Sunday, November 30, 2014

Staying in Mackay!!

So I'm staying in Mackay and Sister Dax (the awesome sister who was in the MTC with me) is coming up here to join me! I'm excited! In the MTC we joked around that we'd be companions but I thought sense we had too much fun together, not gonna happen hahah but hey its happening and I'm excited to see what happens! :D I am going to miss Sister Moore bunches...  because we have gone through a lot of hard things together and I feel we have really learned a lot from one another and dang, it sucks when you care for them. Transfers are easier when you don't particularly like the person haha. When Sister Moore and I got the call she was leaving we both were like, "DANG IT! WHY DO I LIKE YOU?" Haha ;) Its okay though she is gonna rock her new area :) It was neat how this morning President called us and asked us how we felt about transfers. He's never done that before and it touched my heart that he wanted to talk to me. It increased my trust in him as my mission president and he said some very kind things that gave me some added motivation. Plus it was just nice to hear that I am a good missionary and that he recognizes how hard I'm working :)
 Anyway, it was neat how this week miracles happened! We found 3 new people to teach and had just miracles everywhere! The coolest miracle to me was, we had 20 minutes before dinner and I felt like we should go to the library. (We go and put books away once in awhile) Well next door to the library there was this man (James, he is from Georgia) with a huge pile of wood and he was stacking it by himself. So of course we were like, "Here I come to save the day!!" :D I didn't even ask if we could help I just started helping him. (Maybe the reason I didn't ask is because we felt we should just help, plus we were in skirts and everyone says the stupid thing of "you girls are in skirts") So yeah we stacked this huge pile of wood in 20 minutes. When we were done James was almost in tears. He said, "You ladies are angels. Thank you so much. I have back problems and I have no idea how I could've done all of this, it would've taken me at least a week!!" <3 <3 <3 Isn't that awesome!? It was so cool to know that we used our time the way Heavenly Father wanted us to and in the way Christ would. :) (For reals though, it was a ton of wood, I think Angels were helping us, because it was so much wood and we did it so quick!)
I had a cool experience as I was asked to speak in Stake Conference this weekend. I was terrified to be honest and the night before, I don't know why, I could not sleep! I was stressed out over something stupid that I cant even remember now and completely confused as of why Heavenly Father wasn't helping me fall asleep, I need energy to work in the morning, and because I was so tired I think it made me think everything was so much worse than it really was. Well, since I couldn't sleep I said a prayer and the song "Abide with me" came into my mind. As I started to sing it, I felt at peace. It helped calm me down so I wasn't nearly as stressed, and then I decided okay, I am going to open my scriptures. I opened up to Psalms and decided to go to chapter 13 (13 being my favorite number hehe) So that's what I did and it was exactly what I needed. After a hard day, then not being able to sleep, I was overwhelmed and felt no hope. I started to get down on myself and despair overwhelmed me, but psalm 13 was exactly what I needed to remind myself that the Lord hasn't forgotten me. I love how the Lord constantly reminds me that He is near and is mindful of me. :) And  thank you for your prayers! I know they were answered because my talk, I really believe I said exactly what the Lord wanted me to say, exactly what His children needed to hear. I think it was the best talk I've ever be able to give. (Of course because He helped me) It was totally led by the spirit. I know it was because I felt it. I am grateful I went through that little experience the night before because I think it humbled me to be more open to the spirit so I could say what the Lord wanted me to say. By the way, the Stake President asked us if we would be open to the idea of giving our talks at a fireside. He doesn't know when its going to be yet but hey, pretty awesome! :D
OH!! And yesterday we had another miracle! We were visiting a les active lady, she hasn't gone to church in over 45 years! I felt we needed to read something in 3 nephi with her then Sister Moore opened up to 3 Nephi 18, it was all about the sacrament. So we read that with her and went around the room, each taking a turn reading a verse, when it was her turn she read verse 7 and got quiet. The spirit totally touched her heart. Tears started to come down her face and she said, "I want his spirit to always be with me." Sister Moore and I testified of how the sacrament is an opportunity and a gift given to us in which we can have his spirit to always be with us. <3 <3 <3 It was so sweet! Anyway, SHE WANTS TO COME TO CHURCH!!!! She doesn't have any church clothes so we put together a bag of clothes we don't wear to often, actually put together quite a cute outfit and we are going to give it to her today. We are sooooo excited for her to come to church!!! It was so awesome! This feeling is the best! I am so grateful that I get to be doing His work and when we do it in HIS WAY, it always goes perfect!!! :)
Have a great week everyone!
Sister Coats
PS: My fabulous district. I am so glad none of them got transferred (except sister moore... miss her already). Our district hhahah We have too much fun. :)

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