Sunday, November 30, 2014

These Boots Were Made For What?

My boots broke this week. Which is kinda awesome that I wore out my only pair, but that's also the problem. They're my only pair haha we were going to go to twin today but I didn't feel good about it and plus its 2&1/2 hours each way, so a ton of traveling. Anyway, this week was really hard and my dang boots were the cherry on top of my stress sunday! :0 I feel like our area is dying... I studied diligence a lot this week... I am trying so hard to be diligent and to constantly improve but man, I feel like I am giving it my all out here and it stung a little when I read in Preach my Gospel to basically, "work harder." I know I have a TON of room for improvement but I really feel like I am working crazy hard. All I know is that everything will work out and I believe none of our efforts are wasted. Btw, just to add to my stress sunday, we've been asked to speak at stake conference! Gah! Please say a prayer that I can say what Heavenly Father wants His children to hear. Why do I let lame things stress me out like this hahaha :P
With a very difficult week I've learned that I really need to let my savior make my burdens light, I've been trying to hand them over to Him, but I guess I am still figuring out how to do that.
Song: "Ain't nothing is gonna break my stride! Nothing is gonna slow me down! Oh No! Got to keep on movin! Ohh ooo oh oh!" :D
It snowed this week and everything is frozen. The snow is so pretty when it first falls, It sparkles! :) (Btw, Jennifer bought us some super cute winter accessories to stay warm! She has totally taken us in, she isn't a member, but loves that we are serving the Lord. Oh! And her daughter thinks its hilarious that I love milking her goat. I can't help it, its super fun. We are going to have a goat milking competition haha) Another thing that happened this week, I got sick, my head was killing me so much that it made me so I couldn't keep any of my food down... Well I had a tender mercy, I prayed to feel better and then we found out the bishop's nephew is a chiropractor and I got to see him for free! That's something simple but it meant a lot to me because I was so sick and to be able to see a chiropractor again, awe made my whole week better. :) It just gave me comfort that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and definitely is looking out for us.
Okay last thing, to be completely honest I am still recovering from an emotionally and physically draining week so I'm sorry I don't have much to write about but I do want to share something pretty awesome, end on a positive right! :D We made cookies to deliver to someone but then we had this feeling to go visit the relief society president and her family. So we did and ended up giving her those cookies we made. I felt impressed to share Alma 37:37 with them and whoa, it was what everyone of us needed. We all started to tear up and it brought so much comfort to us all that our Heavenly Father wants us to pray to Him, He hears our Prayers, and He desires to guide us through our lives. It was perfect. I am so grateful for the spirit. I am so grateful for in very simple ways Heavenly Father lets us know how near He really is. Oh! And just to make this little visit even more sweet, when Sister Goldthorpe (the relief society pres) asked her little girl if Heavenly Father loves her, her little girl looked up to the sky, smiled way big, and then giggled into her mom's chest and said, "He loves me." <3 <3 <3
Hope all of you have a wonderful week!
Sister Coats
PS: I won the baking contest at district meeting!
PSPS: Like this quote

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