Monday, June 22, 2015

Sista SIstah Sistah

I got sick on exchanges. I was pushing myself to work because I know I'm way miserable when i'm not working and plus, the sister I was on exchanges with, to say the least, prefers to stay home. I was annoyed with myself and her.... annoyed that she was so happy to be home, even if I was dying... annoyed that I was sick, felt sick and looked sick, I tried to push through but Sister James (she is like the Mom of us 4) dragged me to the doctor, which was miserable because then I was forced to stay home and the Sister I was on exchanges with was so freaking happy that we were home. It was so annoying. I was trying to be loving but man, I'm grateful that I just didn't say anything... She said, "This has been the best exchange ever!"... like really? This is the best exchange ever? I'm dying! GRR!!!! I was so bugged, but as I prayed for her, Heavenly Father helped me love her and I realized that she just doesn't feel important in the work and even though I was sick, she was able to help me rest... by forcing me to go to bed hahah plus me needing her help, made her feel like she had value. Heavenly Father definitely softened my heart in the situation and helped me love her and desire her to be happy. I'm very glad Sister Mac and Sister James were there too though... They all took care of me, went to the pharmacy for me, and even entertained the other sister, they really helped build her confidence. :) I guess out of all people to be sick with, at least it made her happy...?.... haha the whole situation did give me an opportunity to stay quiet, to pray for understanding, and to be patience, and it proved to me how much the sisters love me. Sister Mac held my hair as I praised the toilet bowl (Bill Cosby, "I love you toilet bowl.") and Sister James was outside the door for moral support. Awe, true buddies right there haha 

I am going to miss having the sisters living with us. We've all learned a lot and have had a lot of fun together. We just have way too much fun together! From praying to singing, to giggle fests and dances, I'm going to miss them! They've helped me a lot! I'm especially going to miss our nightly body slams! Haha Mac and I laughing so hard and being body slammed, "CAN"T BREATH!" Awe! I'm going to miss them! I don't want them to leave and I don't want Sister James to go home. I love them. Sister MacDonald, Sister James, Sister McCallum, they are wonderful at always seeing the positive, no matter the situation. I'm grateful for their insights and desire to continue to turn their hearts to the Lord. This week was difficult because it was easy for me to get down on myself for being sick... because I feel I should be able to just push through it and when I can't, I beat myself up about it. The Sisters helped me see that its okay to have weaknesses and that I am doing more good than I realize. I am grateful for how we all strive to strengthen each other and complimented each other and our nightly prayers really brought us together. Us sisters are good at pointing out our flaws but over just this week, it seemed like all of us have become more confident because we don't let negative thoughts dwell. We strive to point out only the positives about each other and about ourselves. It hit me how Heavenly Father answers prayers through other people. I couldn't sleep because I was so mad at myself for being weak, I went upstairs to pray. As I prayed for my Mom, Sister James snuck in and hugged me, it was like I could feel my mom near me. <3 When I'm sick all I want is my mom, and through a simple prayer being answered it was like I was feeling the same comfort that I get from being with my mom. Heavenly Father helped me feel close to my mom <3

Oh! And to top all of this off, I went to go get my hair done and the lady died it orange, then to get rid of the orange, she put a toner on it that kept the roots orange and make my hair gray with blue/silverish tips. I was freaking out! I was getting looks like, "Did she do that on purpose?" IT WAS AWFUL! It was so bad that Sister Curtis accepted my plea and let me go get my hair back to normal. Yep. Tough week in this neck of the woods. From horrid hair, & barely being able to move, I was just so grateful to be out working again. I'm so much happier when I work. Its pretty dang awesome how doing Heavenly Father's work, brings happiness! It makes me feel important and valued. To see the change that takes place in others lives because of the gospel, as well as the change that comes in my own life from the gospel, its beautiful. Its pure happiness. Its absolute joy!

Btw, Terson came to stake conference! He came he came he came! He came to All sessions of it! It was awesome to see how the spirit touched his heart even though english isn't his 1st language. He thanked us for inviting him to church. He said, "I'm happy here. Its a different happy when I'm here. My wife will be here." He is working so hard to bring his family over to america from Chute and its awesome how he sees how heavenly Father is helping him in every aspect of his life.

I gotta go, saying bye to my buddies going home today, I don't want them to leave! Have a wonderful week! Sorry if this is all over the place!

PS: With areas combining, we are now over the sisters in Mountain home! I hope we get to go on exchanges to Mountain Home asap!! YAY!

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Quote of the Day!
"I am grateful that I cannot cause all the blind to see, or cause all the deaf to hear, or all the lame to walk, for in doing so I might thwart the purposes of God." ~ President Spencer W. Kimball

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