Monday, September 15, 2014

Get My Gospel On

This week was pretty great. Sister Moore and I are getting to know each other a bit better and we have been working so hard! We are struggling with finding new investigators but we are keeping ourselves busy. I love it when we get so busy we have to skip lunch or dinner! Sounds weird right? But its one of the best feelings to know you are using your time the way the Lord wants you to.

A funny experience we had this week... after walking all around town, no one wanting to listen to us, I kinda got a little frustrated.... I got tired of being rejected. So when we went to contact a inactive member, David, he answered the door and we did the small talk stuff then asked if we could share a message with him. He said no. Well I completely ignored that because I couldn't take one more NO. I said, "Sweet! We will see you tomorrow at 6. Here is what we will talk to you about tomorrow. Will you read and pray about it tonight?" He was like, "Uhh..?" Me, "Super awesome see youtomorrow at 6!" When we left Sister Moore started busting up. I guess it is pretty funny I did that but I was tired of hearing no all day, but guess what! The next night David was sitting on his porch with the pamphlet in his hand! Waiting for us to come! His home teachers came over with us too and we had a super spiritual lesson on the Restoration. David was in tears. Its amazing how sometimes all we need to do is focus on the basics, stay simple. I think that's why our lesson was so spiritual was because David was learning the basics again. :) We have another lesson with him this week and I can't wait to see him! He is an older guy who always winks at us when he feels the spirit. When he feels the spirit he says, "Whoa... you girls." Then winks. EVERY TIME! Haha Its pretty great :)

Another awesome thing that happened this week was with our investigator Rebecca. She is a single mom and has been really struggling with her ex-husband which has been causing her some major stress which we think is why she is sick and everything else.... stress is a killer... anyway we answered her questions during our lesson with her then we talked about the importance of baptism. She told us her sister had baptized her. We then explained the priesthood authority which was kinda scary because we didn't want to disregard her baptism or make her feel like she didn't do something right because she was trying to follow the Savior, so we just explained to her that the Lord is pleased with her for trying to follow our Saviors example. It was really cool having this conversation with her because we were able to tell her that she needs to be baptized by someone holding the proper authority without sounding rude or making her feel bad. Its amazing how the spirit can make something that would otherwise come across as something harsh and make it sound loving. She said okay. I get that. :D :D :D Awesome right! But as soon as we were gonna ask her about a date her daughter went a little cray cray and had to watch curious george right that second. :P Haha But its alright we are gonna set a date soon! Oh! And one last thing. As she was talking about her struggles and while we were explaining the priesthood we told her about blessings. We asked her if she'd like one. A painful moment of silence rolled by... then she said, "Okay. Sure" (ME in my head: EEE!!!) So we ran next door to see the bishop, he wasn't home, so we asked her if we could come back later that night. Sister Moore and I prayed we'd find someone that she felt close to, to give her a blessing. We had this thought to go to the Stake President's home. (President Reynolds and Rebecca work together) We knocked no answer... knocked again.... still no answer... but as we were walking off their porch Sister Reynolds answered the door! But she told us President wasn't home but that she will try to get a hold of him. With a prayer in our hearts that either the Bishop or the stake president or booth would show up, we drove to Rebecca's home and as we were driving President rode his motorcycle past us! He was heading to her home. Then as soon as we were at Rebeccas bishop pulled up too! Rebecca was able to have a blessing! IT WAS SO AWESOME!! The spirit was so strong and after the blessing Rebecca said, "I'm already feeling better." :D Gosh it was so cool and president Reynolds called us today to tell us how much Rebecca trusts us, admires us, and is loving the things we are sharing with her... so I am kinda on top of the world right now! Haha :)

Mackay is a great place and I am learning so much. I am grateful for the priesthood and the blessings we all can have from it. I am so grateful for the simple things that I learn everyday and the simple ways that the Lord shows his love for me and all of his children. I wish I could put into words how grateful I am to be serving a mission. I can't believe I didn't ALWAYS want to do this! This gospel, this work, is pure happiness! 

Have an amazing week everyone! 

Sister Coats

Thank you for the package mom!!! I LOVE YOU! <3
Mackay Idaho :)

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