Monday, June 1, 2015

May 4 2015 Monsters Inc Lady "I'm Always Watching"

The Gentreys are moving a long great! They are always busy but they meet with us as much as they can. Its so cool to see how they are growing as a family and how Danny especially is clinging to the gospel. He is such a great example to his siblings, he is the 2nd to the oldest, but he is setting an example for his older and younger brothers. Danny does everything we invite him to do and not only that, he wants to do it. Its so sweet to me that I get to help him learn and he is helping me learn too. His desire to learn increases my desire to teach. He may only be 13 but he is setting a far bigger example then he knows. His little brothers look up to him and his older brother seems to be starting to want what Danny has.

We did so much service this week. We changed pipes, shoveled back yards, weeded gardens, raked billions of leaves, man, we were beat. We also helped Carley get her home all ready for her in-laws to come, they're from the UK. We got the room they are staying in totally perfect and we even put together a, "Welcome to America" goodie basket for them. It was fun and Carley said it made a world of a difference that we helped. When she was thanking us for all our help I realized how sometimes its the small things that mean the most. All we did was do what Carley asked us to do and she was so thankful for it, not even that big of chores to do... It was cool to know that we helped her so much, things that were easy for us to do seemed to be just another thing on her long to do list. Carley said, "I love how you girls come over and see something that needs to be done and you just do it, you have no idea how much that helps me. How much you girls have helped me. It takes a lot out of me to ask for help so thank you." It was real sweet <3 Its cool how helping others in turn really helps yourself because the more work we did for her, the more I came to love her (I already adored her before but it just multiplied), & the more she came to love us, and the things that were bugging me personally started to disappear. The harder I work the more I forget about myself and the happier I become. I think Satan is good at making us think we have to think about ourselves or how else are we going to progress? When in reality thats a big fat lie. The more we focus on others and forget about ourselves thats how we come to be like our Savior Jesus Christ. And when we have that desire we want to purify our hearts, turn towards Him in all that we do and I know that is when I really start to progress and change. Our Savior never complained or had a "whoa is me" party, not once! & He was always serving others and I know that as I continue to try and do that the happier I am, the more I come to understand who I am, and the more successful I feel. :)

We had the most awesome lesson with the Wasylows! We prayed to know how to get the girls more involved and man, our prayers were answered. We planned out the most perfect lesson and made it fun! We taught the plan of salvation as if it were a puzzle, then we mixed up all the pieces and had them teach it to us. There was laugh and giggles and we believe the girls understood that the gospel is fun! Its the gospel of Happiness! We challenged them to come to church and they came! They said they weren't gonna let us down on the challenge, the girls had a rodeo in Montana and didn't get home until 3 am sunday morning but were still at church 10 am that day! So proud of them and we are so grateful for how the spirit directed us on how to go about teaching the plan of salvation in the most perfect way for them. :)

Btw, I got really sick yesterday, passed out dead after dinner and I am still recovering today so sorry if this is all over the place...

Oh! Cody shared his testimony yesterday and shared how he has had a change of heart. He has been thinking about going on a mission but now he knows he is going on a mission! He said it was all because he saw the light we have and wanted it too. He thanked us for the example we have been to him and how our example changed his mind on maybe going on a mission to knowing he is going on a mission. Isn't that awesome! Really though it wasn't us Cody was seeing, he was recognizing the spirit. And, man, I didn't realize people are always watching us! Its like the monsters inc lady, "Watching, I'm always watching." Hahah :D  It was so cool because its easy to feel like I don't make any difference on anyone, that I'm not important, when in reality, I do have a piece to play. I am important. I read in 1 Corinthians 12 and read about how we all are part of the body of Christ, 1 Corinthians 12:23 hit me particularly hard, it says, "And those members of the body, which we think to be less honourable, upon these we bestow more abundant honour; and our uncomely parts have more abundant comeliness." and then I listened to the song Glorious. In that song it says, "There are times when you might feel aimless, You can't see the places where you belong, But you will find that there is a purpose, It's been there within you all along and when you're near it, You can almost hear it. It's like a symphony just keep listening, And pretty soon you'll start to figure out your part, Everyone plays a piece and there are melodies, In each one of us, oh, its glorious. You will know how to let it ring out as you discover who you are, Others around you will start to wake up, To the sounds that are in their hearts, It's so amazing, what we're all creating, It's like a symphony just keep listening, And pretty soon you'll start to figure out your part, Everyone plays a piece and there are melodies, In each one of us, oh, its glorious."    I realized that without me playing my part in the melody, Christ's symphony wouldn't be complete. That no matter how big or small my piece is, without it, His symphony wouldn't be complete.

I am so grateful for how Heavenly Father makes me feel important and valued. That even though I have weaknesses He gives me strength. He may not always take those weaknesses away from me but he does promise to strengthen me. I may always have weaknesses but without them I couldn't change into the person He wants me to become. He gives me encouragement and hope and I know I play a piece in His grand symphony and oh, how glorious it truly is.

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