Monday, August 25, 2014


This week was good. I am sorta getting the area down and remembering people's names. Its also been a huge blessing to be serving in this area because even though I don't live with Sister Parsons anymore, I still get to see her and the ChungHees just as often because now I can have dinner with them and do service for them since I am serving in their ward! So that's been really sweet.

So we had a way cool idea, everyday we text out a scripture or a quote to all of our investigators or anyone who needs it. Its just as a simple reminded each day that their Heavenly Father loves them and it has worked really well! It has helped our investigators keep their commitments and a lot of people have told us its been exactly what they have needed to hear. :) A daily reminded goes a long way.

Btw, can I just say, I love my district! We have a blast together! Elder Diaz my district leader, always knows exactly what I need to hear and its been amazing how so many of my questions have been answered during district meetings. I think I knew some of these people before this life, seriously though, Elder Rosales is my spirit brother. Oh! And last night after our weekly meeting with the stake missionary leader, we made up a district walk. I wish I had the video to send to all of you, its pretty awesome. :P

Dinners with the members has really helped this area. Its been really neat how us focusing on what the family needs and sharing a message around that, it has helped them trust us and has gotten us a lot more dinners and referrals. I also went on exchanges with Sister Harris this week. She is from Georgia. It was fun and I got blisters from pulling so many weeds and I got some sun!! :D

Okay so the highlights of this week; Kolby came to church and he stayed all 3 hours! He has a super hard time staying still so for him to stay the whole time was amazing! Cai, she is 16, we taught the restoration and she absorbed everything we said. She came to church, loved Young Womens, and she even told us she looks up to us! That is like, the very best compliment ever!!! She isn't a member, yet wink wink hehe but she has a heart of gold and it is just so fun to teach someone who is so eager to learn!

One last thing! Sister Meyer is amazing!! And we totally get each other. We can just pull a face at one another and we know exactly whats up. Its been hilarious introducing ourselves to people because they always ask, "Where are you from?" I say, "Riverton, Utah." They say, "Oh what about you Sister Meyer?" She says, "Blanding, Utah." Then they are like, "Um... you didn't go far." Then we both are like, "Yep." Haha its just funny how fast the conversation dies! :P

I gotta go again, I know I am always all over the place with these emails... but I love you all and I'm sorry this is short. Don't forget how much I love and appreciate you!

<3 Sister Coats

PS: Pencil Skirts and bikes... its been a struggle :P I've learned that I can only wear pencil skirts when we have the car. OH!!! AND MOM!!!! Thank you for the new shoes!!! Bright pink with sparkles, you know me so well <3 I am wearing them right now. Love you!!!!

Sorry I don't have a pic this week... waiting for the other missionaries to send me them! But I love this quote.

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