Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

I got super sick on Tuesday. We had to come home so I could pass out... I basically fell dead on my bed and didn't wake up till the next morning. The next morning I was still feeling yuck but we were going to the temple and I had this feeling that I needed to go and I am so glad I went. The Twin Falls Temple is super pretty and going to the temple, it gave me extra strength and reminded me that Heavenly Father does know me and love me. Oh! And I got to see Sister MacDonald at the temple! :)

When we were going around visiting less actives and inviting them to the music festival, one of the ladies we were going to invite wasn't home but her neighbor was outside. So we walked over to the neighbor and invited her and just started talking. We found out she is a member (but her records aren't in the ward) and she was struggling really bad. She was having a way hard day and told us all her struggles. We asked her if she'd like to have a blessing since brother Tolley came out with us and she said yes. After the blessing she hugged us and thanked us for talking to her, that we were the answer to her prayers. :) :) :)

We met with Staicia and Rayna this week. Staicia was supposed to get baptized this week but our lesson went a little different than planned. Rayna has been struggling and feels she is missing something in her life... Instead of us teaching the lesson we had planned for Staicia, we started to share our testimonies. Rayna said she wants the feeling she feels when we are teaching so I asked Rayna if she'd like to be baptized and she said yes! We told her we would think it would be awesome if both her and her daughter Staicia were baptized on the same day and she totally agreed! YAY! Both mother and daughter are going to be baptized on the same day! Double yay! I'm so excited! I met them my very 1st day out here in Idaho and now look where they are! Its just so cool! :) When we were leaving, Rayna (the mom) told me she loved me and cried on my shoulder. She shared everything with us. :) I love her! :)

We visited Don Eddings this week. He is sticking to his baptism goal and wanted to even move the date up! He is a sweet guy. Every time he shakes my hand he always comments on how cold my hands are haha He's going to buy me some gloves ;) Anyway, when he shook my hand goodbye he asked what I would say to people about him when I get home from my mission, that I had baptized this "crazy old hack of a man, a hick from the sticks." I giggled and I told him, "I will tell everyone that I met Don Eddings on my mission and I love him." He looked at me like he was shocked by my answer and asked, "Really?" I replied, "Of course! I can even say that right now!" He smiled so big. I wish I could describe it. :)

Joe Mabey is really struggling with smoking... yesterday he received a blessing to help him quit and he asked for us to be there. He is trying so hard and I know he can do it! He said something funny yesterday. He said smoking is making him "crazier than a junk yard rat." He's a goofball haha :P

In Sacrament this week both my companion and I had to give a talk... the other speakers were out of town... I've been stressing out about that talk all week... I didn't know what to talk about. Anyway, after Sister Tinker gave her talk it was my turn... So I walk up there with the talk I'm about to give and I just... I had this feeling to not give the talk I had planned out.... I don't know what really happened? I just opened my mouth and I don't really remember exactly what I said... I know I was crying though haha the spirit does that to me ;) It was so crazy! I didn't read one word from the talk I had prepared! When I finished and sat down, I was thinking to myself, "What the freak just happened?" After church Bishop Dowdle pulled both me and Sister Tinker into his office and told us that it was the best sacrament he had ever been to and that he has never had so many people say they were so glad to come to church... He made us feel amazing!! When he shook my hand and told me how glad he is that I'm here, his eyes were full of tears so of course, me being a ball baby, I started to cry too... haha the spirit is amazing, even though it always makes me cry. Haha! It was a crazy experience, all of it, and having people tell me I did great was awesome but I didn't do anything... It was all Heavenly Father, I did nothing but open my mouth... pretty crazy... :)

Its crazy how much I love helping people and especially the people we are teaching. I wish I could describe how awesome it is when they tell you they love you or they say they appreciate you. Its the best feeling in the world. I'm so grateful to be here and even more grateful that I've been given this opportunity to help them come unto Christ :) 

I love and miss you all!

Sister Coats

Temple picture with my district & Thank you for the package mom! :)
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