Monday, June 1, 2015

Poor Bunny


Wasn't Conference awesome! ~Owsley said thats my word, "Awesome!" She quotes me in a valley girl voice like, "Awesome!" Its great haha Conference was so uplifting. We got to watch it with the Summers, Fay, Ivies, and man, so fun & spiritual! We played conference bingo and colored and ate too many cadberry eggs! :) I thought it was super neat how Uchtdorf talked about Grace, I've had a lot of questions about it and I think I'm starting to see a clearer picture. For example Repentance is something we do because we want to change, the more I come to understand Christ's infinite grace the more I want to repent/change for Him. I want to give my heart more fully to Him. Like Uchtdorf said, "His grace allows & enables us to overcome sin." For me thats a constant everyday battle haha :) Anyway, conference was great and something that hit me was Kevin W. Pearsons talk. He said "Average is the enemy of excellence." & "Daily discipleship will determine our eternal destiny." Those statements made me think how I don't want to be average, I don't want to just be a good disciple some days, I want to be an extraordinary disciple each and every day! :) Also! I think the biggest focus of conference for me was FAMILY! I am so grateful to know that families can be together forever, that my family can be together forever, and that He has a prepared a way for us to live as families forever in his presence. For me, it is so much easier to follow the commandments, be more motivated, when I think of my family. When I think that I will someday have the opportunity to teach my future children to dance to the music of the Lord, I can't help but be so grateful to know that families are forever. That the relationships we build now can last forever in eternal bliss. He Loves us! Man! It blows my mind! He loves us! I wish I could portray the feelings of my heart into the words I am trying to write, but words can't explain this feeling of knowing HE LOVES US. He lives us, He is with us if we allow Him to be, He will never give up on us.  

Sister Owsley and my relationship is getting better everyday. We have lots of funny moments and spiritual ones too. I'm trying to be open with her so she can be open with me but at the same time I feel like I am being more open than she is and putting myself out there and getting shut down, what I mean by that is she still seems to have a wall up that I can't break through... Maybe I shouldn't be so open. I don't know. I just want her to know she can trust me and that I love her. Something that has helped  us I think, I have been making her bed in the morning, silly but it does help! Hehe :) She never makes her bed so hey, I make it for her! :P Another great thing that has helped our relationship is our decision to get closer to Christ, together. I believe we all can still bring ourselves closer to Him. We've been trying to build our faith in Christ together and by doing so we have built a stronger friendship and level of trust. I really wish Sister Owsley could see herself the way I see her, the way the Lord see's her, the amazing sister she is. :)

Oh! Something awesome that happened this week was we were able to set up times to contact referrals with members, set a few appointments and Fay Hansen isn't less active anymore! She is getting ready for the temple! That was an awesome change to write on the progress record! :D

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. My testimony was strengthened on how Christ truly does live. He lives. I know that He lives, I am quicker to forget that truth than I am to remember it, but I believe that after this spiritual Easter that will change. As my testimony grows, I've recognized a change in myself, and I've seen my heart & others hearts soften. I know He lives, I can feel it. I am so grateful to know this beautiful truth. He lives for you and me. He lives for us.

I feel like I'm missing something... but I'm tired... we got to go branding for the last time since its not allowed anymore, anywho, I got into it but at the same time it was quite awkward for us because it seemed like all the single guys in Mackay were there and um... yeah... they are nice guys, yep okay enough said. Haha Have a wonderful week everyone! Happy Easter!

Scripture of the Day Jeremiah 29:13 "And ye shall see me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart."
My Challenge to you... He lives. Find Him.

Sister Coats

PS: Thank you mom for the Easter Surprise! When the Summers gave us your easter baskets and then played "He has risen now" and you were singing it.... I busted up into tears. <3 I couldn't hold it in! This was the happiest Easter of my life! I have never felt so close to my Savior and loved my family so much! I love you Mom! Thank you! <3 


So my funnies for the week since I really have no desire to write.. (hoping this will give me the motivation)

1. We totally related revelations to Harry Potter... which let me say was pretty hard considering sister Coats has NEVER SEEN HARRY POTTER!!! haha (ya gave her a really hard time about that)
2. We went to the Ippolitos for dinner this week again and there neighbor Hank was over and let me just say we laughed a lot.... "10-4... that's cop terms" . haha ya we know haha 
3. We went to Sammy's and got some freal shakes and on the inside of mine it said.. "Chocolate brings excitement... your welcome" Kind of made my day
4. sister Coats killed the Easter bunny... yup you heard right . BLAME HER!!! haha on our way home form the Tiecherts, she hit a huge jack rabbit. Pretty sure it exploded 
5. So a saying they have here is " I smell bacon, I smell grease, I smell Idaho State Police" hahah  enough said for the record we can not figure out why our house smelled. So We came in one day and it stunk bad. So I grabbed the febreeze and started spraying it well I tripped so I turned it into a dance...yup Im cool! 
7. Macy, one of our Recent Converts she is 10 and so basically her jokes are hilarious! She turned to us randomly and was like "imagine Jesus entering at a baseball game.. and NEXT UP JESUS... * the crowd* AHHHHHHHHHH!" haha kids say the darn-est things
8. So We had some new faces in Book of Mormon Class which was awesome. One of them consisted of Velma Metcalf from Leslie (mind you she is like 90) So we are discussing agency and how its a gift and no one can take it from us and she shouts out "ya except for mothers!" bahahah 
9. After branding I totally got rebuked for calling them "CHAPS"... they are really pronounced, "SHAPS." Haha yeah still don't get the difference. 

Last week's list!

1. Ya no deer this week surprisingly!! but there was a moose... ya....
2. so we had dinner with some non-member... ya they were totally drunk during dinner When we shared a message they were just all sorts of confusing...haha  PURE ENTERTAINMENT! :) it was funny! 
3. The awkward moment as a missionary when in the Book of Mormon class people start speculating on different things and you and your companion just look at each other like "you want to take this?" 
4.  I have learned more about the anatomy of a cow here than I think I ever wanted to...
5. our dinner with Fay this week wasn't actually scheduled we totally had another dinner planned but she called us at like 3 and asked when we were coming over and that the food was almost ready... ya we busted up laughing! 
6. Fay Hansen is also one of my favorite people because as we are going through her Family History a picture of her ex-daughter-in-law  to which she pointed out that " None of us even like her butt anyways!" haha Old ladies get away with so much! 

that's all folks.... :)

Pics: I killed the Easter Bunny, Madison (summers little girl) hates me now haha thanks for telling them Sister Owsley! :D We went hiking today :)

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