Monday, June 1, 2015

May 11 2015 Sister Owsley's Final List

Owsley's final list.... I'm gonna cry... again... but even harder, why do I have feelings!!!!!!!!!!! 

1. I almost hit a deer last night... good thing sister coats and I have night vision now! 
2.super awkward door contact... ya the lady just yelled through the door to ask who it was but then NEVER answered... even after 3 times! haha
3. When 2 California girls show up to a rodeo and look SO incredibly out of place.. so everyone stares... ya we just rocked it haha
4.ya we got a thunder storm the other day and I thought sister coats was going to die of pure happiness.. she LOVES the rain!
5. you know your going to be transferred when...: 
    - you and your companion get along to well to the point in which you both start dancing in the kitchen
     - you feel " prompted" to take a picture with EVERYONE! haha
     - you feel a dire need to see everyone RIGHT NOW! even to the point of walking right into there house ( Promise there was no trespassing this week)

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