Monday, August 31, 2015

August 17 17 Month Mark!

Exchanges were extremely difficult. Its hard when all I want to do is love the sisters and they want no part of it. One sister choose to not like me, even before the exchange started. I had no idea she could dislike me so much when she doesn't even know me. With how much hate she had towards me, it made it impossible for the spirit to be with us. Because I could feel the unknown tension I asked how she was doing. She looked me in the eye, raised her voice, and said, "You prissy barbie sister! You are perfect and then you come in and tell me what to do and expect me to listen to a leader as awful as you!" I sat there.. and to be honest my 1st thought was, "You think I'm perfect, you really must not know me at all" #FooledHer JK :P It was quite awful really. As she went on yelling at me... pointing out my every flaw, as if I didn't already know I had a trillion, I had a prayer in my heart. I was able to not say anything which then seemed to make her even more upset because I just took it. "Oh now you are going to act all humble and be like how can I help you? Well I don't want your help." Y'all get the jist of this, the sister hates me basically just because I am an STL. When I finally was able to talk, totally the spirit not me, I told her how much her Heavenly Father loves her and that I just want to help her be a better missionary so I can be a better missionary too. That we can be better missionaries together. I asked her how I could help and told her that all I was here for was to love her. She flat out told me she wanted none of it. That hurt my heart, yes the words hurt but more than anything was seeing how sad she was that she wanted to bring me down with her. It was such a horrid exchange that we ended early and I was so grateful to see Sister Pohahau again! I needed her! She saved me haha we talked to Sister Curtis concerning the matter and what a blessing it is to have leaders that I know love me and want to help me. Its pretty awesome how Heavenly Father definitely works through other people to give us a lift. The saying of "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." Personally, I'd rather be hit with sticks and stones. After the scene, Sister Pohahau helped me realize how the spirit was with me. I was able to be quiet and just listen to that sister vent and hate on me but after prayer and talking it over, Its just easier to forgive the sister and keep loving her. Even if she doesn't want anything to do with me she can't stop me from caring about her! Haha Kill em' with kindness! ;) Its amazing that I actually have just typed out this paragraph without crying and without any negativity, I really feel like a year ago, I would have been like, "woo is me." But hey, its all good. Everything always works out especially when you are in the Service of your Lord and the sister will come around. Even if its after our missions. If nothing else I can always pray for her and I am grateful to know how powerful prayer really is.

Terson was baptized this week! He was so happy! Seeing him so happy made us soo happy too! Some of his family members came and they came to his confirmation too. IT was way rad hearing his confirmation in his native language, didn't know what was said, but the spirit was there. :) Seeing the happiness that comes to others from the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes me even more appreciative to be have the opportunity to share it with them. How lucky am I to be doing his work? SO LUCKY! And we all can be a part of it! That's the coolest part. We can all do His work, together and with Him. Terson's conversion is so solid because he had the ward members with him when we couldn't be and Heavenly Father has a purpose for all of us. He trusts us to do His work and we don't have to do it alone! I want to do His work forever. Its too fun, rewarding, and the love that is felt is indescribable! 

I am grateful for Sister Pohahau. She helps me everyday. We have powerful companionship studies and we teach well together. She has a desire to be obedient and so do I. She works as hard as she can every day. I feel like we push each other to be our best! I am also grateful for how well she can correct disobedience or rudeness and stay strong with it. She isn't a, (what I feel like I am) "Pushover." OH! Funny moments, I greatly appreciate the death stare she gave to an investigator this week. He isn't seeing us as missionaries anymore but Sister Pohahau is my protector! Haha! Like really does no one see our name badges? Whatever, we handed him over to ward and she set him straight! OH! So funny story from yesterday. We were walking out of our garage and there was this red truck just parked in the middle of the street. Sister Pohahau realized that they have been there for a while. We go to close the garage and get into our car and then the truck attempts to pull away super fast (realizing that we saw them looking at us) but over turns his wheel too hard, hits the curb, drives into the neighbors lawn, and almost hits this big tree in front, barely missing our car. (FYI We live on a straight road, so who knows where he was turning in the 1st place!) Sister Pohahau got super embarrassed for them, then I did too, she walk into the house, after a few minutes of looking at them like "What the?" I follow her into the home and we proceeded to stare out the front window at them...  We were laughing so hard we had to sit on the floor to hide. These 2 brown people get out to see if there truck is good and then get back in and drive away. Finally, we go back out to finally leave. We pass by our recent convert's house (who is from Micronesia) and there's a bunch of cars out front, one of them being that truck! #BeingStalked Sister Pohahau looked the other way and I busted up laughing, wanting to drive by one more time to make sure thats the same red truck! IT was! & Dang SO FUNNY! (Maybe you had to be there?) All these islanders just sitting outside #WhatJustHappened I think Sister Pohahau and her island beauty distracted them. She thinks they were drunk but it was like 2 in the afternoon and yeah, I mean you could get drunk anytime of the day but I just don't think they were drunk. I think they followed us home (we only live around the block from them) and then they got distracted by her/we caught em'! Hahaha Pretty dang funny. Trouble trouble trouble.

Have a great week everyone!

Sister Coats
Scripture of the week
Isaiah 49:16 "Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me."

I didn't get any pics sent to me yet, and I knew you'd still want a picture mom, so yeah... this is the picture of the week. I got hecka sick after one of our exchanges... here ya go Mom! See I do remember to send you pictures! Haha Love ya! :P

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