Monday, October 13, 2014

Milked a Goat

This is gonna be short,.

We had exchanges this week. Sister Walker was my companion for the day and man, we had a blast together! We were driving around and I am awful with directions out here... like I am super great with cities but farm land, Its one farm after another and I get hecka confused. Anyway we were trying to find someones house but we drove passed this white one and I said, "Hey lets visit that lady. We stopped by once before, she wants nothing to do with us but lets invite her to church." Sister Walker was like, "Okay crazy if you want to." So we did. We walked up to this lady and last time we saw her she didn't even let us introduce ourselves but this time she invited us in to chat. We talked to her and found out she is atheist but her son is a convert and went on a mission to el salvador! Which led to an awesome conversation about how the most amazing missionaries are sent to el salvador, I know that because my golden cousin is serving there. (Yep, I totally bragged about you TY! <3 haha) She said we could come back anytime and Ya know what was so cool about this? Was when we were walking away, Sister Walker said, "Dude that was totally a prompting!" I said, "I guess it was... that was cool." But guess what was even cooler? We gave Anna our number and she called her son and told him how some missionaries had stopped by. Well He called us last night to personally thank us for visiting his mom! He said that for her to not kick us off her porch was a miracle in itself and that he was so grateful we visited her. He wants nothing more than for his mom to be happy. When he said that I instantly thought about my mom and how thats all I want too. I want my mom to be happy! :) I don't know how to explain it was just super sweet and really touched my heart that he called to thank us, when really that was the spirit, not me. Its so cool how sometimes, well most of the time, for me I don't find out something was a prompting until after I do it. But really, that was all Heavenly Father, we got lost and he prompted us to visit her.

Another awesome thing that happened this week was with my mission president. When he was in mountain home someone gave him a picture to give to me and he drove all this way to deliver it to me. I didn't even know he knew my name! It was just so sweet of him to do that. It made me realize that maybe he does know who I am and that he really does care about me. It was just so sweet and it really meant a lot to me that he did that just for me. 

We had a great week and I wish I had more time to write about it! But we got a new investigator and our investigators are progressing. Our ward mission leader Brother Jones made my heart melt when he told us that we are the hardest working missionaries he has ever worked with and he testified that we are led by the spirit. Him crying made me cry and whoa, it was just the best compliment because this week I felt like I was working so hard and getting no where when really our work is paying off and it meant alot to me that he recognized how hard we are workign :) 

Oh! One last thing!! I milked a goat!! Haha Carley let me milk her goat and another super sweet thing is her daughter, Rose. Her middle name is Audrey hehe but Rose and I are super close even though she is only 2... I don't know, I just love little baby rose and I know she loves me. She always wants to be right next to me and she did somthing super cute... when we were driving home Rose wanted to hold my hand <3 My hand, not anyone elses! :D her dad is British and I instantly thought of the song I want to hold your hand by the beatles haha so I sang that to rose while she held my hand and oooohhh it was just adorable. She just smiled at me and looked at me with her big blue eyes. <3 She has the sweetest little spirit <3 Gosh it was so cute!
Gotta Go! 
Sister Coats

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