Saturday, January 17, 2015

Merry Christmas!

This week was pretty rad. We got to pitch hay with a part member family on Christmas eve, we resolved some of our investigators concerns, and we are continuing to progress! Christmas was absolutely amazing! Talking to my mom and family was the best Christmas gift ever and we got to skype at the Ippolitos! They had Christmas dinner for us and everything! They're not even members and they've taken us under their wing. Okay so Christmas eve we got to pitch hay out to cows, super fun even though it took me a little bit to understand how to use a dang pitch fork but it was a blast. We got to go sledding too. It was pretty awesome because not only was it fun but it was with a part member family and they were like, "You girls are so fun! Come back anytime!" We've heard they are really reserved when it comes to missionaries so that was pretty neat. On Christmas the Summers taught us how to snowboard in their back yard. It was like the most non-steep hill ever, so basically I learned how to stand on the board hahah but it was way chill and then we headed out to go skype at the ippolitos. On our way to the ippolitos, it snowed a ton! A Few FEET! And we have a little Subaru... well, we totally got stuck in the middle of the road because of the snow. We said a prayer because Sister Dax was suppose to be skyping with her family so mini freak out haha but I understand, I'd freak out too if we were stuck during my skype time! So yeah totally stuck, said a prayer, and then literally 2 minutes later a plow comes by! We were both like, "if he had only come 2 minutes sooner this wouldn't have happened" hahah But we quickly realized it was an answer to our prayers. We called the Ippolitos and they came to shovel us out. Our car doesn't have anything you can pull on so it took us about an hour but it was pretty awesome how quick they were to help and Evelyn said, "Seeing you girls stuck, I now understand why my father was always so worried about me coming home late! I don't have any kids but I consider you two my daughters! Oh I'm so grateful nothing happened to you! Goodness! I know understand my father!" Haha It was pretty sweet and the best part of all was when we shared a message with them after Christmas dinner. Jimmy is very loud and when I first met him he would get so annoyed with us asking to say a prayer but now he expects us to say a prayer and only grumbles through it, doesn't totally interrupt haha and when we shared messages he would be like, "Girls really, every time!" And tease us haha but on Christmas he was quiet and the spirit hit him. He looked like he was about to water up hehe and when he realized that the spirit hit him, he quickly looked down, and acted like, "whatever" haha it was awesome! Huge improvement there! Man, I love them and we know the Lord is softening their hearts. He told us again how we are the only missionaries he has ever let in the door! Haha :D

Anyway great week, with miracles around every corner. :) I am so grateful for the people I have the opportunity to meet and more than anything how serving a mission has changed me. I have deeper understanding of my Savior and His gospel. I have found that pearl of great price talked about in the scriptures. Even though difficulties come, I know where and who to go to for help and guidance during the good and bad times. I have found peace that doesn't come from this world. I love being on a mission and dang, Mom and familia... I miss you like crazy!! But I know this is the biggest blessing my Heavenly Father has ever given me and its so cool how Heavenly Father gives me motivation to work harder when I think about y'all! Can't wait to skype again on Mothers day!!! LOVE YOU!

I hope you all had a beautiful christmas and I wish you a happy new year! :D

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Quote that hit me this week:
"Nothing else, no other choice we make, can make of us what He can." 
~ President Thomas S. Monson

They let us borrow some of their overalls, they "packed us up too tight" Could barely move! Felt like Marshmellows! 
Elder Menlove made us hats!

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