Monday, June 1, 2015

#13 My Lucky Number

Sister Owsley has been sick a lot and we think we have finally found out why. We went to Idaho falls for an emergency appointment with the mission doctor, (& guess who drove us! The Ippolitos and Hank!!! Whoop Whoop!) We found out that Sister Owsley is allergic to gluten, lactose, pomegranate, & coconut. So like everything basically haha Jimmy was like, "You might as well die now." ;P The 1st couple days were hard with the major diet change but its getting a lot easier and we both can feel the difference. I can't believe I am actually starting to enjoy eating healthy haha :) Plus we have been able to work so much more because she hasn't been sick. I am not a good person to keep at home, I go stir crazy, and yeah... Anywho our drive with the Ippolitos & Hank was fantastic. Its amazing how we can feel the love Christ has for them, which makes us love them even more! Love is what softens hearts. Love is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jimmy calls me his daughter and I call him (say in Italian accent) Mi Papa! Oh! I gotta tell you something hilarious, so we ate at a hibachi grill, those places are way cool, well the Japanese guy um... it was probably the most awkward moment on my mission ever... The guy, our cook, kept um... hitting on me... he kept asking to be my (Asian accent here) "boyfrien." I was like ".... eh.... I am on a mission." He was like, "I go on mission for you baby. Who you on mission for baby?" Me, "For Jesus..." (Owsley, Hank, the Ippolitos kept edging him on, they were just rolling over my extreme embarrassment) Japanese guy "No baby, you on mission to my heart." Me "...." I looked over at everyone laughing way hard and then this guy was like, ya know cooking my food, made my rice into a heart and kept not giving me my food, I can't believe how awkward that was... finally lunch was over and then of course no one could let it go, well we then came out of the gas station and Jimmy & Hank ran up to me (with their eyes all Asian like) and were like, "Sister Coats Sister Coats, me your boyfrien, boyfrien!" Man, even though this was the most embarrassing experience on my mission it was a blessing in disguise because the ippolitos and Hank seemed to love me even more. So yeah. Oh! We asked Jimmy if he thought he'd ever thought he'd be driving around 2 Mormons his reply, "HELL NO!" So great haha :) And guess what, Jimmy isn't atheist anymore! OH YEAH! :D

Arlene came to church this week!!!! & When we were visiting Fay she told us, "God must've known I needed you girls." Talk about hitting my heart! I am so grateful that we have been able to help her in anyway! <3 <3 <3 We taught the wasylow girls and the Fullmers came with. Their mom was sick but their dad was there. We invited him to sit in (he isn't a member) we taught the restoration, he shared an experience he had when he went on a FFA trip and they visited Carthage jail. He explained the humble feelings he had, Brother Fullmer explained how that was the spirit. Before the lesson we planned with the Fullmers on points they specifically would teach, that extra planning made a world of a difference. When we taught with the Fullmers, the spirit was there, we were in unity, and brother Wasylow felt the truth of the message we had to share. It was a miracle for him to have even sat in on the lesson and another miracle for him to even listen to what we had to say. As we all testified so did Brother Wasylow. It was a miracle.  He is going to read the Book of Mormon and has a sincere desire to learn more. It was amazing. He is the leader of their home and him being interested in the gospel is a major step for the entire family. Sister Owsley & I after our lesson did a party dance in the Fullmers car, we said a thank you prayer with them and we all felt that we did what the Lord wanted us to do. Brother Wasylows daughters follow his example and I know that if he truly seeks the truth, he will find it, and his family will follow. 
We had a missionary fireside yesterday, President Curtis came. It was so awesome! We were all afraid that not many people would come, but we had a full house and the members needed what President had to say. I am so grateful for him and his wife! They are sincere in all they do. All the speakers were so inspired. Sister Sayer gave the most amazing talk! She was mad at us for recommending her name but man, she nailed it! ;) We are all part of His work. We have to all work together and I think we forget how big of an impact the small things have. We are all missionaries. There are people out there praying for what we have. Praying for someone to share the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Praying for you to share it with them. <3 Something I realized this week... I was happy without the knowledge (or having an understanding) of the gospel but I had no idea how much I was missing, I didn't know how much happier I could be, and that's what we are trying to help others see. Most people here are okay and happy with what they have, they just don't know how much happier they can be, the peace they are burning for, the joy of the gospel is eternal. Its beyond price. I am so grateful to now have this knowledge and I feel honored to share it with others. I know He lives, I know the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and I know He hears my prayers. Elder David A. Bednar taught that “fear is dispelled through a correct knowledge of and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.” We have the gospel of Jesus Christ and how blessed are we!? And how blessed are we to share it with others!? :) 
Btw Sister Owsley and I studied patience in Preach my Gospel this morning & this hit me; "Patience is the capacity to endure delay, trouble, opposition, or suffering without becoming angry, frustrated, or anxious... Patience is related to hope and faith - you must wait for the Lord's promised blessings to be fulfilled." I am learning to endure joyfully with some struggles I have been facing.
I can't believe I am 13 months out now... I want to be a missionary forever! Scripture of the Day Isaiah 41:13"For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee."  I am facing trials that before I didn't think I would ever really go through but I know who I trust and I know who's I am. <3
Sister Coats

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