Friday, August 8, 2014



Kendrick's baptism was so spiritual! I can't even put into words how happy I am for him. So for my email this week I just want to talk about his baptism okay? Okay :) So Sister Parsons (the amazing lady we live with) she is a seamstress. She knows how close I am to Kendrick and the Medelez so she made me a camouflage bow and Kendrick a camouflage tie. She also made Lucas a tie and Rachael a bow and their baby Silas a little bow tie. It was beyond adorable. So at Kendrick's confirmation yesterday we all had our camouflage accessories. It was pretty dang cute. :) Hehe Anyway Kendrick's baptism was just beautiful. He made a grand entrance by riding his motorcycle to his baptism and wearing his camouflage suit jacket! (it was pretty funny Haha) but before his baptism I gave him his tie and a letter before he went in to the bathroom to change into his white clothes... it was just neat because when he came out of the bathroom, I was putting down his baptism programs and seeing him walk down the hall, all dressed in white, he looked so happy!!! He walked up to me, pointed his finger and said, "Your letter made me cry!" Seriously everyone, Kendrick doesn't cry so this was a big deal. Haha :) but the best part of the whole week, the best part of my whole mission was when Lucas baptized Kendrick and Kendrick came out of the water. They just hugged each other. That hug will forever be in my heart. <3 Kendrick was glowing! His entire persona has changed from the first time I met him. I wish I could describe it but him coming out of the water, he even looked clean, like not just spiritually but physically too. The whites of his eyes, his countenance... awesome...

I am so honored that he asked me to talk at his baptism. I felt prompted to share a song my mom use to sing to me to help me fall asleep... so I told Kendrick that if he continues to trust in the Lord and endure to the end, that when He does come again he will look upon at His loving face and He will say, "You've served me well my little child, come unto my arms to stay." <3 (Ya know just like the song When He comes Again!) Not a lot of people came, just the Medelez, my district, and Sister Parsons, but we all were crying and I totally caught Kendrick wipping away a tear!! :) THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG! Man, I wish all of you could've just been there! Words cant describe how beautiful Kendrick's baptism was. Kendrick truly wants to do the Lord's will and serve him with all his heart. Its just amazing that I got to meet Kendrick. I know without a doubt I was supposed to meet him and the Medelez. I just know it. I am so blessed to know them... we have laughed and cried together and wow, I will never forget them. I wouldn't trade meeting them for the world. They all have blessed me more than they will ever know and Kendrick has taught me so much about the Lord's love. He has been a perfect example of how the Lord never forgets us and how much He loves us. MAN! I know this is Christ's true church!!! I know it!!! And I know He loves me! I am literally on top of the world! Nothing can describe this feeling!!! I am so lucky to be here doing the Lords work! I get to be an instrument in the Lord's hands! Its amazing and I am definitely not worthy. Its just crazy to me that my perfect Heavenly Father trust me, his very imperfect daughter, to share his perfect gospel. :)

Gotta Go! Sorry this email is so spazy haha have a sweet week everyone! <3

Sister Coats

They're more than friends to me. They're family. <3

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