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tough week/ The Plunge

Audrey Coats

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This week didn't start out good... but it ended way good. This week it felt like no one was listening to us, our appointments were cancelling or our lessons didn't end up going very smooth, our investigators weren't keeping their commitments, and yeah... a whole bunch of trying to be busy but nothing was happening... We had zone conference which wasn't great, maybe because I'm a newbie? Idk, it just added to the list of difficulties I had this week... but this weekend, Saturday and Sunday made up for such an awful week. 

Erica didn't keep any of her commitments even though we had another very spiritual lesson with her... I hope she starts reading and coming to church soon... We had an appointment with Kirsti and she is starting to get iffy about being baptized because of her parents. Which is understandable but still! We were sad to hear that the more she is thinking about baptism the more she questions it because of her parents... Sophia is still going strong! She is keeping her commitments and she helped us teach young womens yesterday and she taught me how to say a few things in German and shared my favorite scripture with me in German. Btw, I can't do the gurgle sound that Sopia makes when she speaks German, she thinks its funny. Haha :P 

This weekend the Wayments took us for a ride on their dune buggy! It was so fun! The wind through my hair! It was nice :) We had dinner with the Mayor of Burley, Mayor Smedley. He and his wife are so sweet and fed us so well. They invited us over again and he's going to teach us how to make candy. It was pretty cool eating with the mayor. We did splits this weekend and I went with sister Winmill. She's amazing! She is super spunky and a blast to be around. We ran through sprinklers to get to someones house! Which was a blast because we were sopping but the invitation we had to give to them was dry! 

On Saturday we invited Staicia and Rayna to come watch a baptism. The mom, Rayna, was sick but Staicia came. Staicia is 8 years old and when she watched the baptism she was sooo excited!!! We taught a lesson after the baptism and set a date. Its awesome how excited she is to get baptized and she wants her mom to get baptized too. Staicia was all smiles and giggles after our lesson with her and she said the closing prayer. Her closing prayer was so sweet. I sometimes feel like she doesn't listen to us while we are teaching but she is totally listening. She can't remember the "church lingo" but her little prayer showed how strong her testimony is and when she prayed for us... Best feeling ever! She wants to get baptized and I am sooo lucky to be part of it!

Sunday was busy... we had meetings before and after church with the stake and ward, we taught BYD, YW, and Gospel Principles... Sacrament was awesome though because on Saturday we visited Ashley and Vanessa. They're a lesbian couple with a little baby girl they adopted. All week they were never home but Saturday they were. We shared a message with them and invited them to church and guess what! They came!!! It was awesome!! It was funny when Vanessa went into the women's bathroom. She was dressed in a suit and this old grandma just looked at her like, "OOOOO" it was hillarious! So yeah our "lesbo couple" as they call themselves, are coming around haha they've been interesting investigators ;) After church was awesome too. We had dinner with the Winmills, their little girl Kayla kinda reminds me of my little sister Ashley so I always want to go over to the Winmills! :) Sister Winmill made homemade stuffed crust pepperoni pizza... wow it was good... After dinner we went to visit the Eddings. Sister Eddings is a less active and her husband isn't a member. We went over to their home and invited Sister Eddings to the relief society birthday dinneron tuesday and Brother Eddings (hes in his 80's and has cancer.) as soon as he opened the door he said, "Come in pretty ladies, I have some questions for you!" He asked us if we would teach him the lessons!!!!! We haven't asked him to take the lessons because we've heard that he in not interested and doesn't like the church... but he asked us to teach him!!!!!! I'm so excited! He wants to have us teach him and invited us over for dinner. His wife told us that he thinks the world of us! :) He said some pretty funny things... he said, "So why haven't you girls been trying to get me into the pond? Is it because of the scary stories you've heard of me?" We just sat there and smiled.... haha! Then he asked, "So if I decide to take the plunge, which one of you girls gets to baptize me?" We laughed and said, "Um... neither." He said, "Never mind then." It was way funny and then before we left he told us the story of the last missionaries he had 20 years ago. He told us how all they were trying to do was get another number, he was just a number to them, so he told them, "I've talked to God. God told me I'm going to hell and you wanna know why I'm going to hell?" The missionaries said "yeah." Brother Eddings said he stood up and said, "because I'm going to burn you mormons to the ground." HAHA Those missionaries sprinted out the door and never came back. Sister Tinker and I were like, "What???" I asked him, "You're not gonna do that to us right?" Eddings said, "Oh never!! I like you." :P So yeah, we got a new investigator!! SO EXCITING!! :D Also yesterday we had a blast with Wild Bill, Bill Hedges. He told us all these ways he knows how to fight and showed us some self-defense tricks. His nickname, Wild Bill, definitely fits him! Hes a cool member. ;) 

Ashleta your birthday is coming soon!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLETA!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! 

Have a happy Easter Everybody!
Sister Coats

PS: Its getting warmer here in Idaho and I got an Easter package on Saturday!!! It made my entire week!! Full of German chocolate! YUMMY!! THANK YOU JENTZSCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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