Monday, October 13, 2014

Higher Ground

This week I had a really cool experience. We went to the H's. They use to be members and now want nothing to do with the Church but they always let us share a message. Well I shared with them how I've come to learn that faith is power and by being obedient to the Lords commandments we increase our faith, knowledge, and trust in the lord. Brother Hadley pulled out his American standard bible and started to challenge all of our beliefs. As he was sharing different scriptures and as we were following along, he was preaching to us and telling us that God doesn't work through feelings, God wouldn't tell us to not drink beer or smoke pot, he put those things on the earth, and started to tell us all these things that are incorrect with our church, it was really interesting to me to see how everything he said he tried to back it up with a scripture, and whoa I couldn't believe how different some of the verses are! Even when we were reading the same verse, his bible said it completely different. Oh! And ya know what was so cool? I am not a master of the scriptures by any means but the Holy Ghost totally brought scriptures into my mind and prompted me to ask certain questions and brother H couldn't back up anything he was saying. He kept contradicting himself! It was just an awesome experience because we weren't bible bashing but in a sense I guess we kinda were but it wasn't contentious. He tried to never let us talk and since he had some friends over they said AMEN to everything he was saying, that was a little annoying haha because when he was preaching to us to be humble, meek, and teachable, him and his friends were yelling AMEN and wouldn't let us say anything, so they weren't doing what they were preaching! Haha But!!! I did give him a challenge. He challenged us to read Hebrews 1 and I challenged him to read Moroni 10 and to do what it tells him to do. I wish I could better explain everything that was said, but I just loved the experience. The Holy Ghost definitely put scriptures into my mind, and gave me courage to stand up for the things I know to be true and the more he challenged my beliefs, the stronger my testimony got. It was so cool! I can't wait to go back and talk about Moroni 10. He said we will never convert him, but with how much he likes to challenge us, he is gonna keep letting us in! Haha He'll come around. :)
I had to give a talk this week in church... I survived! Haha I prayed and fasted that I would say something the Lord wanted someone to hear and it was pretty neat. Quite a few people told me I did say something that they needed. Pretty awesome!! I based my talk around this quote, "If you are on the right path, it will always be uphill. The Lord is anxious to lead us to higher ground." ~ Henry B. Eyring.
Short again but I gotta go... I just want you all to know that I am excited for this new transfer, Sister Moore and I are both staying here in Mackay and I have a really good feeling about it. I am learning so much everyday. I feel like I never have enough time for personal study in the morning. For the first time in my life, the scriptures really are coming to life and I can spend my whole study time, studying just a few verses. I love how I am learning something new everyday! 
I'll send pics next week when I get the ones our sister training leaders were suppose to send. Have an awesome week!
Sister Coats
Pics: The Jones took us up the canyon!

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