Monday, January 19, 2015

Macey's Baptism

Macy got baptized this week! Her baptism was wonderful. Her uncle Larry baptized her (it was his first time baptizing anyone) and almost all of Macy's family came. The room was packed with Macy's family and friends. :) When Macy was baptized the spirit was very strong, her family isn't active, and it was cool to see her sweet face when she came up out of the water and to also see her family's hearts be soften by the spirit. Right then are there, it was like we could see her Mom's heart open to the gospel. Her Mom even came to church for the first time in years to see Macy's confirmation. She did sit in the foyer, but still she came. (Her mom Debby is so awesome!!) I believe Macy is helping her family come back to the gospel. :) Something really sweet... Macy didn't want to share her testimony because there was so many people but Brother Jones had her stand up and he asked her questions in which basically had her share her testimony. The question that hit my heart the most was when he asked her how she felt about what the sisters had taught her, Macy said, "I knew what they were teaching me was true because I could feel it every time they came. I remember when I met them and thought that we'd be friends but I didn't think we could be this close of friends. They will never know how thankful I am for them." <3 As she said this, tears filled her eyes, and she looked right at me and smiled. I couldn't hold it in anymore and the water works came! Haha :) Macy touched my heart. I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity to have helped her learn more about the gospel and to see how she has grown. She knows she has a testimony and she knows what the spirit feels like and she doesn't let doubt even enter into her mind! Macy is a blessing to me and to everyone around her. Her sweet innocence has taught me so much. There is a reason we are suppose to be like little children and I think some of that reason is because they are so pure, quick to forgive, quick to believe, and have a desire to obey the Father. :)

Sister Kennedy definitely is becoming more confident. She still doesn't talk much and our unity is still struggling but it is getting better. Something we are trying to work on is for her to trust the Lord and not be afraid to open her mouth. She did this very well when we were visiting the Rosencrances (PMF) and shared a spiritual message with them. After our visit she realized that its not that hard but Satan is the one scaring her to not do it. She is a very good listener and I am learning more about how to listen to others from her, the thing we are struggling with is when the silence in a lesson goes on for too long. Its good to be comfortable in silence but when we aren't unified and the silence starts to dominate the lesson, the spirit leaves... I've realized that I have a lot to improve on and while I was praying I felt like I need to be better at listening, which is something I am learning from Sister Kennedy, and I need to not talk so much, even when I feel like the silence is starting to dominate, I need to not talk so much so Sister Kennedy can. Overall, difficult week because its so hard not being in unity but we are trying. Hopefully very soon we will become more unified in our teaching. Also because we aren't very unified I feel like an awful trainer because I don't know what to do except to pray to know what to do... I know Heavenly Father will answer my prayers in His own time and in His own way but it is my responsibility to be prepared and ready for the instruction He will give me.

Anyway, gotta go again! (Jimmy Ippolito is gonna teach us another recipe!)

Sister Coats

PS: Quote I liked this week...
"In the moment when obedience stops being an irritant, and becomes our quest - in that moment God will endow you with power. When we choose to desire to be obedient - power will be given to us to withstand Satan and grow spiritually and prosper." 

Pics: Macy's baptism!  & Baptism F'Reals! :)

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