Sunday, November 30, 2014

No Words

This week was frustrating because almost all of our appointments fell through and we often felt like we were praying for direction over and over again... It was difficult because I want to do the Lord's will, I just struggle with finding out what it is.... but its all good because Heavenly Father gave us some tender mercies to help us continue on.
Okay so it was a pretty scary week because we visited this druggy lady, seriously she's always stoned when we come by, anyway her dog was about to rip our faces off but thank goodness he only almost pants-ed me instead haha but we said a prayer that the dog would chill, which it did, and then we were able to talk to her and her son. They have some crazy ideas about after death, like we are all some type of brainwave and aliens... it was weird... but their home is so... hopeless... Any who, we talked and offered service. I cleaned their dishes and then the mom invited us into her room to introduce us to her boyfriend over Skype. I got this hecka sketch feeling and then a young girl came over and entered the room... then the mom told us to leave the room for just a second. I thought, "Why would this young girl be over here? And why would they tell us to leave the room?" I got this super strong prompting to leave, so when she told us it would only be a few minutes, I told Sister Moore we had to leave, so we split. I don't know exactly what was going on in there but I know it wasn't good and I am so grateful the holy ghost was with us to prompt us to leave.
Stalker... ~ We ate at sammys (the gas station) this week and a creepy dude stared us down, it was disturbing... then it was dark, and in mackay when its night, its pitch black, can't see your hand in front of your face black. Welll... I don't really know how to explain it but we felt prompted to go to some random houses but then when we'd get out of the car we felt prompted to get back in.... with these random stops and visits, crazy scary feelings came and finally it was time to get home. We pull into our drive way and we had this clear as day prompting to STAY IN THE CAR! I usually do not get scared because I always think "oh it'd never happen to me," "I'm young, only old people live here", "Its MACKAY IDAHO!" and basically that I'm invincible haha ;) but because of that prompting to stay in the car, I was terrified and so was sister Moore. We did not want to get out of the car, and then the creepy dude at sammys, his face kept running through my head. So we prayed, called the bishop, and he was over at our house within a few minutes. We got out of the car and him and his wife checked the house with us. It was weird and bishop said he thinks we were being stalked, we didn't even tell him what had happened, we only told him we were scared, so Idk, I really think we were being stalked and I'm super grateful bishop came to help us out and help us feel safe. So far we haven't seen creepy sammys dude since and we've been extra careful when we enter our home at night.
Last night, another appointment fell through, I was at my end, the wind was blowing, it was raining, and I was tired and freezing. We said a prayer to be patient and humble and to know where we should go. This girl from Leslie ward and her boyfriend walked right across the street. They totally looked like they were up to something and from the street the came from, I'm pretty sure they were coming from the druggy house. (the one I felt prompted to leave from) It was pretty awesome seeing them walking down the street, in a fast pace, no coat and its freezing, so obvious they were up to something and as some of you know, I can be a punk, well I really wanted to be a punk with these kids, so I told sister Moore to drive up to them just to say hi. Hehe ;) She thought I was crazy and should stay out of it, but I couldn't, I wanted so bad to say hi! So she drove up, we unrolled our windows, and bam! THEY WERE CAUGHT!! The girl had this look of guilt wipe right across her face. It was obvious they didn't really want to talk and boy they were walking pretty fast. Anyway, their eyes were totally glazed and whatnot, but the girl's look was so priceless. I asked them what they were up to and they just went, "uhh... nothing.... we gotta go" I waved and said, "Be safe we'll see you later." Oh man I wish I could've recorded this... it was just so great and this email is making it sound lame... whatever haha So yeah, I was being a punk but I totally think it was a good thing we stopped by, just to remind them that they aren't forgotten. Haha ;) "Always watching" ~ Monsters inc <- totally was like that creepy desk lady in monsters inc!

Last thing, as I was studying in Matthew this week, I read the story of when Jesus walked on water (Matthew 14:25-31) and It really hit me how Peter was able to walk on the water but started to drown when he started to doubt. When Peter started to doubt that was when he couldn't walk on the water but "immediately" Jesus stretched forth his hand to raise Peter up. Cool right? :) This story made me think of my little sister Ashleta and what we say.... When you feel like you are drowning remember your lifeguard walks on water. ;)
Sorry this email is everywhere, boy I should've checked the time this took me awhile! Whatever :/
Sister Coats
PS: Thanks for the package mom!!! LOVE YOU!!!! <3

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