Saturday, January 17, 2015

Set a Date

I am not feeling very good today... I just don't have the umph to write a detailed email... so this will be short but here is a quick overview of my week.

We set a date with Ron!!! He is going to get baptized on January 3rd! We are so excited for him and he knows this what the Lord wants him to do. We shared with him that the atonement is specifically for him. He is a very humble man but seems to feel that the atonement is for everyone but him... He has been reading and praying, we are just hoping he will recognize that the atonement is specifically for him. Its personal. Our Savior brings hope, understanding, and peace. 

We got to go to the temple this week, that was a huge spiritual boost for me! I love going to the temple and the feeling inside is indescribable. The temple really is the house of the Lord. A place where heaven meets the earth. :)

We taught young womens this week and the young women invited some non member friends. We shared He is the Gift and the young women leaders asked some inspired questions. The spirit was so strong and the whole lesson was totally led by the spirit. The girls shared their testimonies (without even being asked) and everyone was able to feel and recognize the spirit. Kaitlyn, she isn't a member, totally loved it and the young womens leaders asked perfect questions, ones that Kaitlyn said she had but was too afraid to ask. We were able to explain that the good feeling was the spirit and Sister Bell asked, "When I feel the spirit what do I do?" We replied, "You act on it." Kaitlyn then said, "I think I need to get baptized." IT WAS AWESOME! We are meeting with her this week! Then for the activity we asked them what gift they can give to their savior this Christmas, the girls said things they wanted to improve on that we didn't even talk about. I love how the spirit does that.
I studied diligence a lot this week and I learned that diligence is an expression of love. By me being diligent that shows the Lord that I love Him, His work, and His children. I finished John and in John 21:15-17 Jesus asks Peter if he loves him, Peter replies yes lord I love you. Jesus then says, if ye love me, feed me sheep. He asks the same question 3 times to Peter and while I was pondering those verses I replaced Peter's name with mine, and asked myself that question. It helped me understand that I must show the Lord I love him by being diligent and by "feeding his sheep."

Have a great week everyone! 
Sister Coats

PS: I'm kinda wiggin out cuz this my last week as a teenager!!! AHH! :0

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