Sunday, October 26, 2014

Teaching Through Love

The Ippolitos love us!!! He is going to teach us how to cook another Italian dish on Friday. Its funny to me how much Brother Ippolito likes to brag about us and especially me haha Sister Ippolito says Sister Moore is hers and Brother Ippolito says I am his. :P He teases me and is so fun to mess with. He told us how he thinks its so great that I can be mean back. He won't admit he totally loves us but he does, and he shows it. He brags to his neighbors about us. He thought it was hilarious when I called him my brother from another mother. Oh! And they introduced us to their neighbors who are also non members, and  he happens to be an ex-cop just like bother Ippolito! Their neighbors Hank & June are from Chicago and them with the Ippolitos, its a party! They all just build off each others loudness! Anyway we had a way cool experience with the wives, so while Hank & Jimmy (aka brother Ippolito) were outside doing yard work we were inside just chatting. June asked us if we'd like something to drink, tea, coffee? We asked for water and she was like, "Do you girls drink anything!?" It gave us a great opportunity to share the word of wisdom, and I don't think I've shared it that well my entire mission. I shared my experience of how I love the smell and taste of coffee but after I gained a testimony of the church I didn't want to drink it anymore and then we talked about revelations, prophets, etc... so yeah, just shared a little of my story, testimony, and we shared bits of the gospel with them. It was just really neat because we were able to share our beliefs with people who say they aren't interested haha but I think they totally are, and it wasn't pushy or anything, and the spirit was so there! 

Another awesome experience, I love the Hennessys, they are like family. Their baby girl Rose and I are attached at the hip. Ever ytime I see her she runs at me and yells, "FRIEND!!!" And doesn't let go of me hehe <3 Its so sweet! Anyway, we were doing service for Carley and a few days before we asked her if she would like to learn more about the church, she said no but while we were doing service she asked a ton of questions and asked me about how I came to know this is the true church. I shared a little bit and showed her my favorite scripture, peace filled the room, the spirit was there and I know she felt it. It was cool because it taught me a lot about Love. How even though Carley says she isn't interested she recognized that we still love her either way and I think that made her feel more comfortable to ask questions without there being any pressure. It was just neat. I've realized love is how to share the gospel. You really can't share the gospel without love. It just doesn't work! And when you love them its so much easier to recognize what they need. I hope that little blurp made sense! hahah

Anyway... gotta go once again!

Sister Coats

Rose had to wear my bracelet and would not let go of my hand. She just had to hold my hand insisted I be right by her! Gosh I love this little goober!! <3

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