing and feeling is true. I am so grateful for the resources the Church has given us to help further the work.

GUESS WHAT!!!??? I got to see the Winmills yesterday!!!! They drove all the way from Burley to come visit us! When I saw them enter the chapel doors, I had to pinch myself to keep from sobbing right then and there! Haha How I love them! And it was way sweet having them meet some of the people we are working with and meet some of the ward members. Isn't it cool how Heavenly Father puts certain people in your life? ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!! I can't tell you how happy it made us to see them! <3 <3 <3 

Anyway got to go again but before I do, I studied virtue this morning and realized I need to not let my thoughts dwell, I need to get rid of negative thoughts as soon as they enter. Having virtuous thoughts leads to virtuous actions. :) Have a great week everyone! Sending lots of love!

Sister Coats

Check it out!

9 Months hahah 

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