Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Easter

Frohe Ostern! (Happy Easter in German! Sophia taught me that :))

On Tuesday we helped the Relief Society for 8th ward all day. It was way fun! They were celebrating the relief society's birthday. It was a fondue party and quite a few people came. We got to help set up, serve, and clean for the whole party! As well as eat lots of yummy food & fondue. We also did tons of service on Saturday. We cleaned the church and the churches here are HUGE! They are like castles! I don't think I've ever seen a church as big as this one but cleaning was great because we had some little helpers, Payton and Kalli. They are 5 & 7 years old and love to follow us around, they made washing windows a blast! After cleaning the church we also did service for the Mabeys. I got to plant flowers and do yard work. Its funny how much I love doing service on my mission before my mission I wouldn't think yard work or washing windows was fun but out here, its a blast! I get to wear normal clothes and do physical work, be out in the sun, ahhh it was nice :) On Wednesday we went to the new missionary meeting. It was awesome to see almost everyone from my MTC district. I really miss them. Wednesday... man it was just awesome. We didn't even do anything very fun, we just talked about missionary life, but seeing everyone was sooo nice! Its easy for me to feel alone out here but yeah, seeing them made my week! 

This week we had a new investigator come to church! He is a junior in High School, football player, goofball and a bunch of fun to be around. His name is Boston and every time we meet with him we have an awesome lesson but as soon as we ask him to set a date to get baptized he gets a little freaked out. Our last lesson we had with him a couple days ago was probably the strongest lesson I've been a part of since I've been out (so in the last month haha) It was so awesome that I even started to cry a bit and Boston was smiling from EAR TO EAR! HE was so happy that he had a permanent smile :) Anywho, he doesn't want to upset his parents by getting baptized because his dad isn't active and his mom and sister are catholic and don't like the church... but his parents tell him he can make his own choices. I've been praying that he will get the courage to do what he knows is right. Its crazy because he knows he should get baptized but all we can do is pray for him.. I know he can do it! :)

We met a new guy when we went to a referrals house. His name is Manny and hes an ex-marine and asks questions about EVERYTHING!! He wants to know all about our church but isn't going about learning spiritually, if that makes sense? He wants us to teach him some more so we can "convince" him this is Christ's gospel but we keep trying to explain that he needs to pray and find out for himself.  We don't convince people this is the true gospel, we help people find out for themselves that it is. So yeah... he's pretty intense and doesn't show any emotion... he calls me Ma'am... I don't like being called ma'am haha Oh and he doesn't believe in God so getting him to just try praying is hard. He also kept telling us all the things he has like money, cars, houses, and everything else. We then shared with him how we left all of that behind to come on a mission. Even though he is pretty emotionless, he was way impressed with us that we are out here. I think he has a softer heart than what he is lettin on... I'm excited and a little scared of meeting with him again :P

Thursday was a great day. Joe Mabey, he was excommunicated from the church over 40 years ago and has been having the missionaries come over for the last 10 years are so. We've been teaching him since I got here and the missionaries before me were teaching him too. Anyway, our lesson with him on Thursday night, it was powerful. The spirit was so strong and he brought up baptism and we challenged him to set a date to be baptized and guess what!! We set a date!!!! He's going to get baptized next month and is finally going to stop smoking for good! Man, I really love him and his wife. They are the Mabeys we did service for on Saturday. I truly love them and want the absolute best for them. I gave Sister Mabey the flowers my Mom sent me and planted them in her garden. She was so sweet! She said, "Those flowers will always remind me of you." :) OH AND ANOTHER AWESOME THING HAPPENED THIS WEEK! Remember Brother Eddings? The old funny man I wrote about last week? Well we had dinner with him and his wife and talked about the restoration. 1st official lesson with him and guess what!! We set a date for him to get baptized too!! We set 2 baptism dates this week! :)

Yesterday was Easter and Ashleta's birthday.... oh man... yesterday I really missed my family... but the talks in sacrament meeting, were just for me. The microphone was broken yesterday in sacrament so the speakers had to talk really loud and theres a ton of kids in the ward so it was hard to hear the speakers but we were sitting pretty close to the front so it was okay for us... anyway, after the inspiring talks I read a scripture from doctrine and covenants where Joseph Smith was missing his family and the scripture (DC 100:1) said something like, "your family is well, they are in my hands, and I will do with them as seemeth me good, for in me there is all power." Man I really needed that scripture! I miss my family soo much and yesterday I missed them that much more!

Lieba Grube, (sincerely in german, I don't have the german letters on my keyboard :P)
Sister Coats :)

Pictures : Payton and Kalli's cat had kittens!
Cleaning the church! Sister Tinker, Payton, Kalli, and Sister Dowdle :)
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