Sunday, April 13, 2014

One month down

One month down! This week went really well although the weather has been bipolar. In the morning it snowed and by the afternoon we were dying from the heat! I prefer snow over sweaty hot weather. :) So this week my head has been hurting really bad and comes on really strong then its fine but man, headaches are the worst! 

Remember Sophia? The German exchange student. She invited us to her sweet 16 birthday party. It was a lot of fun. We decorated pillows and got to eat lots of yummies. It was a pj party and I really wanted to wear my pjs. We have a lesson with her tonight. She is so fun to teach because she goes above and beyond what we challenge her to do! :) We taught the plan of salvation to Erica this week. She felt the spirit and even started crying yet she made up every excuse in the book not to watch conference with us... It gets me a little frustrated because she can feel the Holy ghost yet she wont act on those feelings... we have another lesson with her this week and I hope she will start keeping her commitments... We invited Kirsti to be baptized and she really wants to but her parents wont let her. Her parents are letting her take the lessons with us but they are really strong about her not getting baptized... We've been praying her parents hearts will be softened... The best lesson of the week was with Stacia and Rayna! A mom and daughter. Stacia is 8 and wants to get baptized. She goes to church with her friends and loves it. I met Stacia and Rayna my 1st day in Idaho. I really love them. So the deal is Stacia wants to get baptized but needs to learn more about the gospel and her mom, Rayna is sitting in on the lessons. Its funny how Stacia always wants to talk about baptism. The church feels good to Stacia so she is all in! Haha Every few minutes she asks the same questions, "When is this lesson going to be over? When can I get baptized?" and her mom Rayna just ignores her and keeps listening to the lesson. Rayna at first wanted nothing to do with the gospel, she just wanted to sit in on the lessons but now she is the one asking questions and keeps all of her commitments. So yeah, both Tinker and I have a feeling that both Stacia and Rayna will want to be baptized. Rayna is so ready for the gospel. Everything we say she eats it all up! Daughter and Mother... its awesome! I'm excited for our next lesson! :)

Last night we had dinner with the Pope family and the daughter Breanna invited Syerra over. Syerra had a few questions and she was the one to bring up baptism. After she brought it up I had this feeling we needed to ask her to be baptized. I asked her and she started sobbing! She's a tough girl and doesn't cry but she let the water works go! As she was wiping away her tears Brother Pope shared his testimony and it was powerful. She looked up and smiled. She just said, "I'm so excited." She doesn't want to set a date yet so we told her to pray about being baptized. Man, I hope she prays because she is so ready to be baptized! When we talked about the gift of the holy ghost she said she wants that gift! Even though we didn't set a date shes having dinner with us at the Popes house on Easter which is only a couple weeks away. :) Oh! When we showed up at the Popes house sister Pope asked her little girl, "Who are they?" Her little girl looked up at us and jumped up and down and said, "They're prophets!!" It was super cute and funny!

So yep... This week went really well and I'm excited for the weeks to come. The only negative things about this week were the headaches and my mission picture... Its the worst picture I've ever seen of me and I'm not being dramatic. Its awful. They said only my mission president would see that picture but nope!!! It's everywhere! It was on the mission monthly news letter for every missionary to see and its on the wall at the mission office... oh my heck... that stupid picture is haunting me...

Btw, Conference was amazing! I hope y'all got to watch it! So many awesome talks, I think my favorite talks were from Uchtdorf and Eyring. 

I love and miss all of you!! :)
Sister Coats 

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