Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Be Bold

It was a week of improvement. We took to heart what Elder Ballard said about being bold and miracles happened because of it. The Ippolitos, a couple from New Jersey that I met the 1st week I came to Mackay. They both say they don't want anything to do with the church but over our visits, Evalyn has been reading the book of Mormon, read the ensign, and has been asking us a ton of questions. Her husband Jimmy is the one we really need to work with because I believe that if he was interested in the church, Evalyn would be right there with him. Over our visits it started as, "No you can't share a message," and him interrupting through prayers, and making jokes right when the spirit comes in, well, over these few months both of their hearts have been softened. We are saying prayers with them, sharing messages, and this week Jimmy wasn't feeling very well so we dropped by a get well goody. They invited us in and just like Elder Ballard said, BE BOLD, so we did just that. We taught the 1st lesson. Jimmy still isn't interested and teased us for sharing but when we testified, he became quiet. If nothing else, we know he felt something. (The spirit was there) :) It was awesome. Being bold and confident made a huge difference in the work. We were able to testify to everyone and anyone! We got a few new investigators and I believe because of our boldness, the spirit was able to come even stronger to our lessons.

Sister Kennedy is starting to talk more. We contacted a lot which helped her (both of us) with door approaches. She had a hard day this week where she seemed really depressed... so to keep ourselves happy and up, I made us do a cheer again haha We are not going to just sit and slug around, so we got up said a cheer (yes like a physical cheerleader cheer haha she thinks I'm crazy but really cheers work!) and went to work even harder. Taking a short lunch and dinner to keep even more focused on the work and promising to not even talk negative about anything. I think it helped because it made it so we didn't even have time to think negative thoughts, the only thing we could think about is the work! And if we did think negative we didn't say it. We said only positive things, which before ya know it, you start believing what you tell yourself. Making her cheer,"I'm happy!" I think really did make her Happy! Haha :)

By the way, we had interviews with our president and it was so great! I've really come to love and trust him. It made my entire month to hear him say he is proud of me and that he has recognized how much I've grown. It just really meant alot to me that he cares about me and helping me become better.

One last super cute thing, we got to teach primary this week and the Bell's little boy Jackson has the biggest crush on us! He made sure to sit right by us and he even told me, "I'm scared of you." Me, "Why?" Jackson, "I don't know.... I really really like you and I try to hide from you. You can't tell anyone I like you!" Haha He ran around church telling everyone that we taught his class! Jackson is only 4 years old but he made my week! Telling his friends that I am HIS missionary! Hahaha Its really adorable! Teaching Primary is so much fun! ;)

Have a great week everyone! 

PS: Scripture that stood out to me...
1 Thessalonians 2:4
"But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak; not as pleasing men, but God, which trieth our hearts."

Love Sister Coats

Pics: Getting Lost in Paradise :

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