Monday, August 11, 2014

Sister Sleepy Punches Hole in Door!!

Sister Sleepy Punches Hole in Door!

Date: August 11, 2014
Area: Twin Falls Idaho Mountain Home
Companion: Sister Meyer

รข€This week was just.... frustrating... so Sister Parsons is having a family reunion so we moved in with the other sisters. Well we came home for lunch and Sister Meyer was studying. We asked where her companion was and she said, "She is sleeping. I've tried to wake her up and we have an appointment in just a few minutes." So Sister Meyer tried to wake up Sister (I'll just call her Sister Sleepy)Sleepy again and she simply said, "I don't want to go." and wouldn't get out of bed. Sister Dodds and I were like, "Okay Sister Meyer we are going on emergency splits!" So that's just what we did. I mean, you do not want to miss an appointment with an investigator!! I don't get that! Even when I'm sick I do not want to miss an appointment but not just wanting to go. I am having a hard time understating that... anyway, so sister Sleepy stayed home and luckily the lady we live with Sister Borgholthaus didn't have to go anywhere so she could stay with Sleepy. Well we said a prayer that we would be able to combine all of our appointments together that day. Prayer answered! We were running back and forth everywhere and had multiple dinners, I came home with a food baby in my stomach haha but we did manage by some heavenly help, to make it to all of the appointments we had planned and that they had planned. It was an awesome day overall. Even though it really bugged me when we got home and Sister Sleepy acted like nothing happened.... okay so this is where it gets really bad. Sister Meyer and Sister Sleepy had comp inventory and Sister Meyer told her she didn't think her behavior was appropriate... next thing ya know, sister Sleepy punched a whole through the bathroom door!!! What the heck! This isn't even our home! And Sister Sleepy likes to point out that she is 22, that she is more mature than us because we are only 19-20... yet she punched a whole through the door. So then we had to call president and now we are on emergency splits/transfers.... and sister Sleepy is in my area. I feel like I am being punished when I wasn't even the one who punched the door. We have a meeting with president today and I am terrified. If I leave my area I will be so sad... So yeah that is my whoa is me story. Sorry everyone I just had to vent that out.... haha
Okay but this week did end up pretty dang awesome because Sister Meyer and I get along really well. Like really well. Haha She is so chill and always can make a joke out of everything. When we were studying this morning Sister Borgholthaus came in and said, "Oh my gosh! I need call president and report this! You two are too happy! I haven't heard this in a long time." :) All the members and investigators I have met, have commented on how happy we are as a companionship. :) OH! And even though I wasn't there for Steven lesson yesterday Sister Dodds called me and told me Steven wants to get baptized!!!! YAY!!! I have been working with him since I got here and I know he has been investigating the church for months! I am so excited for him!! He asked me to talk at his baptism oh my gosh I am so happy for him! And I really needed that because Sister Sleepy taking over my area has been really hard for me... so its just nice to know that he considers me a friend. :)
I just got a call from President... it seems like I am staying with Sister Meyer. There is a silver lining to everything. I'm so sad I couldn't say goodbye to everyone but Sister Meyer and I are gonna rock her area! Only been with her for the weekend and I already love her! Gosh... this is hard but hey, I love doing the Lords work.
This is my song right now...
I have faith I trust in God
Even when it feels like I'm a lightning rod
For fear and doubt and sorrow too
Me and God both know that wont do
Just gotta keep my head up and let Him work through me
All these tests and trials can make me blind
But even when Im shortsighted, He still helps me see
Just gotta keep on going and remember that Hes got a higher plan
Yeah all these tests and trials are just His way
Of knocking off my rough edges and making me all I am
Well, I gotta go. Everything is crazy but I know it will all work out and hopefully I can say goodbye to some people especially the Medelez and Kendrick before they leave on the 27th. I hope this email wasn't depressing because I am not depressed just frustrated and okay a little depressed but I will get over it. haha :) I need to work on being more understand and loving towards sister Sleepy and I've been realizing that no area is necessarily "my area." I am lucky to be serving the Lord and His children.
Sorry I needed to vent so this email is kinda all over the place haha
Love you all!
Sister Coats
PS: I really want to leave this email on a more positive note! So we have a lot of investigators, I am learning a ton, learning to trust the lord more and more each day, the members are awesome! We got to help Bro Ogaards train his drug dog, so we hid drugs all over hahah it was super fun! OH!! And I am now riding bikes and walking so my legs are getting tan, I am getting more exercise so really, this is sweet :P
Pics: New companion Sister Meyer!! She is awesome! & my New Study area, pretty cute :)

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