Monday, August 31, 2015

July 27 I Don't Know Where I am!

I am so unorganized... like really... and the problem is I want to work so bad and so I feel like me taking the time to get organized is wasting time when in reality its not because I can't think straight.:P Sister McCallum is great, she is always so calm and relax, its a good balance hahah Gosh i'm crazy I know. But Hey! K is getting baptized this week! I'm so excited! She is so ready! We get to plan everything out tonight!!! OHH! MAN!! I can't wait and neither can she.

We went on back to back exchanges, my brain is fried. Not that I don't completely love the sisters, I'm just tired haha but hey they were super fun & spiritual! I got to go to Mountain Home!!!!! EEEE!!! When I saw Sister Parsons, I instantly started to cry! Oh how I've missed her!!! I love her so much and she inspires me to be better. She is so close to the spirit. Being with her is like being with my Mom. <3 It was like Heavenly Father knew I needed to see her and get a hug from her. Out of everyone, I really needed a hug from Sister Parsons. <3 Plus! I got to see her grandson Adam and granddaughter Kaylin,I met them exactly a year ago! I don't know what it is but I love them so unbelievably much. I feel like we all knew each other before this life. I have a feeling they are going to do amazing things in this life, their spirits shine. They have pure hearts and desire to do good. :) I also got to see the ChungHee's and Kolby! (plus I got to see Sister Borgholthaus again!) It was like returning home. "I'm coming I'm coming home, tell the world I'm coming home." <- I sang that song into Mountain Home. <3 Man, seeing them, it was kinda like I never left, which is how I know we all must love each other bunches! Haha because it truly felt like home. Ya know seeing Kolby was perfect. When we were driving to go see him, I got so excited, I was like a kid on Christmas morning! When he drove up in Mater, I WAS ECSTATIC! I basically ran up to him and dang, I wanted to hug him so bad!! ERRH! But its all good, air hugs will do for now :P Kolby has such a strong testimony. He has changed so much. Sister Parsons told me they went to the temple and did baptisms! When I hear of the happiness that has come to their lives from the gospel, my happiness grows. Its like as I share the gospel and see hearts accept it and live it, I appreciate it more, I love it more, and I love them even more. I see the love the Savior has for them. As they grow, I grow with them. Its hard to explain but there really is no better feeling than seeing others find the happiness of the gospel! Feel their Saviors love <3 :) I was transferred last year 4 days before Kolby's baptism, and to see him this week, what a tender mercy! He strengthened me. He knows who he want's to be and knows the importance of being worthy to hold the priesthood. He doesn't let his weaknesses weigh him down, I admire his strength to always continue on. With an insane and overwhelming week I had, I needed to feel at home again. Doctrine and Covenants 121:9 "Thy friends do stand by thee, and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendly hands." This scripture was exactly what I felt when I got to see Sister Parsons & Kolby, and those I love again. It's amazing the bond that is created through the spirit. I know my Heavenly Father loves me, I know He loves all of us, and I often feel his love for me through other people. 

We got new investigators coming out of our ears! Haha! Its so freaking awesome that we get to teach this many people! We are so busy! The hardest thing we are dealing with is managing our time and getting all our appointments in. 24 hours in a day just isn't enough time! I love having this many people to teach and study for. I've realized as I study for other people, answers come to my own questions and I gain deeper understanding of their questions. We had some spirit packed lessons this week. On our 1st lesson with Jessica, we taught the restoration and committed her to baptism. The coolest experience though was with Dave & Jamie. Dave was an investigator in the AP's ward but he moved to our area, we set up an appointment, and we were happily surprised when they came to the church and his girlfriend got out of the car with him. Jamie told us that as Dave was explaining what us missionaries do, she wanted to come with him and was like, "I'm going whether or not you're okay with it. Drive." Haha :)  Jamie was raised to stay away from "those Mormons" but over time her heart has been softened. She use to be a drug attic. As we helped her come to recognize the spirit she shared with us an experience she had, her friend took her to Utah and they saw the statue of Christ in the visitors center on Temple square. She explained, "As I looked at the statue, with his arms outstretched, it felt like I was standing in front of the savior himself, I couldn't speak, all I could do was cry. I can't explain it. I was overcome and the only way I could express it was through tears." (She was softly crying as she explained. <3) she continued, "And as you are talking to me right now, I can feel the same feeling I felt there. All I've ever wanted was a place to call home. I feel whole when I feel this way." Jamie was feeling the spirit. It was powerful. Sister McCallum was inspired to take them on a tour of the church building. The 1st painting in the church is a picture of Christ breaking bread. I've never actually taken that much time to ponder the meaning of that painting. Its amazing how powerful a painting of the Savior can be. As we testified of Christ's atonement, the meaning of the sacrament, the bread and the water, we then took them into the chapel. As Jamie walked into the chapel, she was overcome, "This is it. This is Home. This is what I've been looking for my entire life." I was in tears, she was in tears, we all were! All I could do was hug her, it felt like a hug of angels. <3 Jamie is so prepared and willing to act. She even came to church all by herself, and shared her testimony on how the Church of Jesus Christ has the fullness of the Gospel, and how so many questions, & holes have been filled. There is nothing missing anymore.  It was interesting to me when she explained fasting, how when she was growing up they fasted just because that's what they did, she didn't know that we can fast for a purpose, fast to bring ourselves closer to God. I think the reason why that impacted me so much is because sometimes I take for granted that I am a member of Christ's church and I have been given all the tools I need to return to Him. There are no missing pieces. I know this is Christ's church and I am grateful for the reminder I received from Jamie, to be appreciative that there are no missing links. This is Christ's full gospel restored to the earth.

I am HIS missionary and the change that has happened to me because of it, is a change I hope to continue. I don't want to just do what disciples do, I want to BE HIS disciple! I want to BECOME like Him, and I know He has put specific people in my life for a reason, whether I strengthen them or they strengthen me, there is a reason, I know He is in charge. I know I've been sent here at a specific time for specific people. He has sent me where I can do the most, where I can BECOME who I want to be, that is who He wants me to be. He has sent me to exactly where I need to be. I know He watches over us. He loves us. I know it.

PS: Sorry if this is everywhere,..... yeah... my mind is too so uh huh... yep... okay bye now.

<3 Sister Coats

3 Nephi 17:18-23
"And it came to pass that when Jesus had made an end of praying unto the Father, he arose; but so great was the joy of the multitude that they were overcome. And it came to pass that Jesus spake unto them, and bade them arise. And they arose from the earth, and he said unto them: Blessed are ye because of your faith. And now behold, my joy is full. And when he had said these words, he wept, and the multitude bare record of it, and he took their little children, one by one, and blessed them, and prayed unto the Father for them. And when he had done this he wept againAnd he spake unto the multitude, and said unto them: Behold your little ones."
I know our Savior Jesus Christ lives. I know He knows us individually. We are His.

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