Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Crazy Week

This week was so crazy.... I found out an investigator is in love with me... another investigator she tried to kiss me, yes a she... and we had to drop a potential investigator because she thinks were hot, yes another she.... how bizarre is all of that! Well I completely freaked out when I found out an investigator is in love with me. I couldn't focus on anything, all I could think about was him and how I am a horrible person. I didn't come on a mission for people to be converted to me but to be converted to our Savior. I didn't mean to lead anyone on! So with all of this freaking drama going on, I couldn't think straight, so I prayed. I prayed to know what to do and I got this thought to call the president but I did not want to call the president! Because I kept getting these thoughts that my president is going to think I'm a snake, I can't be trusted, and what if I get sent home!? I know that sounds drastic but that's what I believe Satan was putting into my head. Anyway, I built up my courage and called my president and then guess what.... he didn't answer, so then I started having doubts if I was making the right choice to talk to my president about all of this... so we continued on with the day, well I barely made it through the day since my head was all over the place, then when we came home, I prayed once again and begged for forgiveness because I did not mean to have all of this happen, then my president called. He asked me what had happened and I told him everything and he wasn't mad or anything. He gave me advice on how to write this investigator. It was so nice to talk to president and to have his help. The only thing that worried me about what he said is this... he said, "Sister Coats you are a beautiful sister and I can guarantee you will have to do this again. So be prepared." Talk about a terrifying compliment! So yeah. Madness, but president did give me comfort by saying none of it was my fault. I am a beautiful sister and I have the spirit with me. So that made me feel a ton better. 
Gosh... Crazy right.... whatever I am so grateful that's over.

Okay besides all of that, we had a cool experience. We wanted to go to the ward activity on Halloween but Sister Moore had a bad feeling in her stomach and I had a headache but, we wanted to go! So we said a prayer if we should head out to the ward activity or if we should go home. I happened to have my scriptures on my lap (like every awesome sister would haha ;)) and Sister Moore said hey look up Matthew 9:7. She had no idea what this scripture said and when I read it to myself I couldn't believe it. I asked her, "Have you read this before?" She said, "No why? What does it say?" The scripture said, "And he arose and departed to his house." :D That was so direct and whoa, it was cool to see that even our small prayers, Heavenly Father hears them. He is closer then I sometimes think and I know he is watching over us. So we arose and departed to our house haha and had a wonderful Halloween! It was so cool! :D

Getting my hair done this week, had more awesome experiences but I will just have to tell y'all about those later! Love ya bunches and hope y'all had a great halloween! :D

Sister Coats

Goofing off with sister Moore! Happy Halloween!

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