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April 27 VIP

We were so busy this week, it was awesome! We visited a ton of people! We are making popcorn for our movie night with the Gentreys tonight so we have to hurry because whoa, we got a lot to do so! Any who, the worst thing that happened this week was my USB got a virus so I lost almost all of my photos from my mission. Yep... I cried... then I prayed... at 1st I thought it was something too little or dumb to pray to God about but right after I prayed, I was comforted because for me, my mission pictures are really important! Thats memories! And it was nice to feel Him comforting me because it was important to me, it is important to Him. I haven't been able to find any of my photos but hey, hopefully some of y'all can send me some I've sent out or something after my mission so I can have a few. :)

Alrighty another thing I lost this week was my wallet. I am the best at losing stuff. We called Elder McQueen that I didn't want to drive without knowing where my license was so Sister Owsley was like, "You goody good." Whatever haha well she was the driver. After being driven around everywhere, it was so nice just chilling in the passenger seat, I begged Elder McQueen to make her designated driver and he did! He warned me thought that owsley being the DD actually stands for "Dangerous death" Haha shes a crazy driver but I don't have to drive anymore, its fabulous! Anywho, I left my wallet at Lula's and she answered phone like, "How much you got in it!?" It was hilarious. Only old ladies can get away with sounding abrasive and whatnot.  While we were at her house she asked us to sing for her. We stood up and like she asked, we sang for her. Before we knew it, Sister Owsley and I were dancing and Singing, having a grand old time! & Lula was bustin up! She said, "If I weren't old, I'd join you!" We should have our own show ;) (btw, we sang in Stake Conference this week, people said we did great so... I'm just gonna trust them on that) After our talent performance for Lula we then did service for Carley. We finished her stairs and Rose was my helper. She pointed out every hole in the wood that I needed to fill. ;) After finishing the stairs, Carley started to ask us questions... Questions that I have been waiting for her to ask since I got here! Months ago she said she didn't want to learn more but we believe Heavenly Father softened her heart big time. She was asking us simple yet bold questions. Her concern is every other church she has been part of has been run by man... so she believes religion is only for people who want all your time and money... but we were able to testify that we know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is different than any other church because it is Christ Church once again restored to the earth. It is His... and unlike anytime before, she listened. We read the Book of Mormon introduction and invited her to read and pray about it, and she said Yes! It was a great testimony builder to me to know that simple questions like, "Is your Church run by man? Is the heirachy of your church perfect?" I can answer with power because I know those answers. I know it in my heart. His Church is run by Him and that His Church is perfect. So cool that the Holy Ghost testified to her heart that what we are sharing is true. Not everyone can do that, not everyone can say I know this is Christ Church yet because we do know that, we can! Which is why it was such a neat experience for me because I know this is His Church, I know I am a member of Christ's church, and that His church is led by Him, and when I testify of these things, there is power behind my words, power not from me. I am grateful for this knowledge and so grateful for how the spirit touched her heart. Something clicked. :)

Another miracle this week is Elder Blake R. Alder came to our stake conference and he visited the Gentreys. A family that we have been trying so hard to progress. Elder Alder visited them and whatever he did for them or invited them to do, increased John's desire to learn about the gospel. The Gentreys are a part member family, in active, and the parents aren't married, and said they aren't going to get married because of finances and cash they receive from the state... Anyway, Elder & Sister Alder touched their hearts. The Gentreys came to both sessions of stake conference and the members were so warm and welcoming! Some of the Sisters volunteered to watch their babies so they could enjoy the conference. How sweet is that? These awesome women were more than willing to miss conference for themselves so that the Gentreys could experience it and because they could focus on the conference and feel the spirit, their hearts were changed. The Gentreys seemed to be glowing and looked so happy to be there. We felt so lucky that we got to sit by them. After conference was over, Elder Alder walked up to us and the Gentreys and committed them to take the lessons and let us come over at least 3 times a week. John said yes and I wanted to cry I was so happy for them, Sharyl was so happy! Elder Alder after put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Now, you get them to the waters of baptism." I replied, "We will and more." He got what I meant and replied, "Exactly! Help them get to the temple!" :D We set up dinner with the Gentreys and after dinner we shared the Book of Mormon and invited John to be baptized on June 6th. He said, "Yes, and while we were at conference the spirit whispered to me what I needed to do to be a better father. We need to get married, we might even get married tomorrow! And I promised Elder Alder that I would meet with you sisters and listen. I keep my promises." So YAY! The Gentreys are getting married! & Not only that but they as a family are going to try to come to church everyweek and pray morning and night. It was nothing short of a miracle. Seriously, the Gentreys needed to be at stake conference and I am so grateful that our Stake President and Elder Alder were inspired to visit them and helped them recognize and feel the spirit. 

Okay, one last thing, after stake conference Elder & Sister Alder took a picture with us and invited us to dinner with them. We felt like we were in the VIP section! :D President even bragged about us to them! And so did the members! We felt so loved! Sister Owsley and I were just like, "All we are doing is trying... whoa." I'm not saying this to brag at all, it was just neat because almost always, no one ever says anything about the good you do or try to do. Quiet discipleship... and then to feel appreciated and loved it was really neat... And Sister Alder gave us one of the best compliments I have ever received. She complimented me on my countenance. She said, "I don't use this word lightly, you are special. You radiate with the spirit. My husband and I yesterday saw you while we were sitting on the stand and we could both feel your presence and see your light. There are not many who have that gift, treasure it." Talk about feeling on top of the world! Sister Owsley and I felt like we were living a dream!

This week was fantastic, set baptism dates got new investigators (who I thought because they had rejected us once that they'd reject us again! But I was so wrong! :D) and we both grew spiritually. We didn't need the appreciation for the ward, President, or other leaders (even though it was really nice haha) we came to feel and understand that the most important person we strive to please is our Father in Heaven. And that He hears us and speaks to us in our language and understanding, He speaks to our heart. I am so grateful to be serving a mission. For the change of heart it has brought to me & others. I am coming closer to Christ everyday and I am understanding more of who I am because of Him. I know He knows me and I want to Know Him. I know He lives but I truly want to understand and Know more of who He is. I want to be pure in heart, I want to be more like Him. 

Psalm 19:7-9 "The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple. The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes. The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring for ever: the judgements of the Lord are true and righteous altogether."

PS: Cool thing I learned this week; when we partake of the sacrament we aren't just renewing our baptism covenants but all of our covenants. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is eternal & God's glory is all around us.

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