Friday, August 8, 2014


Sorry I have no time... again haha but this week was full of tender mercies and some very spiritual experiences.

We met Misty. We met her at Kiesha's little girls birthday party. We just talked and she was pretty cool. Well a few days later we picked 5 random names from the ward directory that we should go and visit. When we went to this one apartment, Misty answered the door!! She isn't a member, the people who lived there before moved, but she was so happy to see us! She told her husband, "Come here come here! These girls are from Kiesha's church!" We talked to her and her husband for quite awhile and they are really interested. She said she didn't know that anyone could come to our church she thought that it was like a "special club" so she never asked about it. We invited her to the ward boating activity and told her we would absolutely love to tell her more! She is going out of town for 2 weeks but promised us she would keep in touch. So yeah, it was awesome!! It was cool to see how the Lord really does prepare people and leads us to the people who need us.

We went to Grandview this week. We met with Maddy and Kristy. Their shop burned down and Maddy was devastated because the only thing she had left from her grandma was in there. Seeing her cry, it killed me inside but then I remembered when my Great Mama died. How absolutely devastated I was and how weird it was to not be able to see her anymore. I told Maddy about my Great Mama and how awful it was for me at her viewing... when I touched her cold hand... but after I touched her hand I knew there was life after this. Heavenly Father loves us and doesn't want us to be unhappy. He wouldn't take loved ones away from us to hurt us, that is why He has a plan for all of us to be together again!! :) I realized right then that I was the perfect person for Maddy at this time because I know EXACTLY how she feels. Maddy cried in my arms and told me thank you. It was amazing how I remembered small details that I thought I had forgotten... but maddy needed to hear those things. All I can say is Maddy is an amazing little girl and I know Heavenly Father loves her. Its so cool that Heavenly Father let me share that experience with Maddy so she could feel better. So she can know that she isn't alone and Heavenly Father loves her!

Another cool thing was the lesson we had with Kendrick. We talked about the priesthood and eternal families. He can't wait to have the priesthood and he is so worthy to have it! I am so happy for him!!! Okay this is the last thing, Monica came to church!! We have been trying to get her to church for forever and she came and loved it!! Also Steven and Celeste, Steven knows everything about the church is true. He knows it but feels he isn't worthy. Sister Dodds shared the perfect scripture Moroni 8:8. It was so cool! Then we talked about Eternal families and them being sealed together, Steven wants Celeste for FOREVER!!! They both started to cry. When we listen to the spirit, we then always know what they need to hear! Let the spirit guide! :D

I really stink at writing all the amazing things that happen... like another cool thing was yesterday I just got really sick all of a sudden and Sister Dodds made me ask for a blessing from the elders... which I did not want to do because I do not like asking for help and I don't want to be one of those sisters... but I am grateful sister Dodds made me get a blessing and that the elders were so willing to give me one. It definitely helped and reminded me that there is a specific reason I am out here :)

Before I sign off I just want all of you to know that I am so lucky to be out here. I know with all my heart my Heavenly Father loves me because He sent me here. It is so humbling to me that He trusts me to share His gospel. Out here on the mission not only do I get to help others come closer to Christ but I am coming closer to Christ. I know he loves me and I am so grateful to be serving here. I am learning so much and I can't believe I didn't always want to go on a mission. After being out here, I can't imagine why everyone wouldn't want to go on a mission!! This is a gift from my Heavenly Father that I will always and forever be grateful for.

Have a sweet week everyone! Sorry my emails are always all over the place! REMEMBER to Share the gospel! There is no greater happiness in this world!!
Love you!!
Sister Coats

PS: In Grandview at the Hipwells, they own a ranch. I roped and branded a cow! Hahah It was sweet. I smelt awful after but hey, it was dang fun! :)

Us after branding a cow

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