Monday, October 27, 2014

Mount Everest

I have no time once again, but Mickey got baptized this week! It was an awesome experience because her non member mom said the closing prayer and her not active dad came! Plus she asked me to give a talk, I couldn't think of anything to say when I was preparing but It was so cool how when I stood up there and with the few notes I had, the spirit let me know what she needed to hear, that she is loved. <3 Her sweet heart and spirit shine through her eyes, when she started to cry I couldn't help but blubber up there too haha :) The spirit was so strong (through the entire baptism) and I think she has set a strong example for her entire family. When she gave her testimony, it wasn't extravagant or long but it was beautiful because it was so pure and straight from the heart, everyone was in tears. I am so blessed to be part of this work and to have met her!

This week Sister Moore and I got extremely sick, she got it first then I did. We passed out dead for a day, which is awful on a mission because I hate wasting the Lords time.... but the members were so kind. They heard we were sick and we both didn't have any money (I need to budget better haha) so Sister Bell came over with bags of food for us. Maybe because I was sick it brought me to tears haha but really, I know heavenly Father is watching over us. Btw, don't read the talk how to be a consecrated missionary while you are sick, its a great talk but dang it made me feel like a loser haha

Well one last thing, this week I have a had a huge desire to repent and I've realized the more I learn about the Gospel, Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ and his atonement, the more I want to repent. I want to repent for things that before I felt like I didn't need to repent for. Its been overwhelming just because I feel like I am at the bottom of Mount Everest and I don't even know where to start, but as I've been praying and when I took the sacrament yesterday, I felt so much better.... really what I think has helped a lot is how I have felt Heavenly Father with me and how its okay to not be perfect right now but because I have a desire to become perfect, he is helping me get there. So I guess to sum it up, instead of looking at mount Everest, I am focusing on each step that lead me up the mountain.

Quote that helped me:

"Don't expect to become perfect all at once. If you do, you will be disappointed. Be better today than you were yesterday, and better tomorrow than you are today!" ~ Lorenzo Snow

"He loves you not only for who you are this very day but also for the person of glory and light you have the potential and the desire to become. More than you could ever imagine, He wants you to achieve your destiny, to return to your heavenly home in honor." ~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf 

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