Saturday, January 17, 2015


This week has had its challenges and successes but let me tell you, I love training & I love 12 week! The extra hour of companionship study that we get has had a huge influence on the rest of our day and I feel like being the trainer is teaching me more than when I was the trainee!

It was sad to saying goodbye to Sister Dax but I'm excited to see how this transfer goes. :) So day of transfers, I had to get to transfer meeting early so I could go to President's training for trainers. It was a really neat meeting. As we were going over the responsibility of being a trainer, I felt both totally inadequate, a little overwhelmed, but more than anything, completely honored. President wrote me a letter in the trainer packet he gave me and he said he has complete trust and confidence in me. As I read his letter, saw his signature at the bottom, I had this renew of confidence. Like, "Hey you can do this!! You got this!" It was what I needed. Being a trainer is hard but I absolutely love it. I am so grateful to be training. I am learning so much and to know I have helped Sister Kennedy even a little bit, is a wonderful feeling. I feel honored to be training such a wonderful sister.

A little about Sister Kennedy... She is very quiet which makes it hard to teach in unity, since I am the only one speaking, but we have been setting goals to help her speak and we have been practicing "opening our mouth." She is very shy and so quiet but over the last few days she has been speaking more, has been testifying more, and has opened up to me. During weekly planning she had a little bit of a break down so we said a prayer and I had this prompting to ask her to reflect upon her patriarchal blessing. All I asked was, "does your blessing say you can do this mission?" She broke into tears and said, "it does." It was a cool experience. I am grateful the Spirit put that question into my head because it was exactly what Sister Kennedy needed. We then read our certificate signed by president Monson stating that we have been called to do this work and as we read that, we both felt extra strength from it. We set a goal to stay positive and to turn our negative thoughts about ourselves into positives. We did our 5 "I ams" that I remember from a training a while back, and we have been doing our 5 "I ams" everyday. We also wrote down a Trust in God sticky note that we put on our mirror in the bathroom. She looked at me like I was silly when I told her we were going to have a trust in God sticky note and that we were going to read it and say it to ourselves right there. So yeah, we basically made a cheer for ourselves. :) Anyway that's what we did and even though she looked at me like I was totally crazy, It worked and is still working! Us saying we trust the Lord out loud and saying how we trust Him, it has helped us get rid of doubts and I believe it has helped Sister Kennedy know I am here for her. Her confidence is increasing.

Anywho! I know Sister Kennedy will get the confidence to open her mouth and she told me last night that she didn't know a mission could be this much fun. Haha :) She told me I am the craziest companion she has ever had (even though she has only had 3 haha) and thinks its hilarious that I dance in the car to my Christian jams but hey, dancing in the car isn't against the rules! So yep, everything is going good and we are both improving every day. OH!! And Macy is getting baptized this weekend! We are soooo excited!!!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Sister Coats

Bye Sister Dax with the Jones!!! <3 Ya know sometimes I feel like Heavenly Father sends certain companions to an area... just for me:) Yeah I'm selfish like that ;P haha

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